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Here is some good news for those of you contributing towards provident fund from your salary with Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) of India. Going forward, salaried people would no longer have to go through the tedious and rather long process of knowing the details of their PF account. Every bit of information related to Provident fund that you may want to track would be just a ‘click’ away in the very near future! If you are looking for info on New Pension Scheme (NPS), check out another article on this blog by following this link.

This news is indeed of a great help to about 4.5 crore PF subscribers in India. One this system is online, all the pf accounts across the country would be made available online. I have gone through a helluva process of getting my PF account details transferred from my previous employers to current one. After all possible kind of interactions with various levels of authorities, till date I have no clue on what is the status of my account transfer. Hope this new system solves all such painful issues associated with individual pf accounts.

The facility is expected to be fully functional from December this year, according to Labour Ministry sources as quoted by one of the prominent news papers recently. Due to the sheer size of the number of accounts, it wouldn’t be an easy task for the government organizations to solve this in a short span of time. Also the paper quoted – “EPFO officials revealed that computerization of its operation took them eight years. Since April, a test run of the facility has been implemented.” It is understandable that people rely a lot on PF to save some Income tax as well as a compulsory investment mode for salaried class people.

In the first phase of implementation after opening it for subscribers online, account balance will be made available. In the latter part of the project, which might roll over to sometime in 2010, the subscribers would be able to view their contribution, interest accrued, status of application for advances, loans and a host of other activities. Also, as a matter of fact PF department had collected forms from many of us to provide with what they call as SSN (Social Security Number) – haven’t heard any news on that number, but off late we are all talking about NUIA (National Unique Identification Authority). Not sure how many more such unique numbers are awaiting in the store! I would be very happy the day all my information is made available with ease in accessing without any delays and hierarchies :)

UPDATE : As per the latest communication by EPF, the PF account details have been made online for few circles. Check out my new post with all the details here - This data is currently available for Delhi (North), Delhi (South), Laxmi Nagar (Delhi), Gurgaon, Faridabad, Karnal and Bangalore. For rest of the circles, read through this article for more relevant information and links.

Find the links below to check your PF account details online:
* Bangalore Region –
* Mangalore Region –
* Kerala Region –
* For other regional sites –



  1. I got to download the whole PF balance pdf pass book from the website. Thank you so much for the instructions Mohan! This is very useful. Now i know exactly how much money is saved so far in the form of PF.

  2. vikram kumar says:

    Sir, I want to withdraw partial amount from my PF account. Please suggest how can i withdraw it from my PF account.PF account active frm my present employer past 4.5 years.
    Pls reply.

    • Hi Vikram, you have to fill up a form with your PF holding employer. There are certain clauses on how much you can withdraw under various conditions. One cannot withdraw full amount while in service. I will post a separate article with full details to make it clear for all.

  3. pooja kaneriya says:

    sir m not geting a second part of my pf.what can i do for this .please give me some suggetion.

  4. BIswanath biswas says:

    How i know the present status of my epf account ? & how i know when i get the money of my acc.

  5. my account PY/PNY/00xxxxx/000/00000xx I relieved oct2010 but still i am not receive my pf amount company not support to me

  6. chandra sekhar reddy says:

    Dear sir, I resinged my job on 02/10/2013 but not yet received my pf amount my account in hyderabad my account no is AP/Hyd/00xxxxx/000/000xxxxx please give me details

  7. rajesh pal says:

    I withdraw pf on25oct2013 but not money come in my account now 05 feb 2014
    Tell me

  8. how to enquiry my balance?

  9. Dear Sir, How to know my settlement status in our website, please send the procedure to my mail Id

  10. hi mohan i given the pf account with the wrong account number how to upadted the new bank account number check
    previously i gen the closed account number so how to upadted the new account number tell me

  11. yogesh gupta says:

    Yesterday I hve tried to check my pf account balance but I couldn’t eccess my pf account please send me a mail of my balance

  12. sir ,
    is that a possible to apply online withdraw my PF?

  13. prem singh panwar says:

    Hi mohan i’m prem from bikaner i workd 14-4-2010 to 6-7-2011 in “sks microfinance but i dont recive my pf balance

  14. Arun Kumar Sinha says:

    I was submitted Form 13 on dated 25-05-2012. Yet to status not updated by RPFC. Although I got the task id from my old RPFC which was done on 12-11-2012. But new RPFC office ask Annexure K. Whose responsibility about Annexure K, please update.

  15. Shaik Shavali says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have Submited form Transfer to Current Company on september 2013 But yet it will not happend .How much time takeing for Transfer the PF.

