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Should the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh be broken to pave way for separate Telangana, Costal Andhra and Rayalaseema? This is a much discussed topic in media since a month or so. Currently, most of the so called ‘Elected Leaders’ throughout the state are busy submitting their resignations to respective constitutional institution starting from grass root levels of Village Panchayats to National Parliament. These leaders are now united by ‘region’ irrespective of the political party they belong to. Because of this ‘Go’ and ‘No Go’ separatism movements, Hyderabad city has come to stand still. Not just the capital city, but commuting in remote towns too has become a nightmare. I usually stay away from writing politics related stuff. Since the issue has become so complex and sensitive, let me put forward my thoughts on this whole saga of ‘separatism’.

‘Regional Backwardness’ is the main reason for demanding the state of Telangana as per the predominant leaders behind this separation movement.  Let me put across the same thing in a different way. All these political leaders have been part of the governance system, represented their constituency in Assembly/Parliament all these years. Were they all sleeping till now? or is the ‘Busyness’ of looting the public money to make fortune for the upcoming generations of their family? What can’t these leaders bring up the issues related to their constituency, discuss those in right forum and find a favorable and progressive solution to make a better living for citizens? Oh yeah, solving issues will not help them to be in the limelight of media. Also, it could be due to that rational of solving all the issues right away might leave no room for problems when the elections arise next time! I know what the next question would be. Not everyone is a part of the ruling coalition to get the work done! Yes, being an elected representative is more than enough to raise an issue and bring it to the notice of right people in bureaucracy and fight on it until it is solved.

Now answer this question of mine – who is responsible for backwardness of a particular region? It is shame on each of these agitating leaders for doing nothing all this while towards the core issues. In my view, it is even more dumb move by assuming that all the issues will be solved by having a separate state. Just to show off the political presence, one dumb moron goes on pseudo-fasting and things get into a turmoil from there on. Why was such a stance not taken for decades now to solve the people’s problems? Can these leaders come to public with data on how many issues they have raised in assembly or parliament over all these years? Being there during the sessions itself is not possible for many of these lazy bums and raising questions on top is too much of an ask. All of a sudden why provocative talks to ignite the hate among fellow linguistics? It is all nothing but a political stunt to realize/enjoy the power hunger. I request all those followers and the students from various universities across the state for becoming not scapegoats in this political game.

Let me quote a short story that we all read in our primary school days. There was an old man who was keen on teaching his grand kids something new everyday. So, one day he bought a mop having 10 sticks tied with a strong thread. He called each of the kid to break the sticks in the mop as a whole without removing or loosening the thread. Though the kids tried their best, they didn’t succeed in breaking the sticks. Since everyone failed, the old man arranged those 10 sticks in 2 mops of 5 sticks each, again tied with a thread. Now some of the strong kids were able to get to breaking point of the relatively smaller mop compared to the previous one, still couldn’t succeed completely. After repeated failure attempts to break the mop, the old man now asked kids to remove the tread and take out one stick at a time and break all of them. All the sticks were broken with ease by kids. After this event, the man described the power of unity and the weakness of being separated.

I fail to understand why people (including students) have forgotten that moral from the story and simply following the selfish leaders. Come on folks, we have seen it being proven historically as well when Britishers were ruling our India before independence. Think sensible and act per your conscience, don’t follow these morons who bear no responsibility for what so ever. All they need is the power at the cost of fooling us. Don’t you think it is easy to raise voice in parliament to get the things done when we have large number of members representing our territory? What have we learned from inter-state disputes related to water and other natural resources even in recent times?

All these leaders have now taken ‘resignation’ as a mean to lobby the central government to act in their favor. Those who have submitted their resignations without solving the issues have no right to come back to you. It just shows that they are clueless and they haven’t understood the power of electoral system. If they can’t find solutions through a dialogue, they can never be your leaders. I am not bothered about the outcome of this whole saga.. but my heart goes out to all those who aren’t thinking in detail and simply following the leaders and causing panic for fellow citizens to make a peaceful living. At least I have gone clueless to understand why it is so difficult to come together, discuss the pros/cons and arrive at a peaceful solution amicable to all. Whether they break the state or keep it united, one thing is true – You find only such useless leaders as long as the voter god doesn’t realize the ground zero realities and make a conscious effort to elect a ‘Leader’ and not the selfish ‘Coward’. Shame on those cowards who have resigned in such turbulent times and making provocative statements on media to achieve selfish motives.

PS: Any comment without proper name and email address will not be entertained on this article since it is a highly sensitive issue.

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  • Mohan December 24, 2014, 6:11 am

    6 months over since two different governments have been formed in the new states. I have one question on my mind. Have the problems come down or have they gone up in multiples? Any thoughts from readers?

  • Rau September 7, 2014, 8:02 pm

    First of all, majority of entire AP people (including telangana) are in favor of United Andhra Pradesh. Futhermore, according to Constituition of India, AP should not be bifurcated. Previous congress government did this just for political gains. People gave correct judgement in the general election of India. they (congress) terribly loose in the general election. Another good thing is Legal Constituitioners are arguing in Supreme Court for United AP. The best option is United Andhra Pradesh. Hope that definitely Supreme Court will give Judgement for United AP

  • Srinivasulu Rao August 18, 2014, 9:53 pm

    I was reading through all the comments as well as the post. Now after forming the new state of Telangana, every bit of concern raised here holds good. So much in the name of emotions, have we reached the equilibrium yet? Not really. so much of hatred, yet nothing substantial. Do we ever get mature enough?

    • Mohan August 22, 2014, 6:19 pm

      Now that the dream of a new state is realized, let us give them good support to solve all the promises they made. That is the only thing we could think of realizing!

  • sam August 1, 2013, 1:36 pm

    Dear all,
    Personally I feel united AP is good for all, but since it has been decided to divide AP lets focus our energies on how to develop AP which was neglected for years so far. Andhra has a huge coastal corridor which needs to be planned meticulously from now onwards.
    Dont the people of AP have shame when the people of Telangana accuse them that they are robbing Telangana? Why cant Lagadapati establish his business in Andhra only. Why cant Satyam Ramalingaraju start his IT business in Andhra. Is there any hard and fast rule that being a capital hyderabad should be focussed that much as it was done?
    If only the previous governments focus on developing cities like gunfire, vijayawada, tiruoathi, vizag

    Yes Telangana people are jealous. Nobody can steal jobs if you have potentiality. I know many businesses run by Telangana people who prefer Andhra employees or from some other state because they feel these migrants work hard than most of the Telanganites. I have seen how these leaders of Telangana agitations beg/demand the industries/business houses for donations. I know many Telanganites who are opposed to separation because they know about the potential threats if state is divided.
    I am happy that atlast AP will be developed, have its own capital and will grow outstanding hyderabad with places like Vizag, Kurnool, Anantapur, Guntur, Tirupathi, Ongole, Nellore, Vijayawada, Kadapa, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Machilipatnam, Srikakulam etc., the list goes on.

    • subbu September 26, 2013, 1:14 pm

      Hi, You say that feel ashamed of yourself and try hard to build a new capital for Seemandhra.
      Where will the money come from when you are left with 70% population and 30% revenues.
      Also where to build the new capital and how much time will it take to build it.
      Also assume that the liabilities of AP were divided on the Area basis, which will be approax: 65% of present state, how will seemandhra pay these liabilities with no revenues.
      How will coastal supply water to seema when it is at the sea level, being seema at above sea level. Dont expect any favour from telangana in water issue.
      Also what will seemandhra do without any industrial base? It will be forced to depend on Agriculture which is lose making and what will seema do again ask for separate seema claiming that coastal looted all its resources?

      The issue here is not building new capital, which is a simple task of constructing a colony of buildings which can be done in no time, 1) were the claims made by people demanding telangana right or wrong. 2) if you give telangana now indirectly you are accepting all the false claims made by them are true and you also accept them to be true. People from seemandhra are not prepared to take that guilt for all the generations to come. 3) First of all on what basis telangana is bifurcated from AP. there is not a single reason from both the state and center.

    • deepak November 12, 2016, 6:06 pm

      Dear sam,
      First read history. Do you know why Potti sriramulu agitated ?? Do you know telangana was added to andhra because of vested interest of andhra people? You were saying why dont they set up industries in andhra? becasue can you show placce like hyderabad?? And my dear bro, Hyd is developed even before merging. Look into the economy numbers of hyd state(now telangana) and andhra state(Now AP) . It is only because of revenue from telangana that contributed to andhra region development.. Read the reports of wanchoo,justice bhargava and bharatha committees.

      Please dont comment without knowing anything

  • Preeti July 24, 2011, 9:53 am

    Too much of drama really. MLAs resign, Speaker rejects the resignation and be where everyone was few years back. Damn it. why can’t these morons debate under a common roof and sort out the issues for once and all? Why all these nautanki drama bazi?

    All these protests, suicides and politics on top of these. Do we really have brains? Why can’t all these folks come to a common table, discuss every issue in detail and arrive at whether to get separated or stay united? Do we need to dance to the tunes of Delhi bosses for every damn thing? Heights of STUPIDY. SHAME on all you politicians and the foolish followers of those politicians making merry of these agitations.

  • Mohan July 8, 2011, 9:22 pm

    Hari Narayana and Krishna – Appreciate you both debating over various things. Thanks for the thoughts you both have shared on this blog. Till that point it is okay. But some of the comments that Krishna made today are highly un-acceptable. That kind of foul language is not entertained on this blog and hence I have removed. Be a gentlemen and good words will always win people. Using foul language only reflects how bad the rotten side of one’s lifestyle.

    There is no tolerance for bad language here and any such comment will be promptly deleted. Hope you all behave within the limits. There is nothing better than knowing the other side of the story too and I am sure each of you had a very good opportunity to share your thoughts and know the responses for those from across the table. Let us keep this place lively with polite words. Thanks once again.

    • Hari Narayana July 9, 2011, 10:25 am

      Hi Mohan, thanks for the recognition of Debate between me and Krishna. First it started out smoothly. I too loved to discuss about few unknown things and to consider the other side of the story, I replied with my point of view, but later the debate turned to a tense side. I too felt sorry for this. I would like to apologize Krishna, if he felt frustration with my words and opinion.

      • Mohan July 9, 2011, 11:25 pm

        My pleasure! we all enjoy a healthy debate.

  • krishna July 6, 2011, 4:47 pm

    @Hari Narayana
    1) land dochukunnaru ante.prantiya bedhalu enduku, swathanthra samara yodhudu badha padathadu antav? neeku manasela vachindi antav?
    swathathra samara yodhuniki ivvochu, kaani maa kosam poradina raavi narayana reddy ki, komaram bheem ki,chakali ayilaammaki, Thurrebaj khan ki, Narayana powar ki ivvakakunda vere vallaki iste memu badhapadama? asalu veellu evaro neeku thelusa?

    Ragha vendra rao example chepthe court ki vellu antunnav? enni case lani court ki veltham?
    nuvvu court ki vellammantunnavu. memu vallanu telangana nunchi vellamantunnam.
    2) 1947 to 1956 , nijam govt kadu babu. 1948 sep 17th ki nizam governement end ayyindi,prajalaku swathanthram vachindi. 1956 varaku non mulki go back, idli sambar go back agitations jarigaayi.

    3) telugu jathi oka 200 years back kalise undedhi ani antav? ayithe endi?.Ayithe dochukuntava? mari seemandrollaki, telangana vallaki pedda ga family relations enduku levu?

    4) maa bashanu kincha parustunnaru ante?. diffrent diffrent slangs untayi,repeated ga comment chesina feel kavaddu antav.
    asalu capital city leka,hyderabad kosam maa daggariki vachina vaallaki maa bashanu comment chese adikaram ekkadidhi?

    5) telangana vedipothe meeru kottukunta remo ani nuvvu badha padaku. maa badhalu evo mem padtham.

    6) seemandhrites were more educated than telanganites.idi neeku teliste matladu . Urdu lo orders kadu, anni urdu lone undevi. laand papers, chinna chinna appu kagithalu evanni urdu lone undevi. udru medium schools lo telugu first language untunda? majority of the people were studied in urdu. not in telugu or english.
    deeeniki nuvvu edo thikka thikka answers rayaku.
    7) mee nayakulu maaku bayati dongalu, maa vallu inti dongalu. mundu bayati vallanu vella gottali.

    8) Telangana ki chendalsina jobs, neellu, nidhulu dochu kunna, dochu kuntnunna seemandra vallu andaru maaku dongale. vellandirini vella gottalante ye court lu paniki raavu.ye orders paniki raavu. maa state okkate solution.

    9) Hydra’BAD’. chala mandi ila pronounce chestunnaru. anduke cheppanu.Adi vallanu uddeshinchi rasindhi.
    10) dhopidi jarigindi, jaruguthundi ante dantlo nijam entho, abaddam entho alochinnchu.

    mee nayakulu em chestunnaru? talent unna vadike jobs. meede thappu. telugu jathi, aa jathi ee jathi ani paniki raani kabulrlu aapu.

    • Hari Narayana July 6, 2011, 8:19 pm

      Prathyeka Vaadam Thalakekkina ninnu chusi jaali padalo leka badha padalo leka meeru inthe maararu ani cheedarinchukovalo artham kaani paristhithi naadi.

      Rasthram samaikyamga vunte naaku vorigedhi emi ledhu, vidipothe kuda poyedhi emi ledhu.
      Kani sontha rasthram lo vundi poradi nidhulu rappinchukovalsina mimmalni vidipothene bangaru Telangana ani vishapu(verpatu) bheejalanu noori posi meetho ataladuthunna rajakeeya nayakula gurinchi telusu koleni mimmalni emanalo teliyadam ledhu.

      1) pranthiya bhedalu nena leka nuvva chooputhunnadi? samaikyam ante prantheeya bedham avuthundha leka seperate telangana ante prantheeya bedham avuthundha?
      govt. land ivvakunda industries pettadaniki ee industrialist munduku radu. adhi teliyakunda entha sepu land looty ayyindhi ante artham ledhu. nijamga aa place viluvakante takkuva rate ki land iccharu ani neeku pakkaga telisthe court vellalsindhe. entha sepu maa lakshala acres looty ayyayi anadame kani meeku pakkaga evidence vunte legal ga proceed avvandi evaru vaddannaru. appudu anni gunta nakkalu bayata padathayi(includes telangana nakkalu also).

      Mee swathanthrya samara yodhulaku kuda sthalanni ivvali ani adagalsindi poyi evaro swathanthrya samara yodhuniki sthalam isthe edvadam emiti. nuvvu cheppina telanganaku chendina goppa vallaku kuda alanti facilities govt. ivvali nenu kuda oppukunta.
      Ayana desa swathanthrya samaram lo palgonnadu, alanti vallaki pranteeya bedhalu vundavu. adhi kuda teliyani neelanti vallatho argue cheyyadam kuda waste.

      Ex: suppose if you win a gold medal in olympics, that medal and you are representing India. so everyone will be proud of you. not just your Telangana people we too proud of you. at that time all states and central govt. will announce you cash or place as benefit for your talent. Did you see anything wrong in this? They represent entire India not Telangana not Kostha not Rayalaseema.

      All the people you said are not only representing Telangana, The persons like them represent everyone in India.

