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It was my mother’s wish to visit Tirumala during Srivari Brahmotsavam. We have been visiting Tirumala Tirupati Venkateshwara temple quite often since my childhood. But it was only once before with family members taking the pedestrian path to reach the Tirumala hill top from Tirupati foot hills. But when I go with friends and cousins, I prefer to take this pedestrian path since it is as good as any other trekking experience along with a bit of spirituality! The temple of Lord Balaji is located atop one of a range of seven hills – Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabadri, Narayanadri and Venkatadri. The pedestrian path covers only 2 of these hills and the distance to be covered is around 9 kms.

Alipiri - GarudaThis post is all about taking pedestrian path to reach the hilltop from Alipiri. I plan to cover the amenities provided by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) for such pedestrian pilgrims. Hope this will help when you plan to visit the temple next time :). Tirupati city is well connected with all forms of transport modes via road, train and flights. If your wish is to take the pedestrian path, you should reach a place called ‘Alipiri’ – which is the starting point, well connected by local transport from airport, railway station and bus stations. If you are driving on your own, you can park your vehicle at Alipiri and proceed towards entrance point towards the steps.Alipiri At the very beginning itself you have a free luggage carry counter operated by TTD. In this counter, you may opt to drop your belongings in locked baggage that you wish not to carry while taking the pedestrian path. Ensure to carry only wallet, camera, water bottles and any other valuables if you feel necessary with you. The luggage will reach Tirumala in less than 2 hours usually and the same can be collected by the pilgrims once they reach the hilltop upon producing the receipt obtained while depositing the luggage. Walking will usually take 2 to 4 hrs depending on your fitness.

I would suggest you start taking the pedestrian path without any foot ware since this entire place is considered holy and sacred. There is an advantage in going barefoot here. Most of the path is made of long stone slabs which are firmly cemented. When you walk on such stone slabs with not so smooth and flat surface, your feet will experience the acupressure treatment in all the pressure points there. There by it rejuvenates all those parts of your body which are controlled by the pressure points in your feet. Climbing the initial 1000 steps would be a real testing time if you aren’t regular at exercising. These initial steps are very steep and you can always relax for a while by looking at the beauty around! There are so many variety of trees through out the either sides of pedestrian way. You can take the support of railings to halt and proceed. Most of the path is covered with concrete roof, so you need not worry about sunlight or rains. TTD has done a great job by making this path so easy to keep going.

ChakraNaamaluShankuThere are a number of statues of lord in various incarnations all through out at regular distance. Also, there is potable water supply and toilets in the way at convenient distances all along. Once you reach a place called ‘Namala Konda’, TTD has set up a separate darshan registration facility. They take your biometrics and give you darshan tickets. Forget not to collect the tickets as this facility is set up specifically for pedestrian pilgrims and you don’t need to wait in the compartments too long unlike others. This wasn’t there before and the TTD seem to have started giving priority for pedestrians. ‘Namala Konda’ is very much visible with brightly illuminated florescent lights in the night from most of the places in Tirupati city and nearby villages/highways. Once you are at this elevated place, forget not to see the full view of the Tirupati city. Soon after this, there are many shopkeepers who sell refreshments including snacks and light tiffin at a nominal cost. If you are too tired, take a break for sometime here and then proceed. From this point onwards the walk would be much more easier for next 6+ kms since the path is more or less flat and you wouldn’t feel the steepness.

