RTO Driving Lincense Renewal

My dad’s driving licence validity was about to expire in less than a fortnight. To renew the same, I did a bit of search on the mighty web and gathered all the required information. This information is available on the Karnataka state RTO website. Since my dad was above 50 years, all it required was to submit 2 forms. CMV-9 is the form to be filled by applicant for DL renewal while another form CMV-1 needs to be filled by a registered doctor certifying that the applicant is medically fit to drive vehicles on Indian roads. To be doubly sure, I called up a near by driving school on the procedure to get it renewed. The person who picked up my call said they need the original DL with 3 passport size photos and a fee of Rs 400/-. I asked him about the medical fitness certificate, he laughed at me and said they will take care of all those formalities. And he mentioned in a very confident voice that I don’t have to waste my time in running to govt offices. I thanked him for the information provided and decided to get it renewed without having to go through illegal ways.

I prompty took my dad to the RTO office in Jayanagar and collected both the forms available at reception. RTO Office is on 4th floor. Now, we had to get the medical fitness certificate. Our family doctor’s clinic is close to this office and we were about to head towards the clinic. While we were taking stairs, my dad noticed a sign board of a red medical cross. He suggested to go and talk to that doctor to get the fitness form. When I carefully observed that sign board, it wasn’t a clinic of a doctor. But it had a mention of “medical fitness certificates” service availability. On the outlook, that store had a photocopying machine and a whole bunch of forms that I saw in the RTO reception. That store keeper was selling those *FREE* forms at a *nominal* cost! When I asked him about the fitness certificate he just asked me for a passport sized photograph, name of the applicant and a *FEE* of Rs. 50/-. I was reluctant and asked him the whereabouts of a doctor. He said, you don’t have to panic about all those things, furnish the 3 pre-requisites and he will get it done in less than 5 minutes! We said thanks but denied his *service*. We got the medical fitness certificate from our family doctor. Submitted the application forms along with a renewal fee or Rs 50/- at the RTO cash counter. Then gave the license at the counter for renewal which we had to collect on the next working day.

All that we spent for renewing the driving license was just Rs. 75/- (50 at RTO counter and 25 to the doctor). Now the question on my mind… though these illegal operators are widespread, why is that the RTO officials not taking any action? The worst is that the medical certificate providers are in the same building! Do the RTO officials ever wake up and take stringent action on these people? No wonder we have so many accidents happening on roads. Who should be punished for these accidents? any answers?

Dear RTO officials – any of you reading this?


  1. Pravin Sanghavi says:

    As per my experience and public feelings RTO is the one of the most corrupted department in india. Govt men emplyees sitting in RTO office never guide to public that which forms are required to be submitted for getting new license or renewal of license. Even for any forms they send us to outside pvt. agency or agent. Though govt. has made their best efforts to stop the corruption by introduce of automated driving test,but all in vein. If we try to get the license without help of agent we never success. Any minor information is not available from the counter,and after getting fully tired we compulsorily have to approach agent. Agent are marking their name on the top of the form,why RTO is allowing such form if they also have will to stop the corruption.

    • Agree with you Pravin. Unless the punishment is so severe, these officials will continue to mess with the system. There should be no question of suspension from duty when caught with corruption, but should be separated from services forever without any of the benefits. Then only things will start getting better.

  2. I think the job of getting the DL and other RTO Works is as difficult as any other Govt work like Property Registration etc hence there should be a agency approved by Govt to do this kind of job by collecting service charges only and should give receipt for payments received. They should get the job done without bribing the Govt employees , like the Insurance agents etc.There will be job opportunity to some people , and there will be transparency .

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