      2) Yes I agreed, that’s a mistake from my side regarding the years I mentioned about Nijam.
      3) Dochukovadam endi ra babu, dochukune vallu anni chotla vunnaru, hyderabad nu mathrame pani kattukuni dochukoru. Telangana lo kuda vunnaru. Kostha lo kuda vunnaru, Rayalaseema lo kuda vunnaru. Alanti vallandarini sikshinchalsindhe. pranthi voorilo lo kuda dochukune vallu vunnaru neeku chepthe artham kavadam ledha. neeku chethanithe alanti vallanu sikshinchu kakapothe poradu. anthe kani poradakunda maa brathukulu mem brathukutham maa rasthram maaku ivvandi anadamenti. appudu kuda dochukune vallu dochukuntune vuntaru. nuvvu nenu ila blogs lo rasukuntu vuntam.

      Telangana vallaki kostha vallaki Rayalaseema vallaki peddaga relations leva? edho mottham telangana lo vunna 4 kotla mandi bio-data nee daggarunnattu matladuthunnave. konni lakshala mandi relations maintain chesthunnaru ani nenu chepthunna. proofs nuvvu submit cheyya levu, nenu submit cheyyalenu. argument cheyyadame waste.

      4) Mee bhasha maa bhasha enti? andari bhasha okkate kavalani meeru veru memu veru ani vidadeesi matladuthunnadi meeru, memu kadhu. cinema vallaki cinema lo comedy kavalante vallu raka rakala pranthallo vunna yasanu vadukuni comedy create chestaru. only telangana yaasanu mathrame comment cheyyadam ledhu ani cheppanu. nellore yaasanu comment chesina cinema lu vunnayi, srikakulam yaasanu comment chesina cinema lu vunnayi. vallu feel avvadam ledhu meeru enduku feel avuthunnaru? konni cinemallo main hero ki kuda telangana yaasa peduthunnaru adhi ok ne kadha. cinema story ni batti dialogues vuntayi.

      suppose rayalaseema backdrop lo movie aithe aa movie loni villain laku aa yaasanu pedataru. antha mathrana valla yaasanu kincha parichi nattu vallu feel avvadam ledhe? meere enduku feel avuthunnaru?

      5) Nenu cheppvi kaburlu aithe nuvvu cheppevi enti sukthula? dhopidi jarigindi ani oppukuntunnam vallaku siksha padali antunnam, kani vidipothe siksha padinnattu bramapaduthunna ninnu chusthuntene jaliga vundi.

      6) more educated ante 1947 mundhu nunche kostha rayalaseemallo andaru english medium schools lo chadivina vallu ani artham kadu. adhi nuvvu telusukuni matladu. nijam lu ekkuva kalam paripalincharu kabatte akkada urdu vadakam ekkuvaga vundi antha mathrana urdu first language kadhu. adhi appatlo common language anthe. telugu vallaku telugu first language, marati laku marati, kannadiga’s ku kannada anthe kani appati nijam state lo vunna anni pranthala first language urdu kadu.

      7)central level lo jaruguthunna avineethini arikattadam evari valla kavadam ledhu. ika state level lo jarigedanni state vidipoyi arikadathamu anukuntunna ninnu chusi emanali? intaku mundu varaku dochukunna vallu seemandhrulu kabatti vyathirekam ippudu meeru dochukondi ani mee inti dongalanu encourage cheddhuvu kanile aa roju thondaralo ravalani nenu kuda korukuntunna. veelinantha thondaraga telangana icchesthe santhosinche vallallo nenu okadini. appudu mee bangaru telangana ela vuntundho chudalani naku kuda asaga vundi.

      8) sontha rashtram lo sandhinku koleni piriki vallu matlade matalu ivanni. Prathyeka vadam thalakekkina neelanti vallatho evvaritho kuda ila blog lo debate konasagisthu naa time inka ekkuvaga waste chesuko daluchukoledhu. ika meedata ee post ku kuda reply vundadhu. happy ga support chesukondi mee telangana.

      Thondaraga Telangana vasthe aa state abhivruddhi chudalani, Bangaru Telangana ela vuntundho chudalani asha vundi. All the Best.

  • Krishna June 30, 2011, 2:04 pm

    Basic history of ANDRA State.

    1) Andhra State with out MADRAS as capital is BODY WITH OUT HEAD– by Potti Sriramulu while huger strike in 1952 for separate ANDHRA state.
    2) Andhrites get lost from MADRAS City with in 24 hours-RAJA GOPALACHARI –1952 (Refer wiki to know about RAJA GOPALACHARI).
    3) In 1952 Andhra state has formed with Kurnool as capital city as per Potti Sriramulu now this Andhra state is a without head.
    4) Capital under tents-Kurnool, this statement came in news papers as Kurnool do not had basic infrastructure and most of the offices were under tents.

    Then Andhra politicians were looking for a new HEAD that is HYDERABAD which is in HYDERABAD STATE.

    Hyderabad reputation then:

    1) Hyderabad was 5th largest city in India. (Now also its position is same)
    2) Hyderabad should be second capital of India (Dr. B.R.Ambedgar).

    Agitations in Hyderabad state (flow of Seemandtrites started in 1948(September 17) as soon as Hyderabad state formed):

    1) Non mulki go back
    2) Idly sambar go back

    Conditional ANDHRA Pradesh Formation, 1956:

    1) Telangana people are against ANDHRA pradesh formation. (Refer Fazal ali commission report)

    2) Gentle men agrrement- 1956, with lobbying from Andhra Congress leaders and with pressure from the Central leadership of Congress party, an agreement was reached between Telangana leaders and Andhra leaders on 20 February 1956 to merge Telangana and Andhra with promises to safeguard Telangana’s interests.

    3) Following the Gentlemen’s agreement, the central government established a unified Andhra Pradesh on November 1, 1956.The agreement provided reassurances to Telangana in terms of power-sharing as well as administrative domicile rules and distribution of expenses of various regions.

    ANDHRA pradesh:

    1) Mulki (Local) rules violation started.
    2) Gentlemen agreement is violated on first day of the baby ANDRA Pradesh.
    3) 1969 jai Telangana (we need our own administration; we need our Hyderabad state money back which is spent in Andhra region).
    4) GO 610 (Issued by N.T. Rama Rao) not implemented. This is against Seemandrites who are in Telanagana against Mulki rules.
    5) In Secretariat 95% employees are seemandtrites.
    6) In High court 80% employees are Seemandtrites.
    7) In all Major industries around Hyderabad 90% of employees are seemandtrites. (Example: Pharma and cine field).
    8) 12 lakh acres of Nizam government land was looted by Seemandtrites (80%).
    9) In 56 years AP history, Telanagna CM’s ruled hardly 7 to 8 years (this is after people agitations in Telangana)

    10) If any bill passes in AP assembly in favor of Telangana, that wont get passed as it will not get majority MLA acceptance.
    In AP assembly Telangana MLA’s are always minor so no question of bill or any type of funds in favor of Telangana.

    11) Looting in employment, water and resources is still continuing.

    Seemandrites usual comments:

    1) Telanganites don’t know culture.
    2) Telanganites don’t know Telugu.
    3) Because of us only Hyderabad has developed.

    The common people of Seemandra who do agriculture or thier small businesses for their daily bread and who are settled all over the world never looted telangana lands, resources and jobs.
    But the people who looted telangana lands, resources and jobs are 90% seemandtrites.

    Sab Dard Ka dava jindatilismath: We need our state back.

    • Hari Narayana June 30, 2011, 6:47 pm

      @Krishna:- Common be realistic. Don’t blame yourself by thinking on one side.
      1) How did the Mulki Rules violation started? Everywhere money matters, violation started just because of the corrupted employees who were doing jobs in government sector at that time. Before the violation there are as many Telanganites are there in Govt. sector, do you think not even one person from Telangana is corrupted? This is India, Corruption is everywhere not just now it’s there from years.
      2) What are they (Telangana Leaders) doing during the time Gentlemen Agreement Violation? Do you they simply sat down without taking single paisa?
      3) Everyone know how the movement started in 1969 by Marri Chenna Reddy, he gave support just because he didn’t get CM post, after that everyone know what happened. He is the one who suppressed the movement once he became CM.
      4), 5) and 6) for all these my answer is first one, because of corruption occurred in those sectors and another reason is the people who studied well only will get better chance. I know that now so many from Telangana too studying well and settle down in very good positions.
      7) It’s all about interest what you have to become. If you are interested to become Doctor will you become an Actor? Main point is that Kostha and Rayalaseema people attracted to Acting Field first when the Film Industry was in Chennai, From Telangana very few attracted to it. But after the movement of Industry from Chennai to hyd the flow became huge from Telangana too. But the talented people only will get succeeded ultimately in any field it’s applicable to Film Industry or any other Industry. Even now many people in film Industry are depending on the people from Chennai. Is that mean there is no talent in Hyd? No it means the people there are more talented and trustful to these people.
      If you start a new company, to whom will you give preference? whether to the Talented fellows or to the people who are your neighbor’s? Everyone will look for talent only, no one will look for the candidates caste or his religion or region or country. No boundaries for Talent. It doesn’t mean all Telangana people not having Talent, I know many people from Telangana who succeeded in their Field and they are still my best Friends.
      8) Govt. Land LOOTY ayyindante artham aa time lo vunna Rajakeeya Nayakulu swartha prayojanalokosam pakuladadam valla jarigindhi ani gurthinchali. Motham Kostha, Rayalaseema Prantha prajalanu nindinchadam chala thappu. Rajakeeya nayakudu ae prantham vadina swartha prayojanalakosame chusukuntadu. Telangana Prantha Rajakeeya nayakulu emi teliyani AMAYAKULU ani ela cheppagalav? Neethimanthulu ani ela cheppagalav? Evvaru okka cent sthalam kuda kabbja cheyyani, kabbja cheyyadam teliyani vallu anukuntunnava? Antha neethimantule ayyunte Telangana Eppudooo Bagupadi vundedhi!
      “Ee Pranthamina bagu padaledhante akkadunna swarth praja prathinidhula thappu vallanu penchi posinchi mallee mallee Assembly ki pampisthunna prajala thappu.”
      Meluko Mithrama nee shathruvu ekkado ledu nee pakkane vuntadu.
      9) Rajakeeyallo evarina inkokarni padagotti piki ravalane chustharu. Telangana nunchi Ekkuva mandi CM’s kaledhu ante artham akkadunna vallu CM post vacchinappudu kapadu kovadam teliyani vallu ani artham. Akkadi nunchi perfect leader ravali, aa vacche athanu nishwardhanga seva chesthene Telangana Abhivruddhi chendhedi lekunte meeru Telangana saddhinchi kuda Vyardham avuthundi.
      10) It’s in the Hands of Central not in the Hands of Assembly now.
      11) Dabbu vunna vade Looty ki palpadedi. Talent ni nammukunna vadu evvadu kuda ala cheyyadu. vadu Telangana aina Kostha aina leka Rayalaseema aina. Telangana vallu okkaru kuda dabbulu icchi jobs konukkovadam ledhu ani nuvvu cheppagalava? nee friend character elantidho kuda manam sarigga gurthichalem alantidi 4 kotlu ani cheppukune Telangana prajallo evvaru kuda dabbulatho jobs pondadam ledhu ani ela cheppagalav?

      Telangana vallaku Culture ledhu ani ee buddhi vunna vadu cheppadu. culture lekunda society erpadadu. Kakateeya samrajyam gurinchi teliyani vadu vundadu. goppa vallu ekkadi vallina gouravinchali.

      Telangana vallaku telugu teliyadu ani evadina anagalada? Telugu mana Mathru Bhasha alanti bhashaku pettukunna Telugu Thalli anna perunu Helana Chesindi KCR. Kostha leka Rayalaseema vallu kadhu. Endhukante Telugu Thalli ante ee Kosthako leka Rayalaseema ko Thalli ani Kadhu Aame Mottham Telugu prajala Prathinidhi ani oka Bhavana.

      Hyd. ee okkadi vallo ippudu vunna sthithiki raledhu. Hyd. meme develop chesam ani ee okka prantham vallu cheppukoru. Kostha, Rayalaseema vallu evarina Hyd. Abhivruddi lo memu kuda Bhagaswamulam ani cheppukuntaru kani Memu mathrame hakku darulam memu mathrame abhivruddhi chesam ani cheppukoru, cheppaleru kuda endukante vallaku kuda telusu ee hyd. ae okka prantham vado vacchi abhivruddhi cheyyaledhu ani. Mana Andhari Kastha phalam ee Hyd.

      Mallee Mallee Chepthunna Telangana Bagu Padaledhu ante Akkadunna Asamartha Rajakeeya Nayakula Thappu. Alanti Asamarthulanu penchi poshinchi mallee mallee Assembly ki Pampisthunna aa Prantha Prajala Thappu. Meluko Mithrama Melukoo.

      • Krishna July 5, 2011, 5:38 pm

        @Hari Narayana

        nee uchitha salhalaku danya vadalu…

        Nenu clear cheppina, ANDHRA pradesh history endi, ela form ayyindi ani.

        Simple ga cheppalante: ANDHRA pradesh formation anedi based on some promises and conditions.aa promises and conditions fail ayinayi , inka avuthunnayi…
        anduke maa state maaku kavalantunnam.

        nee asnwers ela unnayante…

        1) aa conditions fail avuthunnayi ante adi meeru, mee prajala thappu, mee leaders thappu.
        2) maaku talent chala undi.. anduke jobs annni maake vastayi (meeku talent chala unte pakka state la jobs dochu komani kaadu. tamil naadu jobs, karnataka jobs velli try cheyandi…thanni pamputharu )

        Telangana valla first laguage URDU..chala thakkuva mandi english medium lo chadukunna vaallu undevaallu. seemandrulu english medium schollalo chaduvukunna vallu.
        Telangana valla jobs maaku vaddu ani gentlemen agrement lo santhakam chesi mari mosam chesaru.
        ikkada vallaki anyayam jaruguthundi ani iddaru andhra CM lu G.O. lu pass chesaru. kaani avi implement kaledu.

        vallu english chaduvu koni maaku talent undi anadam chala cheap behavior.
        adi eppudo kada, eppudu enti ani anadam sarikadu.
        okadu 1960 lo mulki rules ki against ga recruit ayithe,1990 varaku job lo untadu.1970 lo recruit ayithe 2000 varaku untadu.

        1985 lo 610 G.O. pass ayindi.. kaani adi implement kaledu.. ante 1985 lo recruit ayina vaadu inka dochukuntune unnadu.

        Deenni mulki rule violation antaru.

        deniki mee rajakeeya nayakulu em chestunnaru antav? kochem burra petti alochinchu neeke artham avuthundi.

        3) okkokkadu em mataladuthadu ante anni industries hyderabad lone unnayi like cine field, Pharma companies so telangana baga develpe ayyindi ani.deeniki answer ga nenu aa industries lo 95% Seemandrule unnaru ani cheppanu anthe.
        private sector lo evadyna undochu adi thappukadu.

        4) marri chenna reddy telangana drohi… adi nuvvu cheppadam kaadu , maaku kuda thelusu.
        telangana prajalu okadini bhujala pyki ethukuni, pandu kosi ivvamaaru. mundu kosi ista annadu… vaadiki choclate aasha chupiste vaadu velli poyadu. adi vaadi thappu avuthundi kaani prajala thappu ela avuthundi.
        5) ye undyamam ayina prajala daaggara untene , daani nunchi leader lu vastaru.telangana prajaleppdudu ANDHRA pradesh lo undalani korukoledu. idi charithra chebuthunna satyam. eppdudu agitation unnadi prajala daggara.