Hanuman StatueOn the way there are many interesting places amidst the forest range. Few to name include the deer park and the tall statue of Hanuman. If you wish, you can feed the deers with carrots! On our way we were able to spot many cats, rats and bhors. Also there is a stretch of forest which has Red Sandalwood trees. Keep an eye on both the sides of the pedestrian path for the information on some of the wild animals that have been spotted in this forest range. Often you will see a bunch of security guards through out the pedestrian path to ensure safety of the pilgrims. Right now they allow pedestrian pilgrims to take this path between 4am and 12am, it remains closed for the remaining 4 hours in a day. To enjoy the nature better and to avoid day time temperature, I suggest you to start the walk either in the early morning around 5 or in the evening after 6. Most preferred time would be morning as you get to enjoy the nature better in the early day light. After walking a couple of kilometers from the Hanuman staute, another ticket checkpoint is set up. There you need to show your earlier obtained darshan tickets and get it stamped with officials. If you don’t have this stamping, you will not be entertained for the special darshan being offered for pedestrians.

From this point onwards, the pedestrian path converges with the descending vehicles road path. This is for about a kilometer. The scene of the nature and forest area from this point is picturesque! I would suggest you spend few minutes here before heading for the final steep hill of steps. This is really exhaustive and be prepared to climb another 1000 steps and that is it! You are done with a walk of 9 kms and 3550 steps. Head on to collect your luggage from the counter and then to free amenities complex to get hair tonsured if you wish and then for bathing. Don’t expect this complex to be very clean since so many thousands of people use it on a daily basis.Free Bus You have an option to either safeguard your luggage in this complex or near the queue complex where you enter into the darshan compartments. There is a free bus to drop you at ‘Vaikuntam Queue Complex 2′ where the final leg of journey towards ‘Ananda Nilayam’ (God’s sanctum sanctorum). Before getting into this queue, better safeguard your mobiles, camera or any other electronic equipments with lockers provided by TTD only just before entering any of the queue complexes. This is a must for everyone’s security.

From here on you will be let into compartment #13 or 14. You may have to wait for a max of 2 hours in these compartments before getting into the moving queue to reach ‘Ananda Nilayam’. Free Laddu prasadam tickets (One per head) will be given in the queue itself. Collect prasadam in exchange of these tickets after darshan. Upon coming out of the temple, collect all your belongings from luggage/mobile counters. If you are still energetic, feel free to take the pedestrian path else you have the buses plying every 2 minutes to get back to ‘Alipiri’ I am planning to write separate articles on various other temples in Tirumala and Tirupati with the help of my friend Chakri. More to follow soon.

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  • Pramod

    Hi, I am planning to go by steps. I want to know one thing, after i complete steps …immediately need to proceed for dharshanam or they will give fixed slot(what is time difference – if they provide a slot).

  • Bhavani Iyer

    Just returned from Tirupati/ Tirumala. Did solo walk, did it in 3 hours.
    Started about 6am and was up at the last of the steps by 9am. The pleasant weather made the walk easier. Took about an hour 15 mins for the Darshan.

  • Glad to inform you all that I was able to book the ‘e-Special Entry Darshan’ tickets online with absolute ease of booking transaction. I will be traveling once again this week with family and wanted to let you all know that you too can do so by visiting the site : http://www.ttdsevaonline.com I will write a detailed post on that process and how the special darshan turns out to be once I am back. Stay tuned.

    • Had a wonderful darshan which took less than 70 minutes this time through the e-Special Entry Darshan. I will share a separate post on booking this e-tickets online with all the details for the benefit of readers.

  • raj kumar jagadesh

    Very much important for Pilgrims your articles malaiyappar always bless your family – thank you

  • Vikas B A

    This article was very good. You have articulated the route very well. I would suggest you add this as well. Better climb the stairs along with friends, colleagues or family. The experience is even better if you go with your fiancée or wife. I took the stairs with my friend and we completed it in 3 hrs on a rainy December evening. The valleys beside us was swathed in thick fog. On reaching the summit, the free lunch was just amazing. We brought thick shawls and entered the temple complex. We were treated with the darshan in just two hours. God, I still remember that day. It’s still fresh in my memory. Hope many others have felt the same.

