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I couldn’t make it to Independence day flower show at Lalbagh this year. So, what? here is a set of pics from my own garden :). Along with that, here comes a puzzle for you all. Name the plant if you can with greenish spherical budding flowers on top of tentacles like structures captured below. Gardening is certainly teaching me so many things – the result of effort takes patience and nurturing. At the same time, it teaches science and responsibility too! I am thoroughly enjoying the artistic natural colors and shape of each flower. I have included a pic with few early tomatoes too, watch out this space for the changing colors in those tomatoes as they ripen :). By the way, a month old brinjal plants are getting more greener with large leaves… more pics of that to come here in near future as well!

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  • Ok folks.. since none of you could figure out which plant that budding flower belongs to, here is the answer! – CROTON plant :) i will post more flowers of this plant soon.

  • hope to see more pictures of your terrace garden..!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Sure, keep coming back often to see more pics :)

  • Namaskara! Chennagi deera? I just discovered you blog today – it’s interesting! I spent 4 weeks in Bengaluru in Feb with a Rotary international GSE exchange! Dhanyavadagalu Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

    • Hi Egan, Nice to see your love for the local language! Vandanegalu. Naanu chennagiddene. Neevu hegiddeera?

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Do keep visiting often :)

  • Hydrangeas? Just because it sounds funky… :)

    • No Sujata… I will post the result if no one else answers in next couple of days.

  • Wow.. I missed Lalbagh too! I completely forgot till I saw ur blog! Anyways.. let me also try.. is that pepper?

    • Nope :(
      Well here is the clue folks… it is not a vegetable or spice plant.. Let me see who gets it now.

  • No idea Mohan about the name of the plant. Is it vegetable or flower? If veggi- than I would have guessed musturd….fluke! :)

    I love home grown fresh veggi, these tamatoes look!

    • Reshma

      It is still a month or two away for the actual colorful flowers to bloom and you seem to have caught them early. Nice to see vegetables also. Even I have no clue on what plant it is… waiting for answers :)

      • I know.. you can still try. I won’t reveal this time so easily :)

    • it is a budding flower :) and it is not mustard :D

  • Kavitha

    Wow.. you started with vegetables too? Good going mohan. I will visit you sometime to enjoy your hard effort on growing these plants. Please plan for an article on what all plants to choose for weather conditions in Bangalore.

    • Yes! Just experimenting with few to start with.. it should help me in the long run when I get into actual farm sometime down the lane :). Sure, drop in on any of the sundays… I am still very naive at this, nevertheless will write on that soon.

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