        6) Rajakeeya nayakulu evvadyna galeez saale galle. mee vollu etlanti vaaro , maa valllu kuda anthe. neeku KCR okkade kanapaduthunnadu.
        professor Jaya shankar enduku kanipinchadu?.

        7) Telangana vallaki telugu sariga raadu ani evadu anadu.

        a) nuvvu oka padi mandi typical samaikya vadulatho matladi choodu.neeke thelustadi.

        b) ‘NIRNAYAM’ movie lo annapurna (nagarjuna tho) dialog :’AA TELANGANA VALLA BASHA NAAKU ARTHAM AYI CHAVADHU’.

        c) maa school(hyd, hostel) lo maa guruvu(english madam from andhra ), naa classmate tho anna maata(6th class, 1991).

        maa guruvu: NARENDAR intiki velli eppdudu vachav?
        NARENDAR: Poddugala madam
        maa guruvu: em bhashayya meedi PODDUGALA!!!
        d) naa classmate from andhra
        em basha ra meedi vachindu, poyindu…

        nenu oka 100 times naa basha meeda comments vinte ikkada rendu moodu cheppina.

        deenni maa bashanu kincha parachadam antaru. Maa Aathma gourava samasya.

        7) goverment lands dochukunnaru ante.. kabja gurunchi matladu thavu..

        Government lands dochukovadam ante… K. Raghavendra Rao (director) ki, cine musium pedatha ante government land ichindi.. vaadu multiplex kattukunnadu.deeni gurunchi evadu adagaali? ee raghavednra rao evadu ?
        kukat palli lo oka swathanthra samara yodhuniki laand icharu.. veedevvadu?. maa telangana ki em sambhandam?

        deeniki kuda mee rajakiya nayakulu em chestunnaru antav..ichinodu CM(rayalaseema).oppsotion party TDP(Andhra). ika maa vollu em peekutharu?

        ivi naaku thelisina chala konni…


        nuvvu cheppindi entante…

        Telangana prajalade thappu (ante thelivi ledu).

        mari intha thelivi leni prajalatho kalisi undadam enduku?

        Hari Narayana, nenu seemandhra prajalu andaru mammalni dochukunnaru ani analedu.kaani maa bhoomulu, neellu, nidhulu dochukunna, dochukuntunna vallu seemanrdule.

        Nee meedha naaku etlanti vyathirekhatha ledu.. no personal agenda…

        Telangana vidipothe neekoche nashtam gurunchi alochinchu. Telangana government jobs neeku raavu anthe.Hyderbad ni evadu jebulo pettukoni podu.chennai lo, Bangalore lo etla jobs chestunnamo alane hyderabad lo chestam.

        For those who pronounce wrongly:

        HYDER ‘ABAD’ ani pronounce cheyandi. HYDRA ’BAD’ kaadu.

        • Hari Narayana July 5, 2011, 11:36 pm

          @Krishna- Andhra Pradesh History Cheppav Bagundi. Mari Telugu Valla History Cheppaledhu. Nenu Chepthunna Vinu. Okappudu veru veru rajyala kinda vunna anni chotla telugu prajalu samanangane vuntu vaccharu. Kostha, Rayalaseema lanu Britishers ki Dattathu Chesinadhi Evaru? Appati Nijam Prabhuvulu Kaadhaaaa? Ante Artham Enti! Kostha mariyu Rayalaseema Nijam Rajyam lo 260 years mundu Bhagamane Kadha. 200 years veruga vunnantha mathrana Kostha, Rayalaseema veru Telangana Veru ani ela chepthavu. Anni Chotla Telugu Pradhananga vundante Anni pranthala madhya okappudu vunnatu vanti Sath sambandhalavallle sadhyamayyindi adhi gurthinchali.

          1) okadu mimmalni dochukunnadu ante vadiki meeru antha alusu iccharu ane artham. Ex: Chittoor venukabadi vundante akkadi nayakulu govt. nunchi funds teppinchukovadamlo vifalam kavadam valla jariginattugane artham chesukovali. Same applicable to Telangana.

          2) Intha thappuga artham chesukunte em cheppamantav. nenu kostha, rayalaseema valle talented fellows anni cheppaledhu. Talent evadiki vunte vadike jobs vasthayi ani cheppa. Applicable to Private sector or Govt. Sector. Private sector jobs chese vallu Hyd. lone kadhu Desham lo chala pranthallo vunnaru, vallani evvaru thanni tarimeyyaleru. Telangana lo vunde chala mandi Friends better jobs lo vunnaru ani cheppanu. Daanni consider cheyyakunte ela?

          3)Telangana Valla First Language Urdu Kadhu, Appati Hyd. state lo Telangana tho paatu, Ippati Maharastra lo vunna Jillalu, Karnataka lo vunna Jillalu kuda vunnayi. Kabatti andariki comfortable ga vundatam kosam mariyu aa pranthanni palinchina vallu Nijam sulthan’s(Muslim’s) kavadam valla Urdu lo orders velthundevi. anthe kani URDU first language ani artham kadhu. Kostha, Rayalaseema vallu English medium schools lo chadhuvu kunna vaalla? Britisher’s adheenamlo 200 yrs vunnanta mathrana andariki english arthamavuthundi ani ela cheppagalav? appatlo kuda baga chaduvukunna koddhi mandhi tappicchi evvariki english radhu. english medium schools ee madhyana vacchye kani independence mundu nunchi levu. appatlo higher education ki madras velle valle kani ee kostha lono rayalaseema lono chadukovadaniki velle vallu kadhu.

          4) sentiment ni vudhyam anukovadam thappu. 1947 nunchi 1956 varaku jarigina vudhyam nijam govt. ki vyathikrekamga jarigindhi. oka rashtram lo vileenam ayyetappudu annyayam jaruguthundi ani bhayapadatam mamule. Anyayam jaragakunda aapaali. antha mathrana telangana vallu eppudoo kostha, rayalaseema vallaku vyathirekamanadam thappu. ee prantham lo nina local sentiment vuntundi. Like nenu Rayalaseema vadini kabatti Rayalaseema goppa ani cheppukunta garvistha, alage Telangana biddalu kuda, kostha vallaina anthe. Daanni vuddhyamam analem. 1956 travatha mallee vuddhyamam start ayyindi 1969 lone adhi vunnadi kuda 3 years mathrame. mallee start ayyindi 2001 lone adhi kuda entha goppaga start ayyindi ante KCR ki minister post rakapovadam valla. KCR TRS party pettadam valla. Nenu Telangana Sentiment ni gouravishtanu. kani aa sentiment vudhyamam ga marina paristhithulanu swagathinchalenu. naa dhrustilo ee vudhyamalu oka politician tho start avvakunda ee samajika vetthathono start ayyivunte nenu gouravisthanu. Prof. jaya shankar garini nenu gouravistha, kani ayana sentiment ni vuddhyamam ga marchaleka poyaru, chivariki politicians help teesukunnaru andhuvalla vudhyamam yokka safalyatha thaggindhi.

          6) Telangana vallaku telugu teliyadu ani evadu anadu. mana rashtram lo vunna 23 jillallo kuda SLANG(YAASA) vundi. ee yaasa manam papers lo chuse bhasakante konchem different ga vuntundi. kevalam Telangana lo mathrame ila ledhu. Chittoor lo matlade bhashaku, Srikakulam lo matlade bhashaku kuda chala theda vuntundi. vaalla yaasanu kuda comedy chesthu fillms lo chupinsthuntaru anta matrana vallanu kincha parichinattu kadhu. okka telangana yaasa ne films lo comedy ki vadatledhu anni rakala yaasalanu comedians tho cheyisthuntaru daaniki feel avvadam lo artham ledhu. same applicable to the teacher’s issue u specified. Educated fellows evarikina pakka jillala yaasa konchem different gane vuntundi(applicable to all districts). I am bachelor, in my room few are from kadapa, few are from chittoor and few from telangana. kadapa, chittoor pakka pakka jillalina kuda yaasa lo chala theda vuntundi, memu okarinokaram tease chesukuntu vuntamu(em bhasha ra babu ani). antha mathrana memu vidipovala? friends chesukune teasing ni antha serious ga evvadu teesukodu. telangana loni jillalne teesukunte kuda yaasa lo oka jillaku maro jillaku theda lu vunnayi ee vishayam nuvvu gamanichali.

          7) Raghavendra Rao edho chesadu, inkokadu edho chesadu ani nuvvu chepthunnav, nee daggara pakka information vunte court nu enduku approach avvalevu(it doesn’t mean you only anyone who is with perfect evidence). nenu raghavendra rao nu support cheyyadam ledhu, vere ee kabhja korunni support cheyyadam ledhu. kakunte pakka evidence vunnappudu court ku vellali anthe kani vidipovadam problem ni solve chesthunda. ee roju ee kostha vado sthalanni looty chesaru antunnav,

          “repu telangana vaade looty chesthe aa mana telangana vaade chesadule vadileyyi ani anagalava?”. tappu evadu chesina danni etthi chupali(includes all regions).

          Swathanthrya Samara Yodhuniki kuda Pranthiya Bhedhalanu antakaduthunnave nee manasela vacchindi? aa swathanthrya Samara Yodhuniki teleedhu meeru ila prantheeya bhedhalatho thananu kinchaparustharu ani, thelisi vunte aa bhoomi teesukuni vundevaru kadhu aa mahamubhavudu.

          Asalu telangana prantha MLA lu MP lu emi theliyani vallani ela anukuntunnav? valla support tho evvadu dhoddi dharilo factories, companies, schools emi kuda pettukovadam ledhu ani ela anipisthondi neeku? CM rayalaseema vadu avvadame thappu aithe, mee prantham vallane CM ga chesi projects mottham mee vallake ivvamanu kani daaniki kuda voppukoru entha sepu vidipotham ane antaru. sri krishna committee report chudu. mudu pranthallo athyantha venuka badina prantham Rayalaseema ani chepparu adhi nijam kuda, kani ikkada vuddhyamam endu raledhu? endhukante sontha vullolene kadhu sontha rashtram lo kuda bharisthu vunnaru. anthe kani meela vidipovalani alochana vallaku raledhu. endhukante ikkada KCR laga Manthri padhavi ivvaledhu ani prantheeya vidhveshalu recchagotte vallu leru kabatti. TDP andhra party ani ippudu thelisindha neeku? NTR garu Telangana lo chesina manchi panulu marichava? okappudu Telangana TDP kanchu kota, TDP andhra party antunnav mari inni samvastharalu akkada TDP MLA lanu enduku gelipincharu? endhukante appudu ee prantheeya bhedhalu levu kabatti.

          Asalu Andhra anna padham yokka artham thelusa neeku? Andhra ante Kostha ani artham kadhu. Andhra ante Andhrulu(telugu Vallu) nivasinche prantham ani artham. Telugu vallu ante kevalam kosthan vallu mathrame raru, rayalaseema mariyu Telangana vallu kuda vastharu adhi gamaninchi. thappu ee media valla rajakeeya nayakula valla vocchindi. vallu kostha mathrame andhra annattu pracharam chesaru meeru dhaanni guddiga nammuthunnaru.

          Okkasari Bammera Pothana(14th Century) gurinchi thelusuko. Ayana meeru cheppukuntunna mee Telangana ku chendina Warangal ku Chendina vaare. Ayana raasina “Andhra Maha Bhagavatham” gurinchi thelusa neeku? Mari ayana Telanga Vyakthi ayina kuda aa rachanaku aa peru endhuku pettaru? endhukante appatiki ee Telangana, Rayalaseema, Kostha ane Pranthalu levu. Vunnadalla Telugu Vallu vunnatuvanti Rajyalu mathrame. Ayana Andaru Telugu vallaku(andhrulaku) arthamayyela telugu loki samskrutha bhagavathanni tharjuma chesadu kabatte aa peru pettadu. Dayachesi Kostha vallane andhra vallu anakandi. Andhrulu ante andaru telugu vallu ani artham.

          Telangana prajaladhi mathrame thappu ani cheppa ledhu. ee prantham lonina abhivruddhi jaragaledhante aa prantha praja prathinidula thappu vallanu malle mallee votlesi gelipisthunna prajala thappu ani cheppanu.(includes rayalaseema and kostha too).

          Dhanavanthudu evvadina ee prantham vadina pedha vadini doochukovalane chusthadu.(includes Telangana industrialists and landlords too along with all other regions).

          Entha sepu maa bhoomulu dochi pettaru anadame thappa dhaani valla jarigina abhivruddhini chudarenti? ippudu oka microsoft company mana rashtram lo office pettalante vallu govt. support teesukuntaru aa govt. telangana govt. aina kuda idhe jaruguthundi. govt. land isthondi antene pedda pedda companylu industries pettadaniki vasthayi. repu Telangana state vacchaka kuda idhe jaruguthundi. meeku adhi artham kavadam ledhu.

          Nenu intaku munde cheppinattu, nenu telangana ku vyatirekam kadu. meeru sadhinchukondi nenu kuda sathosistha. kaani ee rajakeeya nayakulanu marchakunda meeku telangana vacchesthune bangaru bhavishyatthu vuntundi anukovaddhu.

          Ee prantham lonina dabbu vunna vadu pedha vadini dochukovalane chusthadu. Pedha vadu eppatiki pedha vadigane migili pothadu.

          “Okappudu Nijam Mottham dochukunnadu annaru(Nijam appatlo antala dochukobatte prapanchamlo kella dhanavathudu ayyadu), Tharvatha Bhuswamulu, Patel lu modhalina vallu(patvari vyavastha) dochukunnaru annaru, ippudu kostha, rayalaseema vallu(mee dhrustilo seemandhrulu) dochu kuntunnaru ani chepthunnaru. Repu Telangana state erpaddaka ee Medak dist. vallo leka ee khammam vallo dochukuntunnaru ani antaremo ani badhaga vundi. aa rojuna mee Telangana mallee ee north telangana ano south telangana ani kottukokudhani nenu bhavisthunna.

          Hydra’BAD’? idheppudu start ayyindi? Hyderabad eppatiki Telugu prajalaku sontha pranthame Telangana vidipoyaka kuda. dheenni evvaru marchaleru. idhi Nijam.

          • kiran October 10, 2013, 11:39 am

            Hi Krishna,

            Hats off to you.

            I want to highlight one topic more, about telangana basha.
            The situation which you come across in your school days, same thing happened to me in my days.

            I was talking to telugu teacher in 5th class,
            I said: nenu sutha vastha madam.
            Teacher said: enti sutha adem basha, sutha kadu kuda, nenu kuda anali ani helana chesindi.
            At that time I was little bit scared of talking in my own mother tongue language.
            I studied one lesson telugu book, telugu valla pandugalu.
            –> saw festival andhrula atlathaddi, and bommala kolvu.
            I never saw such festivals in my local, in childhood I used to ask everyone about these festivals.
            To mention bathukamma festival never mentioned in any telugu text book.

