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Fiat India has introduced its new model Linea in three variants – Active, Dynamic and Emotion. All these variants come in 1.3 ltr diesel and 1.4 ltr petrol engines. I test drove this car almost a week back and couldn’t manage to write a review. After my initial reviews on Tata Indica vista, Maruti A-Star and Hyundai i20, here is my much delayed review on Fiat Linea.

Looks: I went to Bangalore Concorde Motors show room on Hosur road near dairy circle. This show room was the authorized showroom for Tata Motors until Fiat announced sales and after sales service tie up with Tatas. There were Fiat Linea Dynamic and Emotion models for display. No second thought on its looks. The Fiat linea commercial lives up to its tag line of “Admiration Guaranteed“. I really liked the board styling, buttons & switches design/quality, steering design, seats comfort – these will certainly grab anyone’s attention. On the exteriors – twin barrel head lights, rear lamps and the stylish front grill will get your eyeballs rolling. However, I am not much impressed with the quality of plastics in this car too. They are just very ordinary. Other than that features like climate control a/c, integrated stereo with controls on steering wheel and USB dock are awesome.  Multifunction display, instantatious milage Info, ABS (only on high end models), alloy wheels, blue ’n’ me software, rake adjustable steering wheel etc., are the other features you should check out in these cars.

fiat-linea Test Drive and Engine performance: Diesel variant of Linea Dynamic was the vehicle allocated for my test drive. Steering rake is adjustable and I don’t understand the logic behind having ignition key going vertically down. Slight noise of the engine was audible from inside, I would say it is much better shielded compared to other diesel engines. So I assume petrol version would hardly have any engine sound. There were 4 of us in the vehicle including a showroom guy. I am not impressed with its initial pick up, for a diesel engine of 1.3 ltr I expected much better performance. Another fact that let me down was the gear shift. It wasn’t smooth like I had experienced in Tata Indica Vista. May be it is a bit harder since the car was very new and had done only about 680kms or may be that the car is looking forward for its first service. After reaching a speed of about 40kms+ the engine was responding well on the Banneraghatta road. I could drive for a very short distance at this speed under dairy circle fly over. I found the breaking to be pretty good as well. If this slow pick is a genuine issue, then this car wouldn’t be a good option for city drive. Atleast in cities like Bangalore for the kind of road traffic, this will be a big minus. I would suggest readers to test drive the car and get satisfied yourself before arriving at any conclusion.

Mileage, colors and Pricing : Buyer has an option to select from 4 colors. The petrol variants are available with a starting ex-showroom price range of 6 lakhs to 7 lakhs while the diesel variants cost from 6.9lakhs to 8.1 lakhs. Road tax and other charges will go upto a minimum of another lakh for each of these. You can check out the exact price from Fiats official site. You can refer to that site for more information on technical specs and all other info. Salesman was skeptical on exact mileage, he told the petrol car will yield anywhere between 10-14 kmpl for petrol engine while 14-17kmpl for diesel engine. No specific numbers on mileage, appreciate if any of the readers can feed in that info.

So, the verdict is that it is a good looking car with lot of attractions wrt interior and exterior. Certainly it lives upto its caption of Admiration guaranteed, but the concern in over the performance and after sales service. Though Fiat has tied up with Tata’s, I doubt if they will be able to deliver an efficient service model like Maruti. You may want to consider similar players in the industry like Honda City, Ford Fiesta and Swift Dzire.

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  • Chinmay Damle March 27, 2012, 11:16 am

    Dear All proud Linea owners… I myself own a 2010 Jan Linea Emotion Petrol… All the people who have owned there Linea’s for abt 15 months please note that Fiat co is giving free upgrades for 2 parts.
    1> I recently got my AC upgraded for free… my AC was not as strong as even a Swift/ Alto.. So Fiat co has upgraded my AC for free… They are giving these free upgrades to every older version of Linea… ie models of 2011 & before that….

    2> The clutch mechanism was previously plastic… Hence I faced break down of the clutch mechanism twice… Fiat co is upgrading the clutch pump mechanism for free & replacing the existing part with a metal clutch pump…

    Please take the benefit of these offers by contacting your Linea dealer…

    Regards & happy driving,

  • vish March 26, 2012, 6:49 pm

    Helooo..! I wanted to buy one diesel sedan 2012 model. Survey was extensive with test driving Ford Fiesta, SX-4, Verna, Skoda Rapid, W Vento and….

    I had driven Linea 2011 Petrol version and with
    the pickup being sluggish .. I was not at all interested in seeing Fiat linea. Then came 2012 and the new model of Linea Emotion 2012. The dealer just asked me to take one test drive .. which very reluctantly I agreed and within no time made up mind for my next vehicle … FIAT LINEA EMOTION 2012. I had already driven more than 2000 kms in last one month and the review is based on that.


