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Improve wordpress performance

Sometime back Google changed the way it indexes pages with the introduction of Caffeine. With that Google also made an announcement that they will be using site speed to determine web search ranking for a given site. So, it is important to make sure that your blog or site performance is better than before to go [ More... ]


Moving to a new webhost without losing any of your blog content is a challenge for many. Such migration is a must if you are moving from a wordpress.com blog to a self hosted blog. It is very important to move all the text content in the form of article, comments and multimedia (images/video). There [ More... ]

Have you been wondering on how to set up an image or photo to appear next to your name while you comment on many websites? If so, this post is for you. This can be achieved by setting up a 'Gravatar' - Globally Recognized Avatar. In other terms, this is simply an avatar image that [ More... ]

After upgrading my blog to wordpress 2.7, I have been trying out various features. I am very much impressed with the features and new admin dashboard. Also, came across an article on CNN mentioning about 1,000 newly discovered species along with photos. It is a bit of co-incident that I read Bindu's blog post called [ More... ]

iNove theme looks great with WordPress 2.7. Recently I changed my blog to this theme and customization was way too easy and simple. While changing the theme, I also integrated my blog with Flickr photos. You can see that page here. I have been getting a number of mail enquiries on how to set it [ More... ]

Many of you have been asking me on how to promote blogs. I wish to share some of the tips that will be effective in promoting blog yourselves. By following these tips, you don’t need to ask some one to view your blog or strive hard to promote. You just need to utilise the tools [ More... ]