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Chrysanthemum Flowers

Here is an exclusive premier show of the produce from my roof top. After a season of Fresh Mint, now it is the time to showcase chrysanthemum flowers. This year, I have been clicking the photos from the very beginning. Starting from the time we planted these a couple of months back and all the [ More... ]

All Smiles!

Past couple of months have been hectic and too many things happening at one go. I know for sure that my blog had taken a back seat in the due time. However, thanks to all those guest authors who volunteered to contribute on this blog to fill the lacuna!  Now, I am back and hope [ More... ]

Go Green

It is time to announce the winners of the 'Go Green' contest! This was announced a while back asking my readers to come up with innovative ways under the caption 'Water Conservation and Efficient Usage'. Though the response wasn't great, I am happy to announce that there were 2 entries and declaring both of them [ More... ]

Dumb Cane

This plant is commonly used for interior decoration in many offices and homes. Be cautious about having this plant where kids would roam around as it is moderately poisonous, mainly for the children. Got this information in a mail forward and upon digging more details, got to learn more about this plant. It should be [ More... ]

Fresh Mint

All those people who have been asking me about what is new in my little roof top garden, here is an update with photos! See it yourself and feel the freshness of home grown 'mint' aka Pudīna in many Indian languages. The strong aroma of these leaves upon sprinkling water is a must experience that [ More... ]


I know many of you are still busy in playing FarmVille game on facebook. As mentioned before on this blog, here I am sharing the brinjals (Egg Plant) from my GardenVille! You can read about that mention in one of my previous posts here. Yes, home grown brinjals from my tiny rooftop garden. All these [ More... ]