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Not many are aware that the Indian Postal department is issuing photo ID cards as ‘Address Proof’ through their huge network of Post Offices. If you are in need of address proof with photo ID card, you know where to go now! But remember, the validity
period is three years from the date of issue. Here is more information if you are thinking of getting such an address proof identity card.

Postal Department will send a postman to the address furnished by the applicant and gets it confirmed. They also enquire with the neighbors of the applicant about residence. After getting the address confirmed, they will issue a photo identity card. Postal Department will collect a nominal fee for providing this service. There was no clarity from the officials when I enquired about it today. Many working people often shift their houses and it is difficult to produce an address proof issued by Government agency for many purposes(including passport) with latest address. In such cases it is always better to get this identity card. Hold on… there is a requirement of a current address proof to obtain this id card. It can be any document from your employer or house rent agreement etc., Also, be informed that not all post offices issue such an ID card, it is issued only in selected head post offices. So, go figure out which is the nearby post office close to your locality.

Looks like I have been dating post office related services very frequently off late! This week I filed my tax returns online through the official income tax department website. Upon online submission, they will email form ITR-V which we need to print out and mail them through ordinary post for acknowledgement within 120 days from the date of submission. This is required if you are filing at individual capacity and do not have digital signature. So, I was in search of a post box in order to drop ITR-V form through a stamped envelop and the image attached is what I saw! Couldn’t recognize this post box that easily… thanks to all the dirty posters on it. Can I request the appropriate authorities to levy heavy penalty on cults of such a hasty practice of maligning the glittery RED box?

Oh yes, today I was at a nearby post office to collect my Passport. Though the post man came home to deliver the same, I was not at home. They seem to have stricter rules towards the passport delivery process. They deliver the passport only to the applicant in person upon furnishing a photo ID proof. Since I was at work when he arrived, I had to go to post office to collect the same. He double confirmed the identity by asking me to cut open the passport to verify the photo inside is that of the intended recipient. By the way, Passport dept Seva Kendra website status site indicated that I would receive an email and SMS when the passport is dispatch. That never happened in my case! Yet another feather of goof up in the cap of Passport Seva Kendra site maintained by TCS!!!

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  • martha dibenedetto October 6, 2016, 6:02 am

    Great post! I agree with Sham that this cannot be used as the sole proof of identity, it is a valid address proof. Meaning the postal department verifies that this address is exists, that it is really there and not a fake location.By the way, Does someone know if my assistant can locate a fillable MA RMV T21042 version to type on ?

  • anushka September 6, 2016, 1:50 pm

    When i went to post office for address proof application submission
    they said i should provide an Identity card(which i dnt have.)
    Then only they will accept my application.
    Otherwise they wont accept
    Plzz help me as there is no such information in their website regarding this. And i dnt have any kind of id proof.

  • Debbarma Sanjoy April 14, 2016, 1:14 am

    I want to my una number

  • lalit kumbhani April 6, 2016, 3:28 pm

    i am apply for identity card of post office.but not accept my application of i card.post office incharge told me you go gazzeted post office.and apply of post office is metro city area.why not accept application.

  • Juzar Noorani February 22, 2016, 4:28 pm

    This is quite an interesting read but what makes me irritated is that you need an address proof to get this address verified ID card. Its like my bank asking me for an adhaar card as an address proof to open an account and a bank statement for address proof to get an adhaar card. LOL

  • Ashok P H April 17, 2015, 7:10 pm

    dear sir, I want indian postal id card in the bangalore. iam from sirsi but iam doing work in bangalore.
    which is the required documents for postal id card?

  • Mohanraj February 2, 2015, 1:08 pm

    Dear Mohan,

    Is it possible to apply two address proof through Postal dept. Since, I have been working in Coimbatore. But, my native is Erode (Three months back we have shifted home). I need address proof for both locations due to bank loan purpose.

    Is it possible to get Postal ID proof in both locations?

    Mohanraj. K

  • K Shainitha January 13, 2015, 1:10 pm

    documents needed for postal id card

  • Sham August 17, 2014, 11:25 am

    Hi to all, Although this cannot be used as the sole proof of identity, it is a valid address proof. Meaning the postal department verifies that this address is exists, that it is really there and not a fake location.
    This can be used for validating your current address in conjunction with another photo id proof (eg. PAN card). Also, in case where multiple documents are required this gets accepted as it is issued by central govt. For eg.
    for adhaar card it is in the doc list :
    -> Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts

    This can be very useful while travelling. Especially for Tatkal Train tickets
    and tickets booked online this is a legally valid document for IRCTC as per rules.

    So please spread awareness about this for its widespread acceptance.

    • Mohan August 20, 2014, 10:08 pm

      Thanks for the additional info you have provided Sham. I am sure this will help out someone to get a better clarity on where and how one can use Photo identity card from post office can be used as address proof.

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