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Yes.. i am planning to stay away from computers and mobiles for a week! Its nothing unusual, every year around January 15th I used to go on vacation. This year it is a bit delayed. I will be on vacation the coming week. Planning to go village side and spend some time in a calm and silent environment. This is a kind of refreshing and rejuvenating period to keep me going for the next one year!

In the past few years I am getting more and more acquainted to computers and the electronic gizmos. I am sure, this would be a tough ask to stay away from these. However, the exception would be my digicam! Yes.. I will be carrying it with me to capture some of the memorable moments. Planning to visit my favorite temple at Kanipakam and later the god at Tirumala. Got a cousin’s wedding to attend as well. The best part of this journey would be to spend some time in a village where I lived a couple of my childhood years. This is the village where I started my schooling; it was limited only for 3 or 4 months before I moved to Bangalore for studies. Wow.. memories have already started to flow in the mind. The villagers have renovated a temple, to which our ancestors were offering the first deities in the past.

Though the villages now have an easy connectivity to the rest of the world via television, phone, transport mode etc., I am still looking forward for a peaceful time. Breathing non polluted air, living in simplicity and a change in climate/weather will certainly enhance much needed energy. Once I come back, will write all my new experiments and experiences.

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