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Fantasy Formula 1

2010 season Formula 1 championship concluded last week. Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest driver ever to claim championship title after Abu Dhabi grand prix. Now that the 2010 season is over, here is the result from the fantasy league that I had created on ESPN Star portal. Though my team was pushed to 3rd [ More... ]


Greetings everybody! For the season 2010 of Formula One, I have switched over to espnstar.com to create a fantasy league. This has been done since Yahoo! fantasy F1 is on hiatus this season. If F1 is something you are attached to and love the game, feel free to enroll your team online and lets play [ More... ]

I have a lot of things in mind to write but not finding enough time. Most of you would have already noticed that I am not being very regular on this blog since the beginning of February. Getting very busy at work offlate and hence not able to spend time on blog to write new [ More... ]


Are you an avid follower of Formula 1 motor sport? If yes, here is an option to play 'Fantasy Formula One' for the 2009 season on Yahoo! sports. I have been regular on this site for over 3 years now and I really enjoy playing fantasy sports on Yahoo!. It not only gives me an [ More... ]


From the 6 races so far in the first half of the 2008 Formula 1 season, I have scored 207 points on Yahoo fantasy F1. This means, I am currently ranked 182 while the top scorer of the league has 240 points. Not a bad performance so far. This season has been pretty interesting with [ More... ]

Last weekend belonged to Red Devils! yes.. May it be Formula 1 or English Premier league, teams associated with color RED emerged victorious. Ferrari won the highest points with both the drivers on podium at Turkish F1 Grand Prix, while Manchester United crowned with thier 17th league title. Me being a fan of both the [ More... ]