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New Pension Scheme – PFRDA

New Pension Scheme is government of India initiative to extend pension benefits to citizens of India, at large. Any individual whether employed with private sector, self employed or professional can now avail of pension benefits and plan his/her retirement period well by enrolling in the New Pension Scheme (NPS). One can regularly invest in this [ More... ]


The much awaited Tax Calculator for financial year 2010-11 has been released by ynithya on his site. Feel free to download the same and use for better planning of your hard earned money. I have been using his tax calculator which is in the form of Microsoft Excel (xls) for over 3 years now and [ More... ]

Sweet Home

On popular demand here comes the much awaited article on Home Loan. I plan to cover some of the do's and don'ts while opting to avail a loan to own that dream home of life time. This post comes soon after me closing our home loan account, so I sure do qualify to share my [ More... ]

Before reading this article, hope you have read the first one - "Decoding Financial Advisers - Part 1". We covered few scenarios on the usual suggestions made by the financial planners/advisers. In this article we cover the few more such scenarios. • “The number you have called is not responding to your call” • “I’ve [ More... ]

This is a guest post by Jayant Bhat. He has over 7 years experience in life insurance and reinsurance field as a senior financial underwriter and risk analyst. Jayant has been writing guest articles on this blog and you can read his previous article called "Are you investing in the right way?". You can know [ More... ]

Many of you have been asking me on which insurance plan is best based on some of my reviews before. Though I might have missed some of your mails/comments, here comes an easy guide to follow while buying insurance. My analysis reveals that most of the young folks who just started their career are the [ More... ]