BITS pilani : Pursuing higher studies

I am happy to announce that I have joined BITS pilani to pursue my higher studies. Starting this 19th, my weekends would be productively invested towards achieving my postgraduatation. I have been approved to take admission into MS programme in Software Engineering from this premiere institute.

The duration of this course is 2 years (4 semesters) and it is being offered in collaboration with my employer Yahoo!. This is one more benefit that yahoo is offering to its employees starting this year. I am preveliged to be in the very first batch of such a collaborative program. Classes will be conducted in the office premises during weekends. It may be a bit difficult to manage work, studies and personal life. Thanks to my family members who have pledged support to realize my dream of getting masters from a renowed institution. Wish me all the best :)


  1. I am confused between MS in Software engineering vs software systems. Which one should I go for? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kavya, this depends on what your focus areas are! Please go through the subjects you can choose in each of the course and decide what inspires your professional goal.

  2. Hi Mohan

    I wish to join BITS Pilani this year for HD(ME/ heard from a few people that it not a worth doing HD in BITS as it has no scope for Phd(If at all one has to pursue),is this true.??

    Also i am from mechanical stream it would be of a great help if you know any of the peer in this stream who is studying and connect me to him..


    • Hi Jayanth, sorry for the delayed response. Have you made up your mind yet on whether to pursue with the course or not with BITS? What is HD in your query, i didn’t get that.

  3. praveen kumar m says:

    Hi Mohan,
    Greetings to you, i would like to do WILP MS manufacturing Management, would you please help me on this. I would like to know more about this course.

  4. will the SELF ATTESTATION of certificates be accepted? (for MS program admission)

    – BR

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