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ebay Seller Stories – An Ex-Army man thumbnail

Here is the next story from another ebay seller Capt. Y. Narula - An ex-armyman who left the forces due to a causality, did his MBA and spent 20 years in an engineering company where he served at a senior position. He then decided to change his track and with the help of a mentor [ More... ]

ebay Stories – A Woman Merchant thumbnail

Keyuri Goshar is a housewife who took up selling on eBay as a hobby, which turned it into a full time business. Keyuri had to give up her job as a teacher post marriage and was later encouraged by her husband to sell on eBay. Her knowledge about children helped her build her business on [ More... ]


Facebook has started to dig its own database of users to show what they were up to a year back on a given calendar day. I noticed this new feature on my facebook page yesterday. Must say that the idea is very nice to keep the users glued to facebook for longer durations. As far [ More... ]


Came across this Facebook application called My Year in Status. This app scans through your facebook wall for the messages you wrote through out the year and compiles it all which you can edit to make it as interesting you want! If your status messages aren't sufficient enough, you have an option of creating a [ More... ]


Google has been an epitome of web search as well as a synonym used by many for searching on internet. Has Google changed its motive from "Don't be Evil" to 'Be EVIL' off late? Well, that is precisely how it is looking in my view. Let me explain in detail why I feel so. A friend of [ More... ]

Google has become a synonym for 'web search'. Undoubtedly, Google does provide an exhaustive search results for any term you may want to look up for. While doing a search on google to do my first ever 'ScreenCast', I was looking for 'how to create screencast on mac'. The funny search assist queries popped on [ More... ]