            Telangana had its own ascent and dialogue in its language, its mix of urdu and telugu. May be bit of marathi or kannada too.
            But that doesn’t mean its cheap language or its not proper telugu.
            For any family, any society, any village or any state or any country. will have its own cultural identity whether it can be language or traditions. When that gets affected people feel insecure, and this insecurity will eventually develops into big agitation. That is what is happening now.
            A guy who born and brought up in lets say in some seemandhra districts, completed some engineering courses. But finally settles in private company in hyderabad, if such guy spokes about telangana agitation it doesn’t makes any sense to us. Because he basically doesn’t know telangana culture. He first thinks about hyderabad, and feels proud of being his seemaandhra people in every private sector. They think their culture is pure, and that culture is prevailing in entire andhrapradesh state.

            I just told one of my childhood incidents, but it doesn’t end there.
            It happened everywhere, and neglected or discriminated at various levels in each and every sector in AP.

            Its very hard for a guy who is from seemandhra, to believe that in first instance these facts, may be he never knows. But thats truth.
            Seemandhra people first thinks about Hyderabad IT jobs, its lands and business.
            secondly about seemandhra disctricts and their welfare.

            A person who is unaware of the situation or who can’t analyze it in proper manner, generally we call them fools.
            And you never win argument with fools.

            Telangana agitation was born from awareness but not from selfish greed.
            To light 1 candle one burning match stick enough, after that 100’s or 1000’s candles can be lighted.

            Telangana agitation is for equality, truth and self respect. A fight against discrimination and humiliation of its culture.

            • Praveen October 10, 2013, 12:28 pm

              Hi Kiran,
              Cultural difference are everywhere. Like telangana, even rayalseema & coastal part AP “had its own ascent and dialogue in its language”.

              What the situation you faced in your childhood, I faced in my teens when I came to hyd for doing my PG. Then we got exposed to the effect of so “dialects”. Instead of me many of my rayalseema firends were used to get mocked for their rural dialect by others (including telangana guys). Even words in my dialect seemed awkward to other ppl & I changed some of those.

              You may be coming from a particular place in telangana & you may know only about your local dialect. People living in hyd knows & listens to more dialects then you. Telugu in hyderabad & it’s neighbouring places is more mix of urdu. Khammam & places like kodada are more of Krishna dialect. Karimnagar’s dialect is entire different from above two & same for Mahbubnagar.

              Even in Coastal AP, North COastal’s dialect looks awkward & will be mocked in many films by comedians (ayy). Nellore accent is too mocked. Chittor accent is with mix of some tamil.

              Coming to festivals some of the festivals we celebrate too are not in any telugu book.

              IT Jobs: Many ppl from Orissa & North India come & work in IT in hyd. In bnglr there are same number of ppl from telangan as from seemandhra. So you can come to bnglr for IT job, but a seemandhra guy can’t go to his own state capital.

              & if you want a state for each dialect & culture in India then India must have 280 states (not 28).

              • kiran October 10, 2013, 9:23 pm

                Hi Praveen,

                I am not talking about cultural differences across regions, am talking about humiliation of cultures. Every region or even small part of region the people who live their will have their own identity. That identity can be in many forms. Adjusting to the culture in the place they live is different from getting humiliated by one particular region people.

                Telangana Dialect usage in films considering one particular region dialect for specific kind of roles which actually played by villans and rowdys.
                Just do little bit more study on this. Even coastal people or even rayalaseema dialect played by heros and heroins, but you will never find hero speaking in telangana dialect.
                Only second or third grade heros that to 1 % speak such dialect in films.

                No one said seemandhra guys shouldn’t come to hyderabad, tell me who has that right to stop. No government in india can do that. Otherwise you don’t find andhra people in bangalore/pune/ are in part of the india. In hyderabad more than 70% employees are from seemandhra only. But there is bias against telangana.
                A HR or Manager from seemandhra region working in some top IT company. Will he recruit telangana guys even though his talent is on par with anyother engineer. I have seen many such incidences where TG guys descriminated.

                Your statement on State for each dialect? 280 states blah blah… you need to improve your understanding levels.
                Any agitation arises if their rights are not honored or humiliated or discriminated, respecting one particular region dialect is also a right. If such rights are not fulfilled then people feel insecure. Then such agitation arises for fulfilling their rights.

                • Praveen October 10, 2013, 11:18 pm

                  You just repeated the same which u said previously. As per your post you had some bad experience in your hometown. So what andrites done for that something which you faced in your hometown in telangana. & seems your experience is not that much then our humiliation bcoz we were literally got mocked in a new city by a new people.

                  Discrimination in IT companies. You must be dreaming or either out of ground reality. If IT compnaies recruit like this they had to shut shops. No private will show discrimination based on region. If so I studied in Hyd & I must not get a job? Can you please tell me the name of that company, so 2mrw even I will stay away from that type unprofessional company. FYI, generally HR in IT companies will be northies.

                  & still If you think so I worked in a IT company in hyd where the owner is from a telangana district but settled in US. & 70% of the working staff are from his district. But they recruited me also.

                  In movies rayalseema guys are shown as villans in many films not telanganites. Uttarandra accent is being mocked literally now-a-days (ayy) same as Nellore accent. Can you plz name some movies where telangana dialect is shown negatively.

                  Tell me one thing, if you get an US onsite oppurtunity will you won’t go there fearing that “your slang is not westren”

                  So if telangana forms what will you do 2mrw a Warangal guy mocks Adilibad guy. Then you again break it into two. or if 2mrw a tamilian mocks you, will you ask for a seperate country citing cultural humiliation!!!!

  • Hari Narayana June 29, 2011, 11:46 am

    My Friends, First of all I am telling you I am not against Telangana even though I am from Rayalaseema, if the movement is truly from the people and for the people. Everyone knows how the movement started in 1969 by Marri Chenna Reddy and how the movement started in 2001 by KCR. My dear Telangana Friends getting a separate state never solve the problems occurring there if you guys elect the same politicians who are trying to manipulate the people with their cheap tricks based upon the sentiments. Complete political system and the politicians has to change their mindset in every region. Some of my friends asking about Mulki Rules and Hyderabad Free Zone Issues, for all those friends I am asking only one question “Hyderabad mana rashtra rajadhani ainappudu andulo andariki samana nyayam kavalanukovadam Thappa? Hyderabad rajadhani kabatte andaru akkadiki vacchi settle ayyaru anthe kani akkada edho dochukovalani evvaru raledhu. Ee roju Hyd India loni Top-5 cities lo okati ga vundante adi andari kashtam valla jariginadhe kani ee okka prantham vallo jaragaledhu. Modatinunchi ee Kurnoolo leka vijayawadano leka vizago rashtra rajadhani ayyunte ippudu vunnatuvanti Hyderabad ni meeru Voohinchagalara? ippudu vunnatuvanti software industries, international airport, International schools inka chala rakaluga jarigina abhivruddhi edhi kuda hyderabad lo vundedhi kadhu mottham ee kurnool lono leka vijayawadalono leka vizag lono vundevi. Dayachesi memu akkadiki vacchi antha dochukunnam ani anakandi. Dochukunedhi dachukunedhi politicians mathrame vallu ee prantham vallina kavacchu!. Edina oka prantham abhivruddhi kaledante artham akkadi nayakathvam asamardham ga vunnattu ante kani vere prantham vallu dochukunnattu kadhu. Mundhu mee nayakulanu prasninchandi government lo vundi kuda enduku funds tecchi aa prantha abhivruddhiki sahayapadaledho niladeesi adagandi. Entho mandi Rayalaseema nunchi CM’s ayyaru aina kuda Ippatiki kuda rayalaseema loni 3 Jillalu venukabadina pranthala list lo vunnayi ante artham ikkada jariginattu chebuthunna abhivruddhi kuda shunyam ane artham. Kabatti meeru alochinchandi mee prantham loni samashyalaku meere karanam mee nayakathvame karanam, meeru mee nayakulani niladeesi prasninchinappude mee prantham abhivruddhi jaruguthundi thappa prathyeka rashtram pondinantha mathrana ventane abhivruddhi jaragadu. Telangana bagaru pallem ani cheppe valla matalu nammakandi. Aa pallem nayakula sotthu avuthundi kani pedhala sotthu kaledhu. Appudu mallee meeru vudhyamam baata pattaka tappadu. kabatti prakshalana antu jarigithe rajakeeya nayakulanunchi modalavvali. Meeku nishwardanga seva cheyagaligina vadini ennukovali”. Prathi prantham abhivruddhi chendadame nenu korukunedhi.

  • Mamata June 28, 2011, 2:14 pm

    Justice BN Srikrishna Committee report on the issue for a separate state of Telangana leans towards united Andhra Pradesh. The report, which was released by the Centre in New Delhi on Thursday, says that status quo be maintained for the sake of internal security and economic well being.

  • Arif March 16, 2011, 1:23 pm

    It was a nice blog, now coming to formation of Telangana. My parents are from Andhra and I have lived and grew up since my birth till graduation in Nizamabad area-Bodhan. I love this place and feel attached to it. Got married to a telanganite. So you may judge wether I am a telangana guy or andhrite, basically my passport says I am an Indian. It does not mention statehood and I know I am free to work all over the country. I failed to get any job after graduation, so did all of my cousins in Andhra, I got my first job in Nanded as Lecturer. So does it mean I snatched a Maharashtrians job? You decide?
    Things were not improving so I moved to Gulf and found much more better job there, thanks to Emaraties they did not throw me in bay of Bengal for snatching an Engineers job there.
    In 1998 due to slump in UAE I came to Hyderabad and found so many AP guys from all regions preparing to launch themselves in US by IT route, I gave it a thought but finally gave up and continued to work in Dubai.
    My cousin from Andhra works in Bangalore so do my nephews from Nizamabad and my neighbours from Bodhan, because they were all employed in IT firms due to boom in IT jobs. Bangalore is not a part of AP but there are people from all over the state doing jobs there. i want to ask how you will feel if suddenly B’loreans ask to apply Mulki rule?
    Mulki is the word used by incompetent, defeatist personalities.
    All this talk, statistics about one region exploiting others resources and energies is nonsense, we are not a socialist country where state intervention is to be expected to ensure all needs are met. We live in a capitalist set up where success comes to those who put in efforts and get back results for the same.
    So blaming seemandhra immigrants for joblessness is meaning less.
    So many politicians and people who talk about Telangan, but none had come up so far with a plan to show 1. How formation of Telangana can bring in change to that guy who has no education and lives in poverty?
    2. How and what kind of planning will be done to iprove lives of the people living in abject poverty in Telangana?
    Most of the labourers from Nizamabad and Karimnagar end up either in gulf or in Mumbai for work, most of them did not study above SSC, why? Who stopped them?
    Those who are fighting for Telangana, let me know how they can find jobs without education even when Telangana is created, how will they be gauranteed growth?
    None of them will benifit from creation of a seperate state, the benifits if any will go to politicians and damn rich only.
    I wish to work for such poor when my family responsibilities are finished by going back to my home town, I will not go to Andhra, will you guys fighting for seperate Telangana do that?
    Friends do not forget that we are Indians first and that means every one of us be it from any region should try to solve issues at personal level by putting in some positive efforts instead of doing Strikes and stopping work. I do not know how many labourors and Auto walllas go back home without work due to these agitations. Have some mercy on poor around you, go back to work, help out your neighbours and think of ways to develop without resorting to seperation of state. And some one was calculating incomes Telangana shows higher income because it is a capital city where every one from all 3 regions invested, once state is formed this 35% income from HYd alone will be automatically divided.
    Example Maharashtra was divided to nullify alleged exploitation by Gujarati’s; look at Gujarat today it is surging ahead. And it is surging because of investments by Gujarati buisness men like Ambani’s not due to state government alone.
    Wake up guys, Hyd growth has come to stand still due to this stupidity.

    • Srilakshmi September 3, 2013, 3:59 pm


      There are underdeveloped places in all three regions of AP. No one looted anyone. Its the politicians who created this in telangana people’s mind. Bifurcation of state is not the solution to all the problems stated above. Is there any guarantee that separate state formation leads to development? politicians in the name of new projects will eat the public money like hungry animals. Unity is always stronger. If you feel politicians did not develop the telangana region in a proper way, why to vote them and make them win again & again. Educated people like us should think out of box. Even i am from telangana region born and brought up in Hyderabad. People who cannot love the people from same state, how could we love our country? Stop hating people based on their regions. Come with the inventive ideas, form the groups. Elect your own leaders, start addressing the problems and come out with proper solutions. Bigger state like AP should be united in order to compete with the other larger states. Forget about the past. See where we are currently and plan for the future.

  • Dr. Sudhakar March 12, 2011, 12:12 pm

    How narrow, constricted and parochial the author seems or is!!
    Are we camouflaging our inefficiency with oppression or suppression? This is a clear indication of how culturally illiterate we are! Now don’t justify your complacency and procrastination to Andhra suppression. I am also the son of a poor farmer hailing from a remote village in Adilabad. Not even a village…Just a small hamlet!! Have I not become successful?? I am a famous cardiologist and divert all my income towards social upliftment. I will come back to telangana after separation, because then you will need my help. Because then you will be reeling under abject poverty! Today you are suffering from aimless intoxication! There are millions like me, who silently watch as the poor telangana sons fall a prey into the hands of selfish politicians and the aimless youth who are seeking cover under such useless agitations. A time will come when they will lament that ‘wish we were a united state’. But then it would be too late!!!

  • Satyaprakash February 26, 2011, 5:40 pm

    hii mohan,
    dude u r aware of the ground reality of telangana.
    but u know at some points i agree with you.
    i am not sure that the leaders figthing for T , would be very eager to solve the local problem after acheving seprate T

    • rajitha reddy March 25, 2011, 3:31 am

      i am gal frm telangana region.. i duno much abt present situation bt wn i ws in india evryday i used hear in new channels politicians sayin telangana seperation will bring progress in the region but my question is in which way it brings..? does an uneducated person vl get a job in good company after T seperation..? is the life of a person who is livin in a poverty vl cum out of dat..? how irrigation problems vl b solved..? before seperation a politician should answer how they a gona bring progress in the T region.. if v put ds question the ansr frm them is v fight in an assembly and solve the things but what they were doin al these yeras ..? are they sleepin y they got so much enthusiasm now… politiacians r very good actors al is drama for which a common man suffer indeed i sufferd a lot…
      last year 2010 js bcos of bandhs regardin telanga issues ma bank processes gt delayed i missd dat semistr again went fr sep intake… wat i observed is media is makin these things more complicated evn if dr is small thing they make a big issue out of it.. nd politicians want public for dr meetins to show dr popularity. they give money nd take the public to meetins m witness of ds givin a 100 rs per head and liquor obsiviosly ppl vl go for it instead of workin in sun they go n hav fun dr n they can be seen in a tv.. is nt shame for a politicians to do ds..? do v trust dese politicians in bringin progress…?
      The only thing i can say is telanga seperation or politicians does not bring any progress its all for dr own benifits if u want to be in a good positiion put 100% efforts nd work hard until u succeed no one will stop u dts d nly way… if u want to see progress in ur region do some charity work n encourage othr ppl to do dat . A single individual may not bring a progress it might be like tear drop in a ocean bt vth ua inspiration many ppl may join..

  • Pavan Kumar January 30, 2011, 6:07 pm

    This is a pretty late,response,but I have always liked your blog,and have voted for various posts on indivine.
    But seriously,You seem way out of focus,on this particular issue.

