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Should the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh be broken to pave way for separate Telangana, Costal Andhra and Rayalaseema? This is a much discussed topic in media since a month or so. Currently, most of the so called 'Elected Leaders' throughout the state are busy submitting their resignations to respective constitutional institution starting from grass [ More... ]

Last week, there was a technical outage that halted the EAMCET counseling in Andhra Pradesh, India. Servers were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of traffic at the AP State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE ) and now the seats allocation process for students seeking admission into various engineering and medical colleges has been rescheduled. Though [ More... ]

There is one question that is troubling me the most since my exams got over a couple of weeks back. Why are the prices hitting sky and beyond even though our economy is running under negative inflation? I am not an economist but still the curiosity to understand what is going on around us rings [ More... ]

If you think hurling shoes at politicians is the way to express your anguish, please stop. Our great leaders don't deserve your shoe or slipper! You are the 'sole' loser at the end of the day. A pair of ordinary 'paragon' chappals will cost no less than INR 50/- and I fail to understand why [ More... ]

There has been a long history of candidates contesting elections in India from 'Multiple Constituencies'. This has happened in the past and this time it is no different. It is up to you to either blame or praise the Indian constitution for providing such a provision for candidates to contest elections from multiple constituencies. In [ More... ]

Though I got a moderate response to my first article on politics, I am continuing to write more. Last time I went on writing too much on our 'Aam Aadmi'. Today the focus is on our so called 'Leaders'. Now almost all parties are busy with final tweaks to their manifestos for the upcoming General [ More... ]