  16. i am working in a pvt company since 3 years. i want to withdrawl some money without leaving job. is it possible

  17. Sayed Zishan Ahmad says:

    PF Office Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, Charkop, kandiwali,

  18. Recently I changed my employer and transferred the balance from old PF account to new one successfully. However, When I try to find the balance in my new account using my same mobile, it says too many accounts are being used on this mobile for knowing the balance and then it errors out. Any idea on how to go about checking new balance in my current PF account?

  19. Rani Reddy says:

    I want to know that if an employee has worked for 12 years in an organization and resigned the job and has claimed for PF. The employee has got the pf amount and he is eligible for the pension scheme also. Now after 8 months the employee wants to join the same organization. Can the Employer deduct his PF in a new a/c number?

  20. I am working in MANAPPURAM FINANCE LIMITED since 15.12.2011,our head office deposit our Pf amount at KERALA region.My PF NUMBER IS– KR/KC/xxxxx/xxxxx. that I check my pf balance in system,but i did not find out.


  21. prashant mishra says:

    i am working in aautomobile comapany and spent my 2 year . i want loan on my PF. so plz tell how much amt we can get . behalp of my P F

  22. naveen kumar says:

    Hi ,This is naveen.I got msg from epfo regarding EPF Balance. In that msg EE AMT Displayed Rs 14443/-,and ER AMT Rs 4421/-.I wish to know about EE & ER,And how much amt will be credited in my Bank account.

  23. Dear sir/Madam,i am ms.shakina worked in paramount airways chennai based for 4 yrs
    finally company shut down when i went to claim my pf they are saying concern person has been resigned the you cant claim the pf amount here after and i have applied many times but no reply abt my pf status and im going to get marry i dont have money also.this pf amount can help me out.plz plz help me out.
    PF account no : –TN/xxxxx/xxx
    Address of PF Office : TAMBARAM CHENNAI PF OFFICE ,

    I’m struggling to get the PF withdrawl . Please help me in this regard .

  24. Hi Mohan – I had worked 3 yr 8 months for pvt company i,e (Aug 2008 to May 2012) and resigned the job and applied for PF through my previous Employer but still not claimed,
    Pls suggest

  25. Requesting you to Suggest me to get clime my PF,

    I have applied twice for my PF clime but i have updated as my PF request has been rejected. there is a name mismatch issue with my bank account and PF records, In my previous company record, my name mentioned as Dijilraj Sreevalsam and my bank record as Dhijilraj Naduparambil(this is the recordical name in all my ID proofs), first time i have received the rejection letter from PF office says the above mentioned reason, hence i have contacted my company and with their instruction i have applied again with the help of HR(they said it will not happen again, since they can correct it with the help of some papers from their side.) i applied again in July. But i checked my clime status it says it is rejected and rejection letter has dispatched to my address.

    Requesting you to suggest me to get claimed my PF amount

  26. Vinod Kumar I L says:

    How to Check PF ammount

  27. I want to draw some amound from my PF.Please advise for the same ASAP.

  28. SHAIK SHAVALI says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have filled form 13 courier to Current Company they will submited in PF office Mumbai but they PF transfer Processes takes 3 to 4 Month’s. It Correct or One Month is Correct Please Advice.

    Shaik Shavali.

  29. Sir, I want to withdraw partial amount from my PF account. Please suggest how can i withdraw it from my PF account.PF account active frm my present employer past 4.5 years.
    Pls reply.

  30. I moved to interra systems from LSI .
    THe PF of LSI is in bangalore & of interra is in Delhi .
    My PF amount from bangalore is already transferred from bangalore to DELHI ( I’ve the annex -K for that also ) ,then I can with draw the money from that .

    The details of PF are given below :-
    PF account no: – KN / xxxxx / xxx
    Address of PF office : Regional PF Office , Bhavishya nidhi bhawan ,
    13, Raja ram mohan roay road , Bangalore , pin 560025


    PF account no : – DL – xxxxx – xxx
    Address of PF Office : Regional PF office , 28 , community center ,
    wazirpur industrial area , New Delhi

    I’m struggling to get the PF withdrawl . Please help me in this regard .If needed I can provide you the annex -K form .

  31. Sir,

    I received one portion of my pf showing PF claim id — settled amount 54k sent to acnt no. — ifsc — For Rs. 54k
    I got one more msg showing Pension WB Claim id — settled amount 22K sent to acnt no — (IFSC—)

    My question is am i suppose to recieve 54K+22K, i recieved only 54K, for other showing Pension WB claim id —the IFSC code recieved in msg is a different one, its not my ifsc code shown in first msg.

    Please suggest what can i do now to gain other 22K

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