    Yes politicians might be using this T struggle to gain vote banks,but you cant ignore the fact that Telangana is a major concern.

    And that example you quoted,simply doesn’t fit in,you have no idea of the actual backwardness of this region(without Hyderabad,and Ranga reddy district:The industrial hubs of AP).
    Msot of the funds are diverted towards the Andhra/Costal region,and during the regime of YSR it used to be the Rayalaseema,but who gave a shit to this part of the state ??
    No one.
    And The need for a seprate state is justififed,since the fact funds alloted for this part of the region are not reaching it.
    Water crisis:
    All the major rivers/water bodies flow through Telangana,but the farmers never get water.
    Why ?
    Coz,the dams are built on the border of Telagana and Andhra,the water goes to Andhra/Coastal regions.
    But,the Telangana region,more often than not ends up with the catchment area.
    Case of point khamaam dist,the dam to be built across papi kondalu (Google it:papi hills).
    I Am not fighting for a separate state,but for mere justice,Since I can’t stand to see the apathy of my fellow telangana ppl.
    I have been a Hyderabadi for 18 yrs,with Education from some of the best schools in Hyderabad(BVBPS,jubllie Hills-10 yrs of schooling),and currently in a reputed Engg.
    So hey,I didnt actually go through the hardships,but back home,I have distant relatives,who are going through it,they know the real situation,better than you our I do.
    You dunno,what it really means to lose a crop of 50 acres,due to lack of proper irrigation facilities,due to bad governance ?
    And,when the government does wake up it paid about 2000 rs per acre as compensation,as opposed to the actual value of the crop,it wasn’t due to a bad rainy season,it was due to sheer negligence on part of the govt,what with a budget of close to 1 lakh crores,you gotta admit funds don’t reach where they ought to.

    • Mohan January 30, 2011, 7:01 pm

      Pavan, very apt comment indeed. I am not denying the fact that there aren’t any problems. But lets think of who is responsible for it. Don’t you think the accountability of representatives from a specific region has been taken for granted all these days? What makes you believe that the same representatives will be able to bear accountability in future? I may not have seen the ground reality, but the root cause is the same – corrupt, selfish leaders. The same leaders have been evil all these days and will continue to be so. The kind of agitation that is happening right now should have been focused on getting the work done and issues addressed all these days. Splitting the states will add more fire and frequent fights between the states. We surely have learnt in our childhood days from ‘Pancha Tantra’ stories that there is more strength in ‘Unity’ than being divided for political power hunger of few. If not today, we all will realize this soon or later.

  • vallirao January 16, 2011, 8:39 pm

    Dear friends,
    The issue of telangana movement brings out the following issues:
    1. Awareness among the people of different regions that there are many regions without development;
    2. The reason for backwardness is not “common man”. Politicians and bureaucrats who were part of the government are responsible for the regional imbalances. Now these are trying to escape by promoting separatism;
    3. It is the pseudo professors and journalists who are the main culprits supporting these politicians in injecting the poison into the minds of people;
    4. If the division of the society/region takes place, the real culprits for the regional imbalances will easily escape;
    5. Even if there is division of regions there is no guarantee for development with these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats because, after separation, initially,these people will say that past governance is responsible for slow/non-progress and by the time people realise everything will be over – The development case/regional imbalances will continue to be there.
    Regional imbalances started with starting of mankind and the problem is not solved to date. It will continue to exist as long as human life exists on the earth. Because, it is based on nature. Regional imbalances exists even in most advanced nations.

    Many highly placed professors/chief engineers now actively advocating separation is the key for development after enjoying the fruits of united AP. They have enjoyed full benefits, their children well settled earning dollars. All these people did nothing for development of this state or at least to their native places.

    Therefore, there is no alternative now to common man from different regions should raise to occasion and win the confidence of other region people that there will be honesty in utilisation of natural/economic/political resources and respect the culture.

    In world history, Germany was divided for selfish benefits of developed nations. India was divided only for political benefits. In both the cases the people were not divided, only the regional boundaries were drawn. Already, in case of Germany, people defeated the will of the developed nations. In future, India and Pakistan should also unite.

    Why should the people of Andhra Pradesh become a victim of dirty minds of few politicians/professors/media ?

    with warm regards and best wishes

    • srinivasu January 17, 2011, 10:16 am

      yes, every word is true.

  • Sat January 6, 2011, 9:09 pm

    Please check below artical…. and decide on your own… [+]

  • Sriram November 9, 2010, 2:07 pm

    Seperate Telangana….It is purely politiciens ambition and they are provoking the people. Majority of the people are not interested especially Hyderabadies are not interested.We are not ready and we can not accpet this kind of divisions.We can not devide state for some cheap politians and for their politics.Some other people are asking kashmir…Can we give???? Devide and rule policy is not good.

    If some body asking Seperate Telangana,it is obsolutely Anti Country activity….Lets love our country and state..Lets change the politians and politics….Then automatically our state and telangana area also will develop.

    Jai Samakyandra..I hope 8 crores people recommended United state and only 2 Crores asked telangana to Srikrishna committee…No way…it will not happen,,

  • Santhosh November 3, 2010, 11:02 pm

    Hi Mohan,
    I was going through you blog and comment. I came to know that you are not from Andhra pradesh.

    What exactly do you a know about history of telangana. When did we get independence ? and what exactly happened after independence of telangana , the agreements while merging telangana with Andhra .Did you ever even go a cross telangana or andhra. I just want to know with what knowledge you have written this blog. From my guess you have written this blog just form media report and people voice .


    • DILEEP January 3, 2011, 9:57 am

      hi santhosh i totally agree with you it is supereb question which you asked him….as we know they voileted many rules while mergering of telangana state to andhra i.e, gentlemen’s agreement, mulki rules, presidential order, making hyderabad free zone when it is clearly mentioned as 6th zone in presidential order…And what happend to the moral of same united story when andhra people wanted to divide from madras state, where is ur unity at that time……………….JAI TELANGANA

  • Jeev September 30, 2010, 8:30 pm

    Split this state.

    * We as people never proved with heads; so people of telengana are no different.
    * Telangana leader never fought for their people; instead they are fighting for region in my opinion ‘land’.
    * Telangana people (provoked) are humiliating the state of Andhra Pradesh and in particular people from other parts of the state. They are violating the constitution by removing the ‘Andhra Pradesh’ tag from all places in this region, like govt. offices, universities, buses, number plates. Where is telangana? you should do that when it happened.
    * Here, KCR’s vested interests, apathy of the leaders from this region are the culprits.
    * When so much of awareness, platform, medium of communication, right to information, media involvement in finding out the truth, instead of using them to fight for the cause, they are demanding a state is a suspicious thing to consider their interests, and their love to serve their people.
    * It is not the people from other regions for all the reasons of telangana issue, but a countable number of leaders/ corrupt people.
    * In the same order that telangana people didnt get the fair share, people from other part of AP also didnt get their fair share. Only people, kin and kith of politicians, or who have influence got opportunities, in this there is no difference between telangana loosers and other loosers of this state.

    However, as I said, never we are a people with heads and hearts to see the problems correctly, and find a solution. And we are drawn by the leaders who are a bunch of rascals with their own agenda, instead of an agenda to serve people a large, I recommend, split the state. But into 4, telangana, rayala seema, kostha andhra and hyderabad. It will deeply hurt people of other regions if you take hyderabad and put into a specific region. Since, Hyderabad is not just a body, it’s soul of this state. None like to loose it. Whoever came here, staying here, have properties, have ration cards, and part of this hyderabad community, hyderabad belongs to them on the eve of seperation. period.

  • kumar September 30, 2010, 6:01 pm

    See the result of by election of 12 constituents. How the people gave huge clear majority. Now, politicians r following the people. Is any politicians dare to say united? Don’t tell stories, We are have no more patience on this.

    • savin4ur November 17, 2010, 12:17 pm

      the election12 constituents is nothing but a drama. these leaders have hold on these constituents. They can win any time in those areas. so do not take the result of 12 constituents. The majority should be by all the Telangana state and from Hyderabad. Though Hyderabad is a part of Telangana, It has been developed as a Capital of Andhra Pradesh and not as a capital of Telangana. If we split the United andhra pradesh, the Hyderabad will become union territory. then neither Telangana nor Andhra develop. because revenue of Telangana except Hyderabad has 2000 crores deficiat. Andhra 2000 crores deficiet. Hyderabad 15000 crores surplus. My sincere request to all the politicians of Andhra Pradesh try to develop our state than your assets & network.

  • pragna.puvvada August 7, 2010, 6:41 pm

    i am a student of 10 very small to understand these issues but thank for you for giving a complete cut idea about the matter if every one thinks like this then it would be for sure that ours will not be a country but a homely heaven.

  • Lokesh July 31, 2010, 3:28 am


    I Have gone through all the discussions all that you were made.
    But, Everybody should know one thing that people are entertained by the politicians, and even scholars joined to nodded to the things which they do.
    Hardly we can find out a perfect solution to break the walls that are forcefully built in the hearts of innocent people. ” I Believe a perfect separation will be better to solve this unwanted hatred in the people”. We Can Construct a materialistic world(The roads and buildings) with efforts. We can build another hyderabad anywhere in Andhra, Rayalaseema even in Telengana again. This can happen when politicians become leaders and true statesmen. I am surprised will these politicians really know about the role what they are playing for the development of mankind in India. I Hardly find the leaders who are really working for nation and its prosperity. Everybody has their own prosperity.

    Separation of State may not get the extra meal to next day for a poor man, but some more politicians will have chance to rape the people and country. Because the wealth is not going to distributed equally to all. Nothing will change, “what we felt when we are under britishers….then what we felt same now ruled by ourselves, nothing differs”. The Only difference is we unitedly fought against them. Now Separatists fought to rule people talking support of them only.
    In India anyone can do business anywhere and can work for any. But at govt. levels there should be a change which can be moral. Separation with a right move… I Mean it should be(the future of growth) in the hands leaders who could really be a Statesman.

    We need a united development in India with Competent development in States. We should not forget we all are Indians and we should work together for India. And we should forget these boundaries of states.
    For this the Central Governance should be strong enough and administered. The State gov. should doesn’t have right to dis-integrate the people by their places(Regions), Religions, caste, creed, color and wealth indeed. what I mean to say is, country leaders should not spoil the nations integrity and sovereignty.

    I Want to live in United India…where all are equally prioritized.


    • Jeev October 1, 2010, 9:23 am

      Separation is not a solution, but helplessness. None can mange these masses. None can handle the mayhem that arise of this screwed up situation. Since you can’t heal, you cut. That’s what it is.

    • Jeev October 1, 2010, 9:27 am

      And apparently you are a making a bigger wound, that bleed and nurture vengeance, apathy, passivity, senselessness and a haunting guilt, and hatred to the generations down. And one more label to mess up.

  • bmaidili July 25, 2010, 11:52 am

    hi karthik….
    a very good morning… to u….
    and let me tell one thing about manifest in election time …
    ur right absolutely ..they promised that separate telangana , but the thing is its not matter of only a person or a politician or a single region if iam not wrong…. and A VERY IMP THING U HAVE TO NOTICE ….. in our 63 years of Independence i think numb of times elections happen in our state ..and every time they came with new manifest right….
    Q1. do you think every manifest successfully did all activities which they have mention at the time of elections…..?
    ok lets take manifest which they mention separate telangana
    only except separate telangana remaining all are fulfilled …?

    absolutely BIG NO FOR THAT …….

    then why only this particular issue every time u are so worried (that they had issued but they are not doing.. )
    and in ur discussion u mentioned that in this blog no one was mentioned solution for problem ……

    ok its ur turn u mention the solution which will accept by both regions in andhra….
    even u did not mentioned any where in u r discussion if iam not wrong….. ok

    • Karthik July 25, 2010, 9:28 pm


      My only solution fo this problem is to divide the state. Their have been many instances were an interim solution was adopted and time and again it got proved that none of those solutions worked out (Gentleman’s agreement, Six point formula, GO 36, GO 610 etc). I am not saying creating a seperate state will create miracles overnight but it would give a fair chance to people of telangana to achieve better standard of living.

      I also agree all the manifestoes were not implemented. But the sad point here is that Most of the parties are not comming up and saying what thier stand is. Two big parties of this state are playing with the issue by creating havoc in public. Leaders from different regions adopt different slogans. I understand there will be few diasagreements in a party on an issue, but ultimatley you have to come to public with one single opinon, which is not happening.

  • Karthik July 25, 2010, 5:36 am


    may be i am replying way too late after all that happenings in telangana region, but got to read this blog today itself.

    I am very much disappointed with your blog here. One main reason is that you kept on criticizing the politics and asking people to choose a LEADER. Can you tell me frankly “Is their any true Leader in AP whom people can follow”?

    The matter of fact is people are cornered to elect “best out of the worst”. People of india doesnt have many options and hence the chaos.

    I wanted to answer few questions of yours.

    Unity – India is a great country, very much diversed. But that diversity created many problems aswell. Is india united? The answer is ofcourse not. Tamilians doesnt like Hindi, Marata people dont want North and Biharis in their state. There is not unity between castes in same religion. So how can you expect unity between two regions.

    Past – You said ‘we need to forget the past”. But i say “without past, there is not future”. However intensely you want to forget it, it will again come infront of you. And the past of telangana is one thing which we never want to forget.

    Life in Hyd – you said “Life in Hyd and small towns became nightmare”. let me ask if you have faced this or is this your perception? Because i was in Hyd all along when this was happening and i did not face any major problems. There might be one or two incidents, but you cannot brand a movement sighting these.

    People of telangana – You said “people of telangana are following political leaders”. But i would say “politicians are now following people in this issue”. i dare one politician to come to any District of Telangana and convince them on living united. i think you are watching whats happening to one of the newly entered political party which took united andhra way. There is not a single activist for that party in my district let alone president and its council.

    Who is responsible of backwardness – I strongly feel, leaders from other regions are responsible for this backwardness. Having said this, i also feel the leaders of telangana also did not do as much as they should have. but they too have reasons for this. in 55 yrs of united state, there was only 6 yrs period as telangana CM. That too between 3 various people. Great example is of P.V Narsimha Rao, who could lead India with a minority govt for 5 yrs, couldnt stay as CM for 18 months. Any imp position which is given to Telangana leaders will have some loopholes. Lets take example of Home ministry. It is given to telangana leader from lot many years but this minus Law and order. Tell me what is a home minister, with out having regulation on Law and order.

    Coming to resignations – When they have contested elections on a manifesto and if they are not able to fullfill it, Do you still want them to holf their positions? i dont. Every party promised telangana and went for elections, and after announcement from chidambaram, why these parties and people started creating all issues which was not their when parteis announced their manifestoes?

    lastly i would like to answer few questions from the readers.

    one reader said, we are all indians First. i absolutley agree with that. but i would like to ask the people of andhra region that why did you not think of this when you got seperated from Madras state. If you cannot stay united for 5 yrs with tamilians(who are also indians first), what right you have got to speak about unity.

    I also read, people from two regions should come and discuss the issue. I think if people from other side doesnt undestand the issue, so what is the benifit in discussing. And its not necessary to take people of other regions feeling. Hence constitution was made is such a way that decision will be taken by central govt, but not state govt.

    And Mohan to you, One stright forward question to you. What do you think the solution for this problem. I did not see even a single line on this in your entire blog. First try to identify a solution before criticising something.

