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Dropping a couple of lines here to say that I am still alive! Just that the exams are killing me from being frequent here as mentioned before. Please be informed that I will be back soon after 20th, day when my exams get over! I do have a number of guest posts lined up but [ More... ]

Caution : This post is nothing but a rant on various things since morning. I know it is just 8:40am.. but still, here it goes! 1. Traffic light is in its glorious RED. I am on my bike in the middle of a moderate traffic around me, mostly cars. The flashy LED lights display a [ More... ]

CAT is a crucial for all those planning to do MBA from top business schools in India such as IIMs. This year onwards all the aspirants seeking admission into those instititues must crack Online Common Admission Test (CAT). If you are preparing for CAT 2009, here is an opportunity for you to get adapted to [ More... ]

My first semester concluded yesterday with the final exam.  For me, this is the first time appearance in Open book exams. Initially when the semester started, I was so happy that open book exams would be easy since we can write exams with the help of books. But now I have realized that these exams [ More... ]

I know its been almost 10 days since my last article. There are multiple reasons as I had mentioned in one of my previous posts. Exams are half the way through, two more to go! Yes... this Sunday, i will be done with my first semester! Also, I got a bit of time today to [ More... ]

Time and tide wait for none... nowadays its flying just like that.  My BITS MS classes started a little over 4 months and already 1st sem finals are coming up early next month. That means less frequent articles on this blog. I am personally not happy with my performance in Mid term exams, hence I [ More... ]