  • Ravi Kishore

    Wow! Thanks for the info. I will be going later this month on pedestrian path and Good knowing about it

  • A.Raghunatha Sharma

    Really excellant information. I have planned and was worrying what to do after reaching Alipiri. By chance I could reach to your article and the comments there on. This was very useful…. I felt comfortable in planning my trip…. Thank you mohan… be BALAJI with you through your endeavours…. Thanks

  • Bhavani Iyer

    Thanks to all for the wonderful descriptions and pre-warnings with regard to the walk up to Tirumala.
    I am walking up end Oct and I hail from Malaysia.
    This would be my second walk … I hope to reach the top with Lord Venkateshwara’s divine Grace.

    • Good luck and may you have a blessing darshan of the god.

  • Susmitha

    Really its very helpful,I want to do metlu pooja with Karpooram what is the procedure could you please help me out in doining this.

    • Sorry Susmitha. I have seen many people doing it for every step on the walk path but don’t know what exactly is the procedure is. What i have see is, usually they put ‘turmeric’ followed by ‘Kumkum’ and they light up camphor for every step. Better consult anyone who has done it before to know the right way of doing it.

  • Venugopal T

    The footpath is open 24hours 2 week before August 28 i started climbing the hill at 1.30 AM. So no restriction. This month i am planning to go by car and then take foot path any suggestion where i can park the car for around 20 hours in Alipiri. TTD is now planning to quit Rs. 300/- ticket seegrama dharshan we can only get the 300/- ticket online or TTD counters across the country. So before planning to go by 300/- confirm the time last month when i went Rs.300/- was closed by 12PM and only online ticket were allowed.

  • p.srinivas

    very usefull information thanq.

    • Dear Srinivas, thank you. Glad you liked it and wish you for a blessing darshanam of the god.

  • Rajinikanth

    I am planning to come tomorrow ie 14rh June 2014. And I will be using 300/- rupees counter. And I have one more idea of using the foot path from Alipiri. But, where I can park my car? And is it possible to go with 4yr old son? And how long will it take to reach temple by steps? Kindly advise me.

    • Hi Rajni, sorry, i missed to respond you in time. Hope you had a blessing darshan of the lord?

  • gunasekaran

    Dear Sir,

    24hrs the pathway time get opened.

    • Hi Gunasekaran, Usually path way is closed from 12AM till 4AM. Not sure if this has changed recently. I will confirm and update.

      • jay

        Thanks for the very useful information provided. I didnt see any mention about the Annaprasadam (free lunch). They have 4 dining halls that serve 1000 pilgrims in each hall, very well managed.
        I took the pedestrian path a month ago. The pedestrian path from Alipiri is open 24 hours. Didnt see any sign at Alipiri that mentioned the 12am-4am closure. But I heard the vehicle traffic is closed from 12am-3am..and a section of the pedestrian path is thru the road so folks wont be able to cross that section of road from 12am-3am. Not sure if this is true as i didnt see any sign mentioning the 12-4 closure when I reached the road section.
        I wanted to mention that at the luggage drop off counter at Alipiri, they scan luggage, and my mother-in-law had like 3-5kg of coins to put in hundi and they didnt allow it in luggage so we had to carry it with us through the pedestrian path (I guess the lord wanted me to carry his coins :-) he blessed me with good darshan ).
        govindaa, govinda !!

  • Santhosh Poojari

    Thank you Sir for crystal clear guidance on Alipiri to Tirumala foot way. Really Apreciate.

    God Bless You.

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

    • Thanks for your blessings Santhosh! glad this article was very useful for you.

  • Suman

    Any suggestions on taking kids age 5 and 3 by foot to tirumala? I want but just so worried how they will climb.

  • kishore

    hi sir, i would like to know the validity(6 hrs 0r 12 hrs) of that pass for darshan(only for climbing piligrimates) which they issued at gaali gopura,,

  • Harsh

    Dear Mohan,
    Excellent Narration about the Tirumala Temple. I climbed Tirumala 7 times thru Alipiri, but still i feel the information is very useful….Thanks for sharing with every one….. Also can you please post about the Srivari Mettu footh path route……..

