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It has been an ON and OFF mode here for the posts since a month. Too many things to track and hence not so frequent posts. Anyways, here is a pic that was clicked during the last weekend trip to Wayanad. Yes, enjoying the travel season too which started with Kadkani resort at Coorg last [ More... ]

Year 2012 is similar to any another year if you ask me. Mathematically it is 12 years after Y2K (remember?). Many phoren babas had predicted that the world is going to end, the systems will go haywire and there by the mankind in year 2000! Still we haven't learned a damn thing since then. This [ More... ]

Tagging fellow bloggers is taking rounds in the blogging community. I have hardly forwarded any chain e-mails, but I took this tagging stuff since it helps my audience to know a little bit more about myself! I was tagged by Vineeta @ http://vineetazdiary.blogspot.com/ As always, here is a list of ground rules for this game [ More... ]

I have been obsessed with computer games since a long time and now it is time to say bye for sometime. Especially the games like Counter Strike, Rise of Nations and Age of Empires. Well, there has to be a break for anything that we get obsessed with and now it is the time for [ More... ]

I came across these videos created by techies at Technopark, Trivandrum. Take a look and enjoy :) This one is titled “Jaada at Work”. Depicts a typical client visit. The funny part is at the very end [ More... ]

Today our team went out for lunch. This time "The Great Wall of China" was the restaurant. It was my first visit to this place. Initially we had planned for Barbique Nation. Since we got the slot at 2:15pm, we decided to skip that place and then decided to go for The Great Wall of [ More... ]