    Jai Hind…Jai Telangana


    • CommonMan July 26, 2010, 10:54 am

      “Because i was in Hyd all along when this was happening and i did not face any major problems.”
      I don’t know at where in hyd u stayed at that time. but I stayed in vidyanagar at that time & the situation is pretty critical there.

      “I strongly feel, leaders from other regions are responsible for this backwardness”

      You feel??? This is like blaming one person for another persons mistake.

      “in 55 yrs of united state, there was only 6 yrs period as telangana CM”

      In 60 years of Independent India there on only one PM from entire south India i.e our respectable P.V.Narasimha Rao and at that time there were many attempts to disthrone his govt but he retained it with much difficulty. Then did we have to feel that northies want to disthrone him as he is from south????????????

  • naidu July 16, 2010, 4:25 pm

    TELANGANA state formation is head ache of Telangana people why we should interfere with this issue. funny. WE should concentrate in developing our region

  • Bmaidili March 27, 2010, 8:59 pm

    hi shiva,
    dont write with out any proff … how can u say andhra people dont get water, power loss of bussiness… etc…
    the way u wrote shows the way u think and all ………..just think like professional ……..or just try to think like a citizen in INDIA………1st ur an Indian then u belong to telangana….ok … why most of people like u dont understand this small thing to develop our nation was depend on all the member contribution…….u know our GDP,GNP numb now…… and dont live like a frog in ….. just put a light in dark things dont be in which some unknown person can speak like u …..bcoz they dont know what right and wrong……and in some extend thay dont know even what happens with united andhra…..and telangana……. plz try to contibute some extend to develop and make a constructive role…….dont play notorious role plzzz
    know we r enjoying freedom bcoz of some great leaderssssss……. atleast try to follow them as human …….

  • D Shiva March 24, 2010, 2:24 pm

    Mohan, Dont Tell Stories… every Andhra Guy wrote this type of stories… Find problems behind Telangana.
    whenever you write any blog, pls find the problems behind that issue.. You are talking about Telangana or United Andhra Pradesh? or any other point. if it is “Telangana or United Andhra Pradesh” , your blog has waste of things…

    Please find the issues behind Telangana and try to submit your notes to “Sri Krishna Committe”. i’m not saying no backwardness in seemandhra.

    Mohan: All these political leaders have been part of the governance system, represented their constituency in Assembly/Parliament all these years. Were they all sleeping till now? or is the ‘Busyness’ of looting the public money to make fortune for the upcoming generations of their family? What can’t these leaders bring up the issues related to their constituency, ——
    Shiva: Take example of ur family, Daddy or mummy ruled or governed total family. if anything happened, what can you do immediately? you can wait for changes his /her mind to run the system properly… here also telangana MLA’s also do the same thing…i’m not sure all are same…In Family(Government), dominated by father(Andhra), he can releases everything( funds shared to only Andhra and R’seema). (Pls check the all G.O’s and Development Plans). Do you know wherever majority is there where minority will not survive and not dominated…

    “Dongalu Dongal kalisi Urlu panchukunnatlu, seemandhrolu telangana nu dochukunnadi nizam”. if Telanagana is separeated, you do not get water, employment, power, loss of domination, loss of business.. dont get panic.
    Jai Telangana.

    • Mohan March 25, 2010, 9:46 pm

      Don’t comment without reading the article properly. Go read it once again and then think about your comment which is as meaning as your thoughts are. Don’t bad mouth without reading properly.

  • ram kisna February 24, 2010, 1:54 pm

    ne andrunni kani nenu andra ,rayalasima.telangana rajakiya nayakulanu,studentsnu, prajalanu andarini koredi okkate manamu enduku kalisi undali leda enduku vidipovali ani endukante eppatiki 90% jananiki ee udyamala valana vachche labamenti annadi teliyadu migilina 10% lo 8% prjalaki ee udyamam lo balavantam ga lagaru ,1.5% unna stuidents ni rechchagotti lagaru idanta chestundi .5% unna mana netale pedda vyapara samstale maku anyam jarigindi ani chebutunnaru asalu prapancham lo e desamlonain ,rastramloina,jillalonaina,urilonaina akariki veedhilonaina poni entilonaina pratidi samanamga oke vidamga untunda undau poni TELANGANA vaste mottam telangana oke vidam ga undetattu chudagalara ledu endukante adi sadyam kani pani manau andaram okati baga telusukunte manchidi adi emitante manamu mana netala mosanni grahinchali mana lagadapati,kavori chanrabau ,kcr ,mariyu kodandaram , mana prajalu antamandi atmahatyalu chesukuntunte kodandaram antunnaru telangana udyamam chala prasantamga avutundi ani vari ento evaraina atmahatya chesukunte appudu ayanaku telustundi udyamam entabayanakam ga undo manam andaram sri krishna kamishanki mana abiprayalu chebudam vallu vidipodam ante santosham ga vidipodam antegani udyamala perita evaru atmahatyalu chesukovaddu edi na abiprayam matrame

  • VChangeU February 23, 2010, 12:48 pm

    No one is dominating Telangana people or region, even I’m from Telangana region born and bought up in MahabubNagar, I did my KG to PG in MahabubNagar also I could check with my contacts in Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Nizamabad…95 people of 100 are interested to have a Unity and voting for United Andhra Pradesh.

    Even now I visit Mahabubnagar & Warangal every week to meet my family friends…I always take the feedback from them on Telangana issue…they never ever want to divide the state of AP in to pieces…

    I traveled to Jadcherla, Shadnagar, Vanparthy, kosgi, narayanpet, nagarkurnul, kodangal, pargi, makthal, achampet and many more thandas to collect the feedback from the locals along with my team of 80 members.

    Similarly my friends in Nalgonda, Warangal & Nizamabad have done similar exercise and collected the data….the outcome was more than 90% of Telanagana people are willing to support the United AP.

    We are going to submit the same report to Central Govt in next week with complete survey report to justify the facts..

    Telangana will not be formed even after 50 years from now, then we will find a new Political party in 2060 “TRXP – Telanagan Rashtra Xtended Party ” saying we are fighting from past 100 years so give us a separate state.

    We have witnessed plenty of Parties formed for Telangana and none of these parties could succeed in their goal.

    But few Telangana Party members are Successive in big time by demanding money from various business people across the Telangana regions in the name of party fund. A new way of grabbing/begging money.

    TPS – Telangana Praja Samithi founded in 1969 by Madan Mohan & Marri Channa Reddy.
    TSS – Telangana Sadhana Samithi, formed in 2001 by A. Narendra
    TRS – Telangana Rashtra Samithi, formed in 2001 by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR)
    TRP – Telangana Rashtra Party, formed on October 11 2002 by G. Innaiah (alias Gade Inna Reddy)
    TCP – Telangana Communist Party, formed by S. Venkat Swamy
    TJP – Telangana Janata Party, formed in March 2004 by Muralidhar Rao Deshpande
    JTP – Jai Telangana Party, formed by P. Indra Reddy
    TTPP – Talli Telangana Praja Party, formed in 2005 by Vijayashanti
    NTPP – Nava Telangana Praja Party, formed in 2008 by T Devender Goud
    PTS – Praja Telangana Samithi, formed in 2009 by Captain Karunakar Reddy & Paturi Karuna

    On top of these we can find TRSF – Telangana Rashtra Sadhana Front, TJS – Telangana Jagarana Sena, TJC – Telangana Jana Chaitanya, Telangana Settlers Front and many more forces

    Give me one reason why the telangana people not voted the telangana parties from past 50+ years…

  • VChangeU February 22, 2010, 8:22 pm

    Why United AP?

    Demand of Small states will change the entire future of India in 21st Century.

    Let’s understand and know why creation of small states is not good for India?
    – Regional Conflicts among states will increase
    – Creation of small state will divide India
    – Small states in India are not making progress
    – Increase in corruption among Politicians and state officials
    – Increase in Maoist activities

    Why a Telangana state?
    Today some Political parties and Junk Action committees in AP argue that small states develop well, resources will belong to the locals only, and local leaders will do all good for them, and the locals will get better employment.

    Telangana agitation is reckoned to be handiwork of jobless politicians, they have no value within their party.
    Telangana supporting leaders want to win the race of CM & Cabinet positions rather than developments in the state.

    If they are so concerned about the Telangana people and the developments in the region, they should work out a development agenda and fight for the same rather than demanding for separate state.

    Let Telangana leaders resign right now and get lost forever. These are the politicians who want to destabilize India. They have elected in 2009 and want to resign in 2010 for nothing. They are the least wanted people over here and most unfit politicians. Calling for bandhs, causing unnecessary inconvenience to the common man.

    Leave India alone as it is without any more divisions. Let there be no more bifurcation of states, just be fair to all the people of our state.

    But what is the reality?

    Taking the advantage of this situation major political parties have raised the bogie of separate Telangana state.
    The end result is more politicians will become millionaires and billionaires but the condition of the common people will deteriorate.

    Look at the small states like Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur formed long ago and also Jarkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisgadh formed a few years back.
    There is absolutely no development in these states nor is there any hope of development in the future. Then why do we need a separate state?

    Even the students were misguided by the so called Junk Action Committees.
    Lets save the future of our students and be a part of their success.

    Hoping that the Supporters of small separate states will give up their anti-people policies by understanding the outcome in better way.

    Unite the States…Unite the country… Unite the world.

    • sravan February 22, 2010, 9:32 pm

      Inspite of all the arguments it is a stark reality that AP today is ruled by two dominant castes from seemandhra.
      We telangana people do not want to be exploited by these dominant castes from the other regions.
      Whatever would happen to telangana we can tackle that later, whether it may be some castes that take dominance or whether maoists taking dominance, it would be our problem and given the political awareness that is seen prominently in telangana after years of struggle, nalxalite movement and suppression under andhra rule we are now better equipped with both the will and the knowledge to fight our own problems.
      THe samaikhyandhra is staged by and for the benefit of these two upper castes only.
      We the people of telangana have every right as an indian to question this injustice done to us in the past 50 years. We according to the constitution have the right to demand a parliamentary resolution for formation of separate state.
      It is universally accepted that smaller governing bodies are efficient. You cannot rule out that by baseless statements. The reason why you are protesting is that you are from andhra and as part of it you are enjoying the exploits of telangana.

  • krishna February 5, 2010, 3:14 pm

    Why Telangana?
    we can show 100 reasons for seperation..which were happened and happening at present.
    Why samaikyandra?
    They are assuming that the things will go badly.. if it is seperated.
    okadu neutral antadu.. seperation vaddu antadu? nutral ante, enduku seperate kavalantunnaro kuda stdy chesi matladali…meeku telisina karnataka, tamilnadu water godavalu makkuda telusu.
    Andhara supporters ki : kalisunte kaladu sukam,KCR,CHIDAMBARAM, Hyderbad,water godavalu vastayi… ivvi thappa vere reasons kani pinchavu?
    we too know the ideology like ‘Kalisunte kaladu sukam’.. Kaani.. EVADIKI SUKAM?
    kalisunna valla andariki undali…adi ledu maaku…OKKADE Suka paduthunnadu. Anduke TELANGANA…

    darnalu, rastaroko lo.. oka one month cheste ne… antha sympathy… antha problem ga vunte…60 years lo maku unna enno probelms evadiki cheppu kovali?
    chesevallaki leda problem? common people ki problem create chesi enjoy cheyadanika darnalu chesedhi? chese vallaki leva families?

    develope ment: Local leaders?
    andhra leaders antha manchollu.. anduke akkada develope ayyindi…
    telangana leaders antha chedda vaallu.. anduke developement ledu…idi correct ena?

    OU students, telangana people guddiga.. leaders ni follow avuthunnara?
    people daggara movement unte ne.. leaders bayatiki vastaru…
    leaders daggara movement unte … people support cheyaru…adi telusu kondi?
    seemadra lo writers, poets,common people kuda telangana ki support chestunnaru…
    samaikyandra ku praja kala karulu evaranna support chestunnara? cheyaru… endukante..
    vallu paade patalu janam nunchi ravali, vastayi kabatti…
    1997 to 2009 , two lacs famers suicide chesukunnaru.. india lo.. dantlo majoritu are from telangana and vidarba…
    thindi pette rythu chaste.. evadu chappudu cheyadu…kaani darna valla manaki chinna problem kuda kavaddu… students chastunna, manaki avasaram ledu…manam matram sukanga undali…
    Dec 9 th tho ayipoyedhi…evari valla inka nadustundi?
    final ga…
    State seperate ayithe bhoomi emi baddalu kaadu.konni problems undochu.. ‘kaani kuch paane ke liye kuch kona padtha hai’
    india lo evadu ekkadyna bathakochu. no one has the right to oppose it. only thing is
    non locals will not get the government jobs in telangana state like other states.

  • Raj February 1, 2010, 3:31 pm

    Here are the rest

    55) How many JNTU colleges should be there in 10 dist of Telangana, if 2 are
    in 4 districts of Rayalaseema ?

    56) AP dairy buys milk from farmers from Andhra Rs 24.30, Telangana Rs 22.30

    57) 450 tribal villages, millions of tons of limestone, rich minerals, lot
    of natural biodiversity…are going to submerge if Polavaram project is built

    58) Telangana is bigger than 24 states. Total official countries in the
    world are 194. Telangana will be bigger than 160 countries.

    59) Seemandhra revenue 38.5% – Expenditure 49%, Telangana revenue
    61.5% – Expenditure 51%

    60) Jallianwala bagh, General Dyer, 1919 yr – 379 shot dead. Telangana, Kasu
    Brahmananda Reddy, 1969 – 370 students shot dead.

    61) WHO declared Nalgonda dist affected with fluorisis so much that it is
    moving towards No Man Zone.

    62) While merging with Andhra leaders agreed to continue Mulki rules in
    Telangana. As per this 100% employees in Telangana should be from
    Telangana only.

    63) Nizam formulated mulki rules in 1919, a person to get job in they must
    be Telangana from 15yrs,but now Andhra rulers reduced the period to 4yrs.

    64) Seemandhrites got 28000 jobs in Telangana by getting bogus mulki
    certificates between 1956-1968. Between 1975 to 1985 again 58000 by
    violating presidential order.

    65) In 1969 students/employees agitated against 28000 jobs by Andhra. Andhra
    rulers killed 370 students.

    66) In 1972, Andhra rulers managed to cancel supreme court judgment by
    parliament, then 6 point formula was introduced for jobs. As per this
    formula Telangana split into zone 5, zone 6.

    67) As per presidential order Telangana people should get reservation 80%
    dist posts,70% zonal posts, 60% Gazetted posts. Remaining 20%,30%,40% shall
    be open to other regions – what’s happening now ?

    68) In 1985, 610 GO for transfer of 58000 employs from Telangana, but this
    GO is never implemented. That too 610 GO is restricted to 102 departments only,
    out of 250 govt departments.

    69) In 2001, Chandra Babu Naidu (CM) appointed Girglani Commission which
    submitted report in 2004, that 2 lakh Seemandhra employs are working in

    70) Only 23% Singareni coal is used in Telangana. Remaining 77% is being
    drained out to other places.