    Here i have one question will bio metric counters will be open 24 hrs a day or is it from 6am to 6pm.

    Hope you will post the temple details which are near to Tirumala Tirupati soon..

    Once again very informative post from you and thanks again !!

    • anupam vishnoi

      Dear Mohan,

      Thanks for the detailed information.
      I also have same question, is there any timing for biometric counters in GALI Gopuram or any limit of daily darshan tickets?
      Also how to find the darshan Q after reaching from pedestrian path?

  • Uma Sankar


    Good piece of information describing each sector from starting to end. May the almighty fulfills all your desires you rightly deserve to be.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Uma Sankar

  • m.venu

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your article vividly describing the pilgrimage by foot path.The lord VENKATESHWARA has used you as a tool to serve the pilgrims.The GOD has selected you for this service.You are really great!Will any one describe as clearly as Mr.Mohan about the other pedestrian path called SRIVARI METTU?

  • Pushparaj

    Many thanks for the information..

  • R Sridhar

    I wish to add the following points to this excellent informative article by Mohan

    1) Remember to collect your ticket-cum-photo id at an office that is situated on the left of the footpath immediately after you cross the GALI Gopuram at 2083 steps. Many realize this after they cover a long distance past this point. Very difficult to walk down and then climb again

    2) Try to minimize what you carry. What you think is very light as a feather, will start to seem like a stone, as you go uphill. Backpacks are good choice

    3) Unless you do some daily walking or physical exercises, this trip can be very arduous. You may feel very exhausted, or feel pain/strain or some people even have a tendency to vomit. Avoid over-eating 5 hrs before climb. Try to take lime soda salt or plantain or glucose for instant energy. You can consume lot of fluids or water with electral etc. Avoid junk food, aerated drinks that are available enroute. Resist temptation to eat, during climbing. Eat or drink only if really required

    4) While it is good to take precautions, remember that you reach His sanctum sanctorium purely by His Grace and not by the amount of glucose you take. Have Faith in Him, this is most important. I have seen many people very old, crippled, having health problems, old ladies walking alone in this path. Desire to undergo this padayatra and immense Faith are the two main prerequisites. Taking adequate precautions and planning your trip is of secondary importance, though not to be ignored

    5) Temples and shrines enroute other than the dasavatharam and alwars are as follows (may not be exhaustive)
    a) Prasanna Anjaneyar temple (huge moorthy) [to the right of the path]
    b) Lakshmi and Yoga Narasimha swamy temple [to the right of the path]
    c) Dasa Anjaneyar temple, in the vicinity of Lakshmi Narasimar temple [to the left of the path]. This has become my most favourite shrine in the recent years. All your prayers including a good darshan of Balaji gets answered here. The archaka Swami at this shrine (speaks Hindi) is a very nice and sincere person
    d) Ramanujar (Udayavar) sannidhi in muzhangal murippan (the last fleet of steep steps) [to the left of the path]

    6) At times when I set out on yatra’s in summer, I do carry a pair of socks with me. When you need to walk barefoot on scorching hot cement / tar road, many people that are not used to this cannot bear the blisters in their feet. This is when a pair of socks comes handy. Similary it is good to have protection from cold in the winter months. I went yesterday (Feb) with just an 1/2 sleeve shirt on and found it very cold in the last leg of the journey (for about an hour), somehow managed

  • Manjunath

    Dear Mohan

    It is very informative. Thanks for sharing it. I however feel that if you had mentioned the cost factor it would have been more helpful and also your suggestions of what to eat, what to avoid? E.g. how much do they charge for the locker to deposit my mobile, camera, etc.

  • Santhosh

    good work, thx !!

  • Padmanabhan

    Thank you for this article. It is very informative as we are planning a walking trip in a couple of days. Your article also came up within the top 5 in google search for Tirumala walking route map.

