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Many of my friends have been asking me to teach them Kannada Language. They wanted to learn how to converse with a common man on Bangalore roads. Hence to make it simple and easy, I am going to write a series of articles so that all my blog readers can get benefited too if interested in learning kannada. Here comes the first article of the Learn Kannada series. Feel free to share your thoughts or any suggestions to make it better :)

NaanuMe / I amNaanu software engineer. (I am a software engineer)
NeenuYouNeenu student. (You are a student)
NammaOursNamma desha Bharata. (Our country is Bharata).
NimmaYoursNimma ooru ABC. (Your home town is ABC)
YaaruWhoTeacher yaaru? (Who is the teacher?)
YaavagaWhenClass yaavaga? (When is the class?)
YelliWhereRamu yelli? (Where is Ramu?)
AvaruHe/She (with respect). Also they / those peopleAvaru teacher.(He / She is a teacher)
IvaruHe / She. This person / these peopleIvaru students. (These people are students)
OoruPlace / hometownNanna ooru ABC. (My place is ABC)
HesaruNameNanna hesaru XYZ. (My name is XYZ)
GottuKnowNanage English gottu. (I know English)
GottillaDon’t knowNanage C++ gottilla. (I don’t know C++)
IshtaLikeNanage tea ishta. (I like tea.)
BaagiluDoorIdu baagilu. (This is the door).
KitakiWindowAdu kitaki. (That is the window)
KurchiChairIdu kurchi. (This is chair)
MejuTableAdu meju. (This is table)
ManeHouseIdu namma mane. (This is my house)
BaaComeNeenu illi baa. (you come here)
BanniCome(with respect)Neevu illi banni. (you come here)
HegeHowNeenu illige hege bande? (How did you come here?)

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  • Sultana Butt

    Your lessons are very useful and easy to understand. Thanks so much. Sultana Butt.

  • Regina

    Thumba Sir. very helpful.

  • thanks,Mohan Bro
    I was searching for kannadda learning in few days,
    Your article will helps me a lot.

  • Shruti

    Mohan, I’m loving this learn kannada articles on your blog. Please continue the series and thanks for taking up this initiative to promote language.

    • Meghana Nair

      Totally agree with this, you should include more such articles. These are helping us a lot. Thank you.

    • Hi Shruti, i am glad you are all appreciating this small effort of mine so much. Sure, i will back with more soon.

  • These are useful translations from english to kannada language.

  • Madhukar Paradkar

    Useful article for the learners. I came from Mumbai and know Marathi, Hindi and English. My disire to learn Kannada. Is there are classes for it ?

  • suji

    thanku very much sir!

  • shahul

    Nice lessons

  • Vinoth

    It is a good way to learn…

  • gaurav

    thank u so much mohan sir 4 ur efforts.m 4m rajasthan nd i wanna learn kannada these words r helpin me alot…!

  • jacob thomas

    thank u mohan sir 4 starting such a website on kannada language…i was searching 4 such a site from long time back.

  • Kiran

    Easy Learn English to Kannada

  • Appu


    Can u pls x-late following in kannada..

    1) Can i park my vehicle here?

    2) I have kept my car there.

    3)There is no place where else can i park my car?

    4) I will not pay you full money.

    5) Remove the things,clean and put it back at same place.

    6) Keep utensils in its place.

    7) Keep dried clothes in its place.

  • Nitya

    thanks guys,
    for me this is very much helpful, am gonna marry a kanadiga and my mother toungue is malayalam and it was very difficult to talk to my in-laws.Now am slowly talking in kanada
    thanks to this site .

  • Surekha

    Hi Mohanji! Thanks for trying to teach Kannada for non kannadigs. While on trip to Karnataka i faced language problem and so m serious to learn kannada. Thanks for helping in this way. I hope this wil be helpful in my next trip.

  • manjusha

    hi mohan,
    thanks for doing such a great help….dis wl b vry useful 4 those who want basic of kannada language…..i came bnglr jest b4 2 weeks & suffered alot both in office & pg only bcz of languag probs.,,,,. so am totally depending english…nyway smthng i got frm ur article….tanks alot

  • Kash

    Hi Mohan:
    Thank u very much for doing this, this is helpful. keep it up u are doing great, atleast we have something on the web. I want u to get in to this little more serious, and make it easy to learn for westroners, i can see all conversations from locals, thats ok,

  • lakshmiaparna

    i want to speak in kannada i like that language

  • Sanjay

    Please give me the kannada translation for the following words:

    1. Give me 2 pen
    2. Where you want to go?
    3. Tell me, if kormangala stop comes? (with respect)
    4. How much this shirt?
    5. How much time it’ll take to reach silkboard?
    6. I don’t have it
    7. I’m in office. call u later.
    8. Which bus’ll go majestic?

  • Madhu

    Relay a very good side.Sir u have done good work.I am searching for good site like this to grassp the kannada language.I read ur part-I it is too good.

  • Manjuladevi

    hai… my mother tongue is KANNADA.. but as i was in tamilnadu from childhood i missed the chance of reading and writing kannada..but we use 2 speak kannada in home….but i am always interested in learning it….and this basic words helped me a lot and i like it

  • Elizabeth

    I am traveling to Bangalore for 4 months and this series is very helpful. Thank you!
    Unfortunately, I do not know how to pronounce the words in Kannada. If it is not to much trouble for you, it would be helpful to know how to pronounce the words in part one and part two.

  • arjun

    helpful article..thanks a lot

  • mandakini

    really very easily .I like , sure I ll try to learning kannda. plz help me सिखने

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