    71) Per Capita Funds allocation to Student in universities.
    SV University – Rs. 37500, Andhra University – Rs 35500
    SK University – Rs 25000, Nagarjuna University – Rs 22700
    OU – Rs 17400, K.U – Rs 14000

    72) Cultivation land (Lakh Acres) Before 1956, Andhra 30.65, Telangana 18.20
    In 2004, Andhra 69.27, Telangana 18.00

    73) Andhrites love for Hyd is like Pakistan’s love for Kashmir. They are
    ready to go to any extent to capture it.

    74) Kothagudem thermal power station sabotaged on purpose to obtain repair
    contracts to Andhra contractors in 1978, this is confirmed in single man
    commission (Sundar Ramaiah commission – 1979)

    75) All APSEB scams occurred so far at high level in board are targeted
    towards Telangana power supply and distribution, never to Andhra or Rayalaseema
    region. Higher officials found guilty by Vimal Lal commission, the
    recommendation were never implemented.

    76) Technically it is possible to develop water grid to benefit Telangana,
    Rayalaseema and Andhra regions – it would match in comparison with
    Mississippi river water system (USA), Three Gorges river system (China),
    Nile river (Aswan dam) Africa and Rhine river system Europe. Similar models
    were conceived by intellectuals but are trashed by Andhra rulers and pseudo
    intellectuals because they will benefit Telangana.

    77) 1969 – after Jai Telangana movement ‘All Party Accord’ was formulated,
    scrapped within 6 months. Than 8-point formula, 5-point formula were
    announced. then supreme court upheld Mulki rules. Andhra elites could not
    digest it, launched Jai Andhra movement. Central govt yielded as usual to
    elites tactics, then 6-point formula. Even this is being violated royally
    many times, robbing Telangana its rightfulness.

    78) Nagarjuna Sagar initially meant to benefit Andhra and Telangana. Later
    on it is modified in such a way that 75% of the benefit is accruing to Andhra
    reducing the share of Telangana region to just 25%. Andhra settlers
    own 50% of these 25% utilization lands.

    79) Singur project was originally designed to meet primarily the irrigation
    needs of Medak and Nizamabad districts. But it is now solely used for meeting the
    requirements of capital city.

    80) Jurala Project which is the first project on river Krishna meant for
    Telangana, is the smallest of all the projects built on this river. The Bachawat
    Tribunal allocated just 17.5 TMC ft. water for this project, and the state government
    reduced its storage capacity to 60% ft. But the actual utilization so far
    has not been more than 10%

    81) Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme, was to irrigate 87500 acres in
    Mahabubnagar. The Bachawat Tribunal also allocated 15.90 TMC ft. of water
    for this project. This water has to pass through a canal in Raichur district
    of Karnataka State. After the formation of Andhra Pradesh landlords of
    Rayalaseema blasted the gates with bombs and diverted water to their land.
    Since then Govt never even tried to reconstruct the gates.

    82) Devadula Project, provides water for 5 lakh acres, was promised to be
    finished in 5 yrs in 2001, yet to begin work. The funniest fact is, Sriram
    sagar is yet to be completed for last 40 yrs which provides water for just 4 lakh
    acres. Telangana people are supposed to believe the promise.

    83) Two major projects proposed on river Godavari are Ichampally and
    Polavaram. Ichampally is meant for Telangana and Polavaram for Andhra.
    The irrigation potential of Polavaram Project would be 6 to 7 times more
    than the irrigation potential of Ichampally. Ichampally is going to be primarily
    a power project not a irrigation project !

    84) Andhra lands are irrigated by canal irrigation i.e. with tax payer’s
    Andhra farmer pays Rs 200 – 300 per annum as water charges. Telangana
    lands are irrigated by bore wells, entire cost is on the farmer . Digging,
    bore well, motor, pipes. He struggles with fluctuations in power supplies
    with irregularities and pathetic power distribution pattern in Telangana.

    85) Technological University was actually started in Warangal but was
    shifted to Hyderabad, Open University was originally Nalgonda district but was later
    shifted Hyd. The same state level universities University of Health
    Sciences, Mahila University and the University of Dravidian Languages were allowed to
    stay in Seemandhra – not moved to Capital city.

    86) Twelve milk chilling plants established by the erstwhile Telangana
    Regional Committee in different parts of Telangana have been abruptly closed down
    showing lack of funds as a reason.

    87) Ramagundam is in heart of coal belt … Fertilizer plant is closed showing
    a reason as poor quality of coal. NTPC is running with same coal, VTPS is
    running with same coal. Subsequently, Fertilizer plants are started in
    Nellore and Andhra.

    88) Based on the proportionality at least 40% of jobs, i.e. 6 lakhs, should
    have gone to Telangana. But the total number of jobs now occupied by them is
    less than 3 lakhs.

    89) 1972, PV Narasimha Rao made an attempt to implement the verdict of
    Supreme Court validating the Mulki Rules. The verdict was in favor of
    Telangana. Seemandhra gave outrageous reaction, he lost his
    Chief Ministership.

    90) If it is assumed that the leaders of a region becoming chief ministers
    can contribute to the development of that region, then why do the people of
    Rayalaseema complain of backwardness ?

    91) Daily wage workers working in industries – from Andhra (9 districts)
    lakhs, from Rayalaseema (4 districts)– 0.7 lakhs, Telangana (10 district)
    0.81 lakhs.

    92) Andhra controlled media never highlighted migration of 15 lakh people
    out of 24lakh population from Mahabubnagar due to draught conditions.
    T. Anjaiah CM of AP from Telangana region was presented as a buffoon in
    dailies and cartoons.

    93) At the time of merger Andhra leaders persuaded Telangana leaders by
    offering many safeguards against exploitation. They also passed a
    Unanimous Resolution’ in November 1955 in Andhra Assembly in support of
    safeguards and subsequently they put these safeguards in an Agreement on
    20th February. 1956 which is known as “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. All are
    trashed soon after the agreement is signed.

    94) Proportional representation says Telangana should get 42% jobs in the
    Secretariat, but only 9% are working now. How can a people representative,
    MLA, MLC can get a work done if 91% do not help ?

    95) Metro Rail project is being designed dilapidating 5000 shops, 2500
    147 schools, 120 hospitals, 60 Temples/Masjid/Churches. Historical
    monuments will disappear. All shops and complexes throughout Metro rail
    route are with Seemandhra thugs.

    96) 1947 India got Independence. 1948 Indian Army did police action to
    dethrone Nizam. Hyd state existed from 1949 to 1956. Telangana merged with
    Andhra against its wishes in1956. Telangana has nothing to do with Potti

    97) Telangana Sayudha Poratam, (Telangana armed struggle) was against
    Nizam facist rule, 4000 people died – inspired all subsequent land movements
    in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and paved way for formation of
    Communist governments in those States. This is never acknowledged by
    Seemandhra rulers so far.

    98) Despite 69% Krishna, 79% Godavari flows through Telangana, irrigation
    is Rs.1500/acre. 13% of Krishna, 21% Godavari flows through Andhra
    irrigation cost is Rs.150/acre.

    99) Per capita income of Madhya Pradesh: Rs 18,051. Chattisgarh formed in
    2000. Per capita income of Chhattisgarh in 2008-09 – Rs. 29,621. Recently
    formed smaller states are catching up with Haryana is 71%, Himachal is 81%
    and Uttarakhand is 75% – now Jharkhand 58%, Chhattisgarh 63%. Also, Infant
    mortality UP 67%, Uttarakhand 44%.

    100) Yr 2008 Targeted growth rate & achieved: bigger states: MP 7% – 4.3%;
    UP 7.6% – 4.6%; Bihar 6.2% 4.7%
    smaller states: Chhattisgarh 6.1% – 9.2%; Jharkhand 6.9% – 11.1%
    Uttaranchal 6.8% – 8.8%

    101) Since 1956 to date, the additional irrigation potential created in
    Telangana is
    only 5%

    102) There are 10,000+ Industrial units in Telangana, 1200 are owned by
    Telanganites, 6500 are owned by Seemandhra, rest are by outsiders.

    103) Proportionally Telangana should be given about 43% in budget
    Since 1953, it never exceeded 30%. Yet Telangana contributes 42% of
    revenue to the state exchequer.

    104) Nizamsagar was built in 1931 to serve Nizamabad and Medak about 2.7
    lakh acres of land. It was neglected for maintenance and improvements,
    now satellite images prove that all its 83 tributaries, 243 distributaries
    been silted up and eroded. World bank sanctioned 30 crores for the project,
    which was never spent. The project now going to be almost useless.

    105) In Andhra region every year two crops are cultivated because of water
    availability, in Telangana a single crop will be cultivated with great

    106) Technical institutions wise, 26 are in Telangana, 54 are in Andhra. 20
    polytechnics in Telangana, 70 in Andhra. 2 Medical colleges in
    Telangana, 6 in Andhra.

    107) British build Railways, Administrative Services, Post and Telegraph,
    installed democratic institutions, judiciary, rule of law, and built the
    cities of
    Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, and New Delhi. British did not claim any of
    these when they had to leave India. Seemandhra are making big hue and
    cry clamoring for Hyderabad claiming they have built the city. In 400 yrs of
    Hyderabad history, how many years did they contribute the ‘development’ ?

    108) Hyderabad – demographic expansion can never be considered as a
    development. It’s natural growth. It is like a girl who is 10 yrs now will
    attain 15yrs of age after 5 yrs – can we call it development ? Also, its
    not just Hyd which is developed … all big/medium cities in India are in
    development path.–

    • sanko May 31, 2010, 11:14 am

      Dear Mr. Raj,

      108 FACTS…. 108 FACTS…. 108 FACTS…. 108 FACTS…. 108 FACTS…. 108 FACTS…. against a million LIES.

      I had seen the same copy in many places on the net. Where did you copied it? Ever you thought in detail? Of these 108 facts most are lies and baseless allegations. Do you have any kind of proof are justification for your arguments? Most of these 108 lies are only baseless allegations of politicians to misguide the people, so that they will get a support from the people to satisfy their political requirements of political unemployment.

      Here I will answer all your questions one by one as I find time.


      1 & 2.
      River Godavari is having total drainage area(Catchment Area) of
      312,812 square km of which 48.6% lies in Maharashtra, 23.8% in Andhra Pradesh (AP), 18.7% in Chattisgarh, 5.5% in Orissa, 2% in Madhya Pradesh (MP) and 1.4 % in Karnataka.

      How many states are having irrigation projects on river Godavari, only Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh.

      So catchment area is never a criteria for water allocation or use.

      The catchment area of river krishna is 258948 Sq.km and is in Maharashtra (26.81%), Karnataka(43.74%) and Andhra Pradesh(29.45%). But the Krishna Water Dipute Tribunal alootment of the total estimated available water of 2060 TMC is Maharashtra-560TMC (27.18%), Karnataka-700TMC(33.98%) and Andhra Pradesh-800TMC(38.83%).

      You can check the details with the respective Government bodies and their web sites.

      19,33 & 34.

      There are no proofs for your argument and is a big lie.

      One simple thinking, how a region which is backward when merged and neglected and looted since past 50 years can have almost double revenues than the total of other two regions.

      • Kiran April 18, 2012, 1:40 pm

        Mr Sanko, can you please compare catchment area and water share between telangana, andhra and rayalaseema.

    • ashis biswal October 31, 2010, 10:52 pm

      hi.i m from western orissa.i belong 2 the district of bolangir which is worldfamous 4 starvation,malaria death………….etc n is one of the poorest district in the world.voices r being raised since many years to carve out 10 western dists of orissa n form a separate state called KOSHAL.u must not have heard this name,i m sure.we have also similar complaints against the coastal orissa people.but this doesnt mean a separate state is the solution.if this happens,then this country will be cut into numerous pieces u wont b able 2 count.

  • Raj February 1, 2010, 3:25 pm


    Can any one comeup with reply to the below which they claim as facts. i would like to know how much of this is true.

    108 FACTS against a million LIES

    1) Catchment area of Krishna Basin
    Rayalaseema 18%
    Andhra 13%
    Telangana 69%
    Allocation of Krishna water as per tribunal recommendation=
    Rayalaseema 16%
    Andhra 49%
    Telangana 35%
    Actual utilization
    Rayalaseema 13%
    Andhra 87%
    Telangana less than 1%

    2) Godavari river catchment area
    Telangana 79% (1170 TMC)
    Andhra 21% (310 TMC)
    Utilization of Godavari waters
    Andhra 23% (320 TMC i.e. 110% of allotted)
    Telangana 9.6 % (143 TMC)
    – 405 TMC is being diverted to Andhra via Polavaram project

    3) Total loss of water share of Telangana merging with Andhra is 1125 TMC.
    With estimation of 1 TMC to serve 10,000 acres, total cultivation land
    Telangana lost is 11, 25,000 acres.

    4) There are 10 districts in Telangana, 9 in Andhra, 4 in Rayalaseema. Out
    these 7 districts in Telangana, 3 in Andhra and 1 in Rayalaseema are
    considered severely backward districts which means 70% of districts in
    Telangana are backward while in Andhra – 35% and in Rayalaseema – 25%

    5) 65% of Industries in Telangana are owned by Andhra. One Telangana
    person (close relative of Sri Jaipal Reddy) tried to start industry in west
    Godavari, he was harassed and tormented so much that he gave it up half
    way through.

    6) All Telangana region CM’s combined tenure is hardly 6 years.

    7) From past 50 years AP got nearly 40 major projects in which 37 went to
    Seemandhra region

    8) Telangana side:
    – SLBC (30 TMC) not taken up
    – SLBC beyond Musi river (20 TMC) not taken up
    – RDS extension (10 TMC) not taken up
    – LIS to high level areas in Mahabubnagar not taken up
    – Bheema LIS 20 TMC under construction for many years
    Seemandhra side:
    – Telugu Ganga project (29 TMC) completed
    – SRBC (19 TMC) completed
    – KC canal extension completed (10 TMC)
    – Upland areas Brahmamgari matham reservoir (10 TMC) completed
    – SRBC beyond Gorakallu (20TMC) under construction
    – Puchintala evaporation losses (5 TMC) under construction
    – Veligonda not recommended project (40 TMC) almost completed
    – Handrineeva sujala sarvanthi not recommended (38 TMC) almost
    – Galerunagari sujala sravanthi not recommended (38 TMC) is under

    9) Pothireddypadu regulator was originally created for drinking water to
    with 5 TMC. Gradually 5 projects were ‘piggy backed’ & augmented to canal.
    In the name of Chennai drinking water, Rayalaseema leaders wanted to take
    away the entire waters of Srisailam reservoir.

    10) Veligonda project is being constructed on war footing basis. This will
    60 TMC of water from Srisailam. This project is not allotted (water share by
    tribunal) and do not have clearance till now.

    11) Handrineeva Srujana Sravanthi, not allotted not cleared project is going
    on war footing now. It will run through chittoor via Anantapur.

    12) SLBC – Srisailam Left Bank Canal, despite of all recommendations,
    Clearances and permissions never started. This would have provided 30
    TMC for 3 Lakh acres in Nalgonda district.

    13) Manuguru thermal power station proposed by Central govt due to proximity
    coal mines was lobbied to be shifted to Vijayawada, transporting coal from
    telangana (singareni). This led to shortage of power due to pump set usage
    by Telangana farmers.

    14) Ramagundam super thermal power station (2500 MW) transferred to NTPC,
    crippling power ownership of state by which we get only 27% of power
    produced and rest is pooled in national grid.