  • Swami

    Hi Mohan,
    I have planned to visit Tirumala by foot path. I was worried about parking my car at Alipiri. After seeing your article, i am bit relieved and happy that i can go ahead in car upto Alipiri.
    Thanks for your very good narration in simple language understandable by all.
    God bless you!
    Swami, Nanganallur, Chennai

  • Unnati Gandhi

    Dear Mohan,

    Thanks a lot for the very informative description on the footpath to Tirumala hills.


  • Siva kantri

    Dear mohan..

    It is very useful info to me.
    We r planning to go to thirumala by today..

    Thank you

  • sharath

    will we get ticket daily for divya darshan and will we get direct entry to the temple

  • k. dasgupta

    Twice I visited Tirumala and offered puja to Lord Balaji. But I didn’t opt for pedestrian path. Now, after reading your description given in lucid language, I plan to go there following pedestrian path. Your language is excellent. I am moved. Without the blessing of Balaji, one can’t give such a vivid description of the journey.
    Thanks a lot helping Mr Mohan, please continue updating us.
    K Das Gupta
    West Bengal

  • a.venugopala rao

    thanks for the information. may the god bless you.

  • sunitha

    Thanks for the information, am planning to go tirumala by foot pedestrain with my 2 kids around 5 yrs and 3 yrs, but worrying about they can walk or not, anyways thanks for the full information, it will helpful to me.

    • Suman

      Can you pl tell me if you were Able to take your kids by walk to tirumala? Because I have 5 yr and 3 yr kids and planning the same.


  • bandi saroj

    thaks for information

  • sreenivas

    very interesting and informative
    we r planning to go by trek in november
    is there any need to book for this divya darshanam as I heard this darshan is becoming more popular due to which it is becoming very difficult for the officials of the ttd to provide free darshan if the devotees number exceeds more than 22000 in a day. It is mentioned in one of the internet site. Please inform.

  • sarika

    thanks ! mohan
    we decided to go tirumala by foot pedestrain with 1 kid (1 years).this information very helpfully

    • Hi Sarika – glad this post was useful for you. have a blessing darshan.

  • Raja

    very useful informations,thanks a lot. :)

  • sridhar

    Good and very informative article. Many times I visited Tirumala (by walk and by bus). Still, this article is very interesting and informative.

    Thanks Mohan.

  • renuka

    Writing this kind of informative article is a very big seva.
    thanks a lot. I have left no question unanswered.


  • A lovely informative resource for all pilgrims who wish to take the pedestrian path to Balaji!!!

    How have you been Mohan!! Been a long time!!

    • Thanks Deepak! Yeah, just that i have been caught up a bit :)

  • Was looking up for the pedestrian walkway map or guide, and guess what I find!! Lovely write-up. Mohan, and extremely informative. I have had the good fortune of climbing the hills on every visit of mine, and yet, there was so much that I learned from this post. I was not aware of the special darshan for pedestrians. Will be leaving from Hyd in a few hours, plan to walk up tomorrow, will be going for the pedestrian darshan token for the first time, thanks to you.

  • S.G.Jagadeesan

    Dt 6.8.2012

    About two weeks back I had been to Tirumala by foot path. For quicker darshan I suggest to opt for the second footpath called ‘Srivarimettu’. Though this is steeper than the older one from Alipiri, through Srivarimettu you can reach Tirumala much earlier. The distance is only 3 KMs with 2400 steps and can be covered within 1.5 to 2.0 Hours. Drinking water facility and toilets for ladies and gents are provided throughout. The entire path is well covered and provided with railings for support. You will not get any eatables enroute. This path commences from the place called Srinivasamangapuram which is 15 km away from Railway station. You can reach this place by bus or auto. Pilgrims are allowed only during day i.e. from 05.30 AM. The foot path ends at a place very close the point where you can deposit your luggage and where your ‘Q’ for dharshan starts. You need not wait for joining the ‘Q’. This ‘Q’ moves faster than the others.

