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Smart Phones!

Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, mainly to keep in touch with family members, conducting business and having communication access to a reliable source for help in the event of an emergency. Now that the phones are becoming smart, are these phones really smart? Since the indiblogger meet that attended yesterday, I [ More... ]

Improve wordpress performance

Sometime back Google changed the way it indexes pages with the introduction of Caffeine. With that Google also made an announcement that they will be using site speed to determine web search ranking for a given site. So, it is important to make sure that your blog or site performance is better than before to go [ More... ]

Apple iPad Apps from Yahoo! thumbnail

Apple's latest gadget iPad has been in the news since it was announced. Now that the iPad has been made available in stores for US market, the buzz on iPad related news is more vibrant now. Though the iPad has a number of features supporting User Interface supported through iPad Software. Apple has built iPad [ More... ]

Dropping a couple of lines here to say that I am still alive! Just that the exams are killing me from being frequent here as mentioned before. Please be informed that I will be back soon after 20th, day when my exams get over! I do have a number of guest posts lined up but [ More... ]

What can be more relaxing on a monday morning than spending time at a golf resort to cool off the hard working brains? Yes! today we spent a day at Eagleton Golf Village in the outskirts of Bangalore as a part of our regular team outings. If you are an avid golfer or is interested [ More... ]

Many of you have been asking me about how to manage so many feeds from various blogs and other sites. If you are finding it difficult to follow your favorite bloggers, here is an easy and effective way to make it easier. Use ReadAir, which is a desktop application available for both Mac and Windows [ More... ]