    15) Dummugudem Hydal power station never even started construction – this
    remained a promise on paper.

    16) Icchampalli power (975 MW) project never started.

    17) Power regulatory mechanisms – 220 KV, 132 KV, 32 KV substations and
    lines never realized in Telangana region.

    18) If Mumbai is not a free-zone, Delhi is not a freezone, Kolkatta is not a
    freezone, Chennai is not a freezone, Pune is not a freezone … why should
    Hyderabad be a freezone ? Andhra enthusiasts hailing Hyd being a freezone,
    were demanding entire Telangana should be freezone.

    19) Telangana covers 41.7% area, Seemandhra 58.3% area. Telangana has
    40.5% population, Seemandhra 59.5%. Telangana revenue is 53% to the
    state exchequer.

    20) 1953 Andhra Pradesh the area irrigated under TANKS in the Telangana 11
    lakh acres. Now it is hardly 6.5 lakh acres.

    21) Andhra 9 districts – funds spent on education – Rs 1308.56 Crores
    Rayalaseema 4 dist – funds spent on education – Rs 382.87 Crores
    Telangana 10 districts – funds spent on education – Rs 163.39 Crores

    22) Literacy – Andhra (9 districts) 42%, Rayalaseema (4 districts) 38%,
    Telangana (10 districts) 30%

    23) Andhra 9 districts – schools 26,800
    Rayalaseema 4 dist – schools 13,000
    Telangana 10 dist – 17,954

    24) Hospitals Andhra (9 dist) 666, Rayalaseema (4 dist) 303,
    Telangana (10 dist) 270

    25) Total Govt employees – Seemandhra (13 districts) 9 lakhs,
    Telangana (10 dist) 3 lakhs

    26) IAS/IPS/IFS officers (civil services) – Andhra (9 dist) 225,
    Rayalaseema (4 dist) 50, Telangana (10 dist) 60

    27) Industries (small/medium/large) – Andhra (9 dist) 6,100,
    Rayalaseema (4 dist) 773, Telangana (10 dist) 1250

    28) Power Utilization Andhra (9 dist) 54% – Rayalaseema (4 dist) 23% –
    Telangana (10 dist) 23%

    29) Nagarjuna sagar project – Andhra submerged land = 0, cultilavation land
    lakh acres. Telangana submerged land = 100%, cultivation land 4.5 lakh

    30) Polavaram project is submerging 250 small villages in Telangana,
    5 lakh tribal’s are going to provide lakhs of acres cultivation land to

    31) Grant-in-aid Private Degree colleges Andhra (9 dist) – 96,
    Rayalaseema (4 dist) – 32, Telangana (10 dist) – 30

    32) There are more than 130 posts of heads of departments. Out of them only
    or 8 are held by the officers belonging to the Telangana region.

    33) Sales Tax collection (2001- 2002) – Andhra 21%, Rayalaseema 5%,
    Telangana 74%

    34) Excise Collections (2001-2002) – Andhra 24%, Rayalaseema 10%,
    Telangana 66%

    35) APPSC – Andhra Pradesh public service commission board members so
    far, 8 from Andhra, 6 from Rayalaseema, 2 from Telangana.

    36) Telanganites constitutes 23% in all industries in Telangana area, 0% in
    Andhra, Rayalaseema area

    37) All housing board colonies in capital city – 93% people are from

    38) Govt Libraries – Andhra (9 districts) 630, Rayalaseema (4 dist) 243,
    Telangana (10 dist) 450.

    39) In 70’s – Jublee hills lands were purchased at Rs 105 per acre. Total
    1400. All Telanganites living in that area were thrown out, jublee hills
    housing society did not have a single Telanganite.

    40) Panchayat Raj divisions – Andhra (9 dist) 883, Rayalaseema (4 dist) 342,
    Telangana (10 dist) 295.

    41) Most backward district in AP is Mahabubnagar, was granted 4% white
    ration cards. Most developed dist in AP is West Godavari dist was given 7% white
    ration cards.

    42) 100% power of Vizag thermal (simhadri) is being used for Andhra only,
    but 27% power of Ramagundam is being used for A.P.

    43) 82% of farmers are depending on private loans in Telangana

    44) If development was the justification for keeping an alien ruler in
    place, India
    should have never been free from British rule !

    45) There was no single drop of water in Palanadu 350yrs ago, it was like a
    desert. Now, entire Telangana canal irrigation land is less than Guntur dist

    46) Rs 60 crores of surplus budget was the pride of Telangana in 1948.
    When Andhra state was formed – it had only 1 Crore in hand given by
    Madras govt, and Shri Raj Gopalachari said ‘Get lost from here’.

    47) Dr.B.R.Ambedkar suggested Hyderabad second capitol of India. He said
    Hyderabad is better than Delhi.

    48) Government buys sugar cane from farmers (per quintal) in
    Andhra – Rs 1200, Telangana –Rs 890
    Andhra lands are canal cultivated – Telangana depend on bore wells.

    49) Andhrites converted Telangana -WAKF lands in to revenue lands in the era
    of real-estate boom, Lanco is main culprit in this, remember Muslim brothers
    shouted ‘go back’ at Lagadapati ?

    50) 150 forts are about to ruin in the Telangana which were built by various
    dynasties. They are symbols of great cultural heritage.

    51) Hyd Central University is filled with Andhraits – every Central
    University in India has 60% reserved for local region. Except HCU.

    52) Pranahita project, there is no staff, no sufficient funding, don’t even
    have proper office, but Andhra ruler says project will be completed 4yrs

    53) There are never any difficulties in construction of irrigation projects
    in Andhra. But why irregularities, corruption, delays in Telangana projects?

    54) Mahabubnagar 35lakhs population, migration 14 lakhs, 350km of Krishna
    stretch, there is no drinking water or irrigation water.

    • sanko August 8, 2010, 12:57 am

      This is my second reply for the allegations of Raj.

      Your allegations are not (108) Facts, but infact 1 million white lies.

      Point to Point explanation.

      1. The Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal never made water allocation among regions Andhra Pradesh, but among the riparion states of Maharshtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

      2. Till today the Polavaram project is not constructed at least partially to store water and canals are not compleately formed. Then how can some body divert water from polavaram? Is it being carried by people in buckets or some other utensils?

      3. I hope that you know what is “కాకి లెక్కలు”. Even కాకి లెక్కలు may somewhat be reasonable than your లెక్కలు.

      And its a mere foolishness to compare the irrigation system of Krishna-Godavari delta which was created in year 1856 by Sir Arthur Cotton with more than 20,00,000 Hectars of Aaycut.

      4. So far neither any Government nor a Private body across the world had declared this so far. But only after the start of the present Telangana agitation Governemnt has released funds in the name of Backwardness to satisfy the agitators/

  • Mohan January 28, 2010, 11:00 am

    It is observed that a number of people are adding comments with dummy name and email addresses on this post, which will not be entertained. If you want your comment to be made visible to all, then do provide authentic identity via name and email. Thanks for your co-operation.

  • Kiran January 27, 2010, 6:46 am

    You can express your opinions, create and share polls, on Samaikyandhra vs Telangana here. This is a neutral platform to judge AP people’s opinion on various issues.

    • Mohan January 27, 2010, 9:00 am

      Thanks for the visit Kiran, What is your thought on this issue?

      • Kiran January 28, 2010, 2:35 am

        Thanks Mohan. Initially when the issue came up, I was opposed to it. But I feel that separate state is a better option now, but I think it should be done peacefully – so that either side does not feel ‘lost’ . I think Central govt should give a strong package to Andhra , Rayalaseema to develop their capitals – so that they have sufficient engines of growth for their individual economies after the division. I hope in the long run – the nation be more connected by infrastructure and opportunities, so that there is no concept of locals/settlers anywhere – just Indians.

        • Raj February 1, 2010, 3:16 pm

          Instead of giving 2 packages to Andhra and Rayalaseema, wont you think it is wise to give a single package for telangana, so that the region is developed?

  • sravan January 25, 2010, 11:28 am

    Iam not against on Ur separate telangana but the thing is there is more issues which are most important than this……… (U agree r not this is true)
    It is not important for you simply because you are not a subject of telangana.
    My neighbor’s problem is not my problem. Even though we fight together for my colony I would not interfere in my neighbour’s decision that he will move out of the colony because his family thinks nothing would develop the colony.
    There are problems everywhere in India and will be there even if separate state forms. But that should not be equated with the problem telangana people are discretely facing. We feel marginalized in this failed grand experiment called AP and we will continue to participate in development of India and fight against problems as a separate state but we will not have any importance if we stay united. We will fight as equals and not as marginalized portion.

    • Praveen January 25, 2010, 5:00 pm

      AP is not failed experiment, if is an successful invention/formation but with a minority people shouting as suppressed due to jealousy as they can’t catch with their peers in this competitive world

      • sravan January 25, 2010, 9:19 pm

        3 crores of telangana people in a state of 7 crores are minority? Yes
        They can only escape the bullying of majority by forming a separate state.

        Telangana people are jealous and can’t catch with their peers in this competitive world:
        Thanks for the great solidarity.
        We cannot stay together in one state with people who think very lowly about us. We will sit on the table only when we are treated and considered equals. For now, leave us alone.

        • Praveen January 25, 2010, 11:26 pm

          If not jealous what it is??? The T guys are telling their jobs are taken???? A govt job is not grabbed by anybody & an notification is given for recruitment (like an entrance test)., In this competitive world some of the T guys (read SOME not all) and these are the people who are making a hue cry.. The unemployed politicians (kcr & clan), not upto mark professors(jayashankar, kodandaram)., and some dumb students(of OU who are destroying the futures of thousands of geniune students) expecting they can get jobs easily :0

          and if some body cant stay just leave our state (AP) and go to some andaman island and leave singlely.. This is OUR STATE., and we want our state to be single..

  • sita January 20, 2010, 12:43 pm

    hi sravan,
    first let me clear one thing (land…………) u know r not based on land crops and maximum output means 40tonnes like that……….for rice,etc what iam not saying its right are wrong to fight against the united Andhra …………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but the thing is can u sure that after breaking telangana and andhra defnate
    improve in ur areas or my areas…………?

    U r very good to findout the reasons…….. but U r not understands the reasons exactly………………..
    I don’t know how to say to u but I will try may level best
    1.)”for fields crops there is some separate research centers was maintaining with a huge moneyyyyyyyyy” result noting …………… no new seeds for high yields… no new diff crops for diff lands one pretty thing even they don’t know the soil types”
    2.) U knows how much money every year students spend for education…………..? No practical subjects infact most of the students unemployed due to this reason lack of quality education………..
    3.) most of developed countries they have separate committee for gave money the person who is educated and even unemployed……. on behalf of govnt they are doing this………………..
    4.) U know one thing our India is good in most of successful planingsssssssssss but no proper implementation in any one…………….
    5.) After reading this u may think this is not my problem or my telangana problem if u think like this there is no right to u to think even Ur telangana……………..
    Iam not against on Ur separate telangana but the thing is there is more issues which are most important than this……… (U agree r not this is true)

  • sravan January 19, 2010, 1:58 pm

    so you think the all the selfish politicians in AP have conspired to divert majority funds to Andhra for their vested interests?
    May god help with this kind of opinions.

  • sita January 19, 2010, 1:33 pm

    thanx for ur sugestion.
    and iam asking u abt ur opinion (why u want telangana ).
    not the book answer if u know say ur opinion
    if u dont know leave ……….
    ya ur right land is same by the name land but lands are diff by crops and some features they have
    i think u know this???
    may i feel u know……….?
    ya no one prefer more to andhra…….. can u prove with evidence
    to me on that …………..

    if they did there is some meaning in that
    (for sharing of water,money…..to 3 regions it depend on politicians
    and u knowone thing no politician thinks here for the sake of public(including ysr…)
    so no chance of that ………………………)

    • sravan January 19, 2010, 2:02 pm

      You are most welcome.
      My opinion strongly echoes with the opinions in that blog and my reasons are the same. If you think that I made my opinion based only on that blog then I can’t help it.
      Wel you might go through my comments in there which do complement the information given in the posts.
      And I said telangana land and resources. So you think telangana land is not viable. Is that what you mean?

  • Praveen January 18, 2010, 11:49 pm

    why every body is listening to screaming that telangana is exploited showing some 30 years back statistics., no body is hearing to leaders that the developement or funds spend in telangana is more then in andhra & rayalseema.,

    Dont believe a person who is telling that he was suppressed at any time..

    Already many project went to other states due to the agitation in hyd and city is on verge of going some five years back., if this prolongs it will hit a bad to hyd and there by to entire state..

    what about the students of OU & KU, if the exams are not conducted this month there is danger of declaring a zero year there by students had to waste an year..(leave the student who doesn’t care about studies and listen to political morons).. what will happen to the real students.. what about the people already got placement???

    • sravan January 19, 2010, 12:01 pm

      Thanx you have concerns for the OU and KU students. I think if Andhra did not unleash such an intense bigotry on the name of samaikhyandhra, they would have happily involved in their studies.
      For the sake of vested interests andhra people have responded in a violent fasion to bully telangana.

      • Praveen January 19, 2010, 9:08 pm

        your statement seems sarcastic!!! are you a representative on entire pro T people :)

        Then why are making these sarcastic statements..
        It the T guys who started this mindless agitations.. Any basic educated persons with minimum common sense can know what will happen if a student loses a year..
        See yesterday’s paper some people raised against boycott of exams but they were supressed (T language) by morons..

        If Andhra guys are called ‘cheaters, looters etc’ they must remain calm and must not say anything :) ., but if mindless T guys are called ‘fools, mindless hysteria persons, literate fools who listen to illiterate moron’ then it is called blaming and supressing ???? :)

        • sravan January 20, 2010, 10:50 am

          I was not sarcastic I was serious.
          And telangana movement is not mindless.
          Given that you understand who actually are wanting a separate telangana you will find no sarcasm in my words.

      • Jeev September 30, 2010, 10:37 pm

        If you had fought with the Govt. for those students and people, things would have been smoother. But, for your vested interests you brought people (most of the time, just voters, who never know or think about the state of the politics or governance) and students (give me a break, they are emotionally agitated folk, when you brought them into movement it is proved that you are incapable of fighting for rights or even governing in future). It is a sheer lie that telangana will be better in your hands; nothing will change. If separation is the panacea India should be split into thousand multi-dementional ways. Your inability to take right movement lead you to wrong movement selling the delusions of betterment and hope. Instead of telangana movement, you should have had fought for the justice for your fair share in all forums, everybody in AP would have supported, and drag the politicians to the public testimony. Instead a separate state, again a hopeless same shape of politics/government.

  • sravan January 18, 2010, 2:15 pm

    u know one thing
    ur fighting aganist natural resources man
    not the thing of problem……………………
    one thing remember natural resources are “land,water,crop effects,

    no one have right to fight aganist that……….
    soudi(gas)……….guntur(land)…………..hyd(historical value

    Sita you miscalculated. We are fighting for our equal share and rights. Not against the resources. Telangana has got land, water and fuel. But its resources are exploited for the betterment of other regions and not a pie of it is used for telangana betterment. Hope you understand that. Andhra people do not own the resources of telangana just because they can sell of their expensive land in andhra and buy large tracts of land in telanganga for cheap.

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