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Green Life

These pictures were clicked during a recent trip to my native place. Farming activities are at their best at this time of the year, thanks to good monsoon rains this year. I haven't seen the agricultural fields with so much greenery in the past decade or so. Hope the rain gods bless our farmers with [ More... ]

Water Reservoir

With the ever growing urban development needs of cities all over the country, water availability and supply has become a major civic issue. In recent times, we are facing severe water shortage in Bangalore. Let us face the reality. We are not really conservative about our water resources. It is a known fact that the [ More... ]

You all have heard of well known dance formats like Bharata Natyam, Mohiniaattam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Kathakali and many more. But in those art formats, each person is associated with usually one of the task among singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Of course, all these formats are Indian classical dances. There is more in our [ More... ]

It has been a week since my last post and couldn't resist from posting this update. I am in the middle of a short vacation, left Bangalore on Sunday morning. Here is a snapshot of all the happenings at my end: Drove through heavy rain on national highway # 4 for the first time! Took [ More... ]

After a long gap of 25 years my parents were fond of getting back into farming lands. Especially my dad has been way too keen to dirty his hands in soil. Though we hail from a farming background, my parents moved to Bangalore from Chittoor. There were a number of reasons for this move. Very [ More... ]

In this post I am sharing some random pics that I clicked during week long Sankranti festive vacation. Click on each of the image to see it bigger and to read description about each of them... Enjoy [ More... ]