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Lord Shiva – Metallic Art Piece

Who does not like to receive gifts? They bring more meaning when thoughtfully chosen by the people around us. The bronze show piece of Lord Shiva included in this post was gifted to me by previous team mates. This happened when I moved internally to a different team at work around mid January. The choice [ More... ]

It is a little over 2 months since my BITS MS classes started and it is already exam time. Preparing for the mid term exams now and hence a slow down in the number of posts here. Expect this trend to continue for another couple of weeks. I am finding it really hard to concentrate [ More... ]

Last weekend, I had been to Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) on personal work... Started early morning around 4:30am. Because of this visit, I had to opt out from the Sunfeast Bangalore 10K run. Nowadays, 10k runs are catching up urban life. A few months back it was organized in various other metros across India including Mumbai [ More... ]

Today we celebrated 30th wedding anniversary of my parents. Such milestones are always memorable. It has been a bit more eventful as I got married this year. Its great to celebrate their wedding anniversary at home. I had not wished both mom and dad in the morning and went to office as I wanted to [ More... ]

Dear Readers, This post is to inform you that, publishing news paper articles and extracts in the means of complete text coverage or providing a link to the same is not appropriate. This also qualifies for copyright infringement of the original news providers. Hence I have removed all the posts and comments which had such [ More... ]

Its a hot summer outside. Bangaloreans are afraid to go out in the day time though it rained in past couple of evenings. Temperature is certainly ever raising year after year. Blame it on global warming, pollution, green house effect or whatever you feel like, but that is the reality. Before I go on to [ More... ]