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Came across this video recently on youtube. This video made me recall an incident that happened at Fame Lido Cinemas last week. Having the goldclass tickets in hand we were just about to settle in our seats for watching 'Luck by Chance' and as soon as we entered, a Bharatbala production video on Indian National [ More... ]

I am resuming to write movie reviews again. Over the past week, I have seen three movies - Raaz(the mystery continues...), Luck by chance and Slumdog Millionaire. Here is my quick thought on each movie. Raaz - The mystery continues: The original Raaz was an awesome movie with all the required elements of a typical [ More... ]

For all the music and lyric lovers, here I am posting the both from telugu hit movie "Happy Days". This is one of my favorite song from that movie. Enjoy reading the lyrics while listening to the song :) Are re Are re nee kosam digirana... nenevaro marichana... neevalle kadilana... nevalle kadilena.... naakosam nenennaina... na [ More... ]

Bombaat movie songs got released on 2nd of July '08. Today I am posting the lyrics for the first song 'maatinalli helalaarenu' from this this movie.. Enjoy Maadi. If there are any corrections, let me know, I will correct incase wrongly mentioned here. mAtinalli hELalArenU.. rekheyalli geechalArenU.. AdarUnu hADadEne uLiyalArenu... antha rUpasi.. nanna preyasi... elli [ More... ]

I am posting the lyrics of one more melodious song from the movie aramane today. Song > Patra Bareyala Movie > Aramane Singers > Karthik and Swetha Music Director > Gurukiran Lyrics > Kaviraj ================= ----------------- Now in English ----------------- patra bareyalA illA chitra biDisalA.. hege hELalI nanna manada hambalA maatanADalA illA haadu hADalA... hege [ More... ]

Here comes another Aramane movie song lyrics in both Kannada and English Song : nanna edyali Movie : aramane Singer : Madhu Balakrishna Music Director : Gurukiran Lyrics : Yogaraj Bhat ========== ------------- Now in English ------------- nanna yedeyali iTTa nAku hejjeya gurutu aLisi biDU.. aLisi bidu ninnaa manasina nenapina aramane chAvaDiyi.nda kaLisi biDU.. kaLisi [ More... ]