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Apple iPad Apps from Yahoo!

Apple’s latest gadget iPad has been in the news since it was announced. Now that the iPad has been made available in stores for US market, the buzz on iPad related news is more vibrant now. Though the iPad has a number of features supporting User Interface supported through iPad Software. Apple has built iPad […]

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Mac Screenshot Commands

It has been more than 3 months since I got my mac book pro and still not very comfortable in taking screen shots. Every time I tend to get confuse with the key combination on Mac OS X. Accomplishing the same on MS Windows is way too simple with the click of a simple ‘Print […]

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Windows guy becomes a Mac guy…

I have been a PC guy with Microsoft windows OS all these days until a couple of months back. Now I have started loving Mac more than anything! Not that I hate windows, but  just that I am enjoying to work more with Mac. Thankfully, I don’t see any more ‘Blue screens of Death‘. I […]

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Apple introduces new 4GB iPod shuffle

Apple has announced the launch of new iPod shuffle today. To my surprise, this product is launched in India and US without any time lag. Apple site quotes “The world’s smallest music player also happens to be the world’s first talking one. Two things that make the iPod shuffle one amazing device.” Well, they are […]

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Apple India Pro-Series Event

Creative professionals across the globe are facing a number of challenges. These challenges are very dynamic in nature as every professional seeks to explore the latest technologies to simplify their tasks. Especially for the people in media related professions, the needs are highly demanding to capture, create, manipulate and share in the least possible time. […]

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Apple MacMini in India

Got some time visit Apple iStore near JP Nagar over the weekend. I have been thinking of changing the computer at home for a while now and decided to take a look at Apple Mac mini. As usual, the Macs rock! I really got sold for the whole concept and design of this small wonder […]

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