Chrysanthemum Flowers

2010 Floral season – Chrysanthemums

Here is an exclusive premier show of the produce from my roof top. After a season of Fresh Mint, now it is the time to showcase chrysanthemum flowers. This year, I have been clicking the photos from the very beginning. Starting from the time we planted these a couple of months back and all the […]

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Season of Yellow Flamboyant

After Purple here arrives the Yellow! If you haven’t looked at my previous photo with purple flowers, go see it now :) These photos with yellow flowers tree (Scientific name – Peltophorum Pterocarpum) in various angles as seen from our terrace. Again, these pics were shot with Canon Powershot SD 630 point and shoot camera. […]

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Brinjals from my GardenVille

I know many of you are still busy in playing FarmVille game on facebook. As mentioned before on this blog, here I am sharing the brinjals (Egg Plant) from my GardenVille! You can read about that mention in one of my previous posts here. Yes, home grown brinjals from my tiny rooftop garden. All these […]

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Queen of the Night

More from my garden…

Playing games like farmville on facebook is an addiction to many of us. I was surprised to see so many of you getting grossly involved in playing the game that promotes the mankind’s oldest known profession of farming! Over a period of time, someone might lose interest in playing that virtual farming game, but the […]

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Garden colors

I couldn’t make it to Independence day flower show at Lalbagh this year. So, what? here is a set of pics from my own garden :). Along with that, here comes a puzzle for you all. Name the plant if you can with greenish spherical budding flowers on top of tentacles like structures captured below. […]

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5 Queen of the night flowers in 1 day!

Queen of a night flowers bloomed again today on my roof top garden. This year there are 5 flowers on a single evening! Today was a pleasant rainy day and when I came back from classes, these special guests were waiting for me to begin a photo shoot session :) The aroma of these flowers […]

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