    • Kumaran

      Dear Mr.Jagadeesan,

      In this footpath (Srivarimettu), is TTD issuing free tickets for darshan to the pilgrims like Alipiri?

      • S.G.Jagadeesan

        Yes, Mr Kumaran.

        • Kumaran

          Great, Thank you Mr. Jagadeesan.

      • ramesh kumar

        very good information and in this footpath (Srivarimettu) is ttd issuing free tickets for darshan and accomadation like Alipiri

        • Kumaran

          Yes Mr.Ramesh Kumar, But you remember your are allowed to go in between 6 am & 6 pm.

  • Shekhar

    Dear Mohan , Do the Devotees on foot have to buy Darshan Tkt? OR its free.Can we collect the luggage that we handover before start climbing after Darshanam? Your Detail Information Is Really Great ! Regards

    • Kuzhali

      The foot path pilgrims are given high priority for Balaji dharsan. First you have to collect the divya dharsan token near kali gopuram while walking. The counter will be located on the left hand side. Then near the anjaneyar statue you have to get the token stamped.

  • ravishankar

    Excellent article dear Mohanji,
    I have a plan to go to Tirumala on 28th of this July. I come from Kolkata, I will be reaching Tirupati rly.station by 11.30P.M. I have to do foot darshan(pedestrian path ). Kindly tell me what is timing of, or when the foot darshan starts daily at the Alipiri gate. Should I wait there at the station till the morning? Is there any bus service at deep night from station to Alipiri? Will security allow me to take pedestrian path during that night so that I can have early darshan of the lord? Thank you.

  • Viswanathan D

    Dear Mohan,

    I was worried where I will park my car if I take my car and go by footpath. After seeing your article I am happy that there is a car parking facility available at Ailipiri. I believe Alipiri is the starting point for footpath as you mentioned in your article.

    Now, I have decided to take my family by car and planning to park the car at beginning point of footpath (which is Alipiri).

    Thanks a lot for providing the details.

  • Padminiji, well if you decided to go Tirumala by foot its better. First you all members go to Tirumala,get accommodation cottage. Keep your Kids with your parents in cottage.
    Return back to Tirupati (Allipiri). Then start for walking. Normally it takes about 5 to 6 hrs. You will get all facilities while you are in pedestrian path. After all Venkateswara Swami is always there to look after you,why you bother about that.

  • Col MGHS Rajan (Retd)

    An excellent article. Thanks & God Bless.

  • B Ramesh

    Hi Mohan,

    Thanks for your information a couple of days back regarding Tirumala visit. Also Can you give me some information on available prasadam laddus to the devotees. Can we take as many as we need or there any restriction?


    • S.G.Jagadeesan

      Mr Ramesh, you can get 4 laddus for Rs 100/-. You have to take this tkt by standing in ‘Q’ for this. Only one tkt will be issued for a person. You have to again come in the ‘Q’ to take extra tkts.

  • s. padmini

    we decided to go tirumala by foot pedestrain. but my parents(50yrs) and 2 kids around 3yrs are intrested to come with me so they unable to walk. pls say me how to take with me after my foot path to darshan

  • s. padmini

    i have two kids (2.5 yrs old). I heard there is one more path apart from the one you have mentioned to reach Tirumala. how long it take to reach tirumala. is it safe to take my kids with us. we plan to tirumala at july 11th 2012 pls replay me soon.

    • sivareddy.g

      ya we have two ways for going footpath to tirumala, one way is alipiri and anther way is srivari padaalu.

      comparing to these ways srivari padaalu is very near and less time but in the night time climbing is prohibited by TTD authority.

      But what I suggested for every one please don’t come with less than year children because it is too rush with pilgrims and come with alipiri way because its too safety with animals as well as cheaters.
      God bless you , govindha govindha govindha.

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