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Indian PANGA League : IPL thumbnail

Another couple of hours will draw an end to the 3rd edition of much controversial IPL (Indian Premier League). Amidst all the allegations, scams/fraud, there was an excellent uninterrupted coverage by our *Great Responsible Media* to unearth all possible stories behind the scenes. Special kudos to those channels who went on a step ahead to [ More... ]

It has been a great fortnight so far with a couple of mentions of self and this blog in the print media. Yes! an article named 'Adopt an Animal & get Tax Benefit' posted on this blog has made it to an English daily featuring local news from Bangalore called Bangalore Mirror. The second mention [ More... ]

Latest report from NASA indicates that the ground water level across many parts of India is getting depleted by almost a foot every year. Does that sound alarming to you? If not, think of the worst ever drought like situation we are facing this year since 1972. No wonder the agricultural produce is decreasing year [ More... ]

I have been using twitter for about 3 months now. With all my experimentation and observations with twitter, I am convinced that twitter is everything one can think of in the current social network realm. It can be good, bad and even ugly depending on how an individual uses. To illustrate each of the situations [ More... ]

BBC portal gets a new make over. This time it is wearing purple as against previous red and black theme. Can this be attributed to Yahoo!'s new campaign called "Start Wearing Purple"? I don't know the answer... However the new make over looks really cool and appealing. With all the news panes that can be [ More... ]

Revolution of FM Radio has come a long way since its inception in mid 2001. Bangalore city started with only a couple of channels by then and now count is more than 10 stations. All these Radio channels are trying to woo the audience by various means. Some of these include contests over SMS. I [ More... ]