    – Admiration Guaranteed
    – Mileage on highways is 18 when maintaining around 100 KMPH.
    – City mileage in place like Delhi works out to about 16 – 17 KM/L , once again depending upon the traffic.
    – Feature rich and has got all the required controls on steering minus cruise control which actually is not required in Indian conditions. SX-4 is also good but does not have features. Even new Dezire has more features.
    – The diesel vehicle driving is based on RPM and anything more than 1800 RPM the vehicle will not let u down. More than 80 KMPH the pickup virtually improves … tested till 130 KMPH. The variable geometry Turbo enures that the acceleration is smooth and will be difficult to make out that u are driving a diesel vehicle. In Rapid the jump is noticeable when u cross 1800 RPM.
    – ABS is effective and is very useful at high speeds.
    – Flat torque ensures that less frequent gear change as vehicle can pickup from 20 KMPH when in 5th gear. However, the pickup is slow when using this… RPM based which is low at this stage.
    – Good boot space of 500 Ltrs.
    – The top end model interiors are fab with leather seat covers.
    – Colour – Tuscan wine is good but like any dark colour needs extra maintenance as dust easily shows. Get ur car Teflon Coated which will help to retain shine and gather less dust/scratches.
    – Ground clearance is superb and clears almost all speed breakers.
    – Auto head light function comes handy when entering mall parkings or UG parkings.
    – Climate control is effective and very responsive.
    – The servicing is around 4000 – 4500 annually/ 15000 Km whichever is earlier. For Skoda vehicles it is around 10000 plus.


    – Pickup is slightly sluggish when u want to race with some one or pickup fast. In case this is ur criteria then go for engine with 1.6 l and above. Chevrolet vehicles are good with 2.0 L engines.

    – Limited or virtually no space inside the car for carrying stuff i.e pockets and space is minimal with no space for water bottle also. U need to carry a bag inside to carrying any stuff.

    – After sale service as TATA is supposed to provide this. They, obviously, give preference to their own products. Here, PR will come handy.

    – No parking sensors. This u should get fitted or alternately get camera fitted fitted. This I got it done costed around 5000 and is effective.

    Hope this will be useful. Any further queries pl do ask.

    All the best.

  • rajesh December 28, 2011, 2:30 pm

    hi , everyone . I am planning to buy emotion PK 1.3 MJD shortly . Could somebody who has owned this car for 2 years or so give his/her honest comments about the performance in terms of running the vehicle in city and highways , fuel averages , maintanance cost and after sales service ! I read only completely positive or completely negative views on this site . Need honest and balanced comments. BTW I have test drove it and i was satisfied.

  • Ankur October 29, 2011, 10:34 pm

    hello friends, linea diesel is a league above any car on the road – vento, city, sx4, fiesta etc. I have recently bought my second car linea diesel in august 2011 preferring it over others. WHY ?
    – Absolutely fantastic drive and handling.
    – Stability – If you don’t see the speedometer you will not be able to make out if you are driving at 160kmph or at 60kmph. High speed stability and balance is a class apart. Forget honda and ford.
    – Fantastic mileage especially on highways – many of us are correct when they claim mileage of 20+ on highways. If one drive at 70-80 kmph constantly you will definitely get 22+ kmpl. I have got that figure almost always when I go on long drives : 700kms per day or similar.
    – Loaded with features.
    – Those who complain about under powered engine or figures aren’t quiet aware about the things that matter most. Its that high torque/power/balance/stability combination that is under your pedal when you zip past any damn car on the road and not the numbers on paper.

  • Abhyuday Singh October 17, 2011, 11:16 pm

    I have driven Fiat Linea (Diesel) for over 10500kms now and heres a feedback:-
    Very well balanced car on the highway except at sharp corners. Low ground clearance and Braking is not great so please be cautious above 110mark. Very good suspension system.
    In city(Mumbai) – you get around 10.5kms to 13.5kms /litre.
    On Highway (With average speed of 70-90)- 21.5kms – average of 400kms plus stretch.
    Speed of 90-110- 19kms – average of 200kms plus stretch
    Speed of 110-130-18.2 – Average of 135kms(Mumbai -Pune stretch).
    So if you drive in the range of 70-100 you can surely get 20+ mileage.
    If you drive at a consistent speed of ranging from 70-80kms/hr, I have seen an average of 22+kms/litre for in about 150-200kms stretch.
    Driven Mumbai-Nagpur 865kms at 20.4kms/litre when my vechile was just 2 days old. Please let me know if you have any query. I am very Happy with my Linea and would definitely suggest people to go for a test drive before you buy a Dzire thats because everyone is buying.

  • Ashok September 3, 2011, 4:43 pm

    I bought a Linea T-Jet Plus on 6th August, 2011 in Duliajan, Assam. I have done more than 2700 km in less than a month. Awesome car with decent mileage. I am getting around 10-11 in city and 13-14 in highway. Pick up of T-Jet is damn good. You can zoom past any car on the road. The best pick-up among all the petrol cars I have driven so far. I have driven Fludic Verna, Honda City, New Fiesta, SX4 and Aveo. Believe me, the drive & ride quality of Linea T-Jet Plus is miles ahead. However, I would like to have rear sensors installed in my car.

  • vikas August 2, 2011, 9:19 pm

    well my fiat linea emotion pack is already 1 yr old, believe me it gives me more mileage than my other car i.e zen old

  • puneet July 22, 2011, 11:04 am

    hi all , need to upgrade our existing accent , want a diesel option this time and came accros yeti from skoda seemed very nice technically its a crossover 4×4 and claim 17km per ltr, doubts as not seen much of yeti on road even though launched about a year ago ,any users comments welcome .

  • vidyasagar July 20, 2011, 5:47 pm

    Dear Sir,

    I got Fiat Linea petrol vertion car with me, Is it possible to change my Linea petrol to Diesel vertin,and give detald information how much expensive for this prosses and at which showroom ican do .

    • Kartik Subramaniam July 21, 2011, 9:41 am

      Am preplexed to hear you wish to convert a pertol linea to Diesel? Anyway if you have decided to do so, the most practical way is to get rid of the pertol verson (there would be many keen buyers) & buy a diesel version instead.
      such heart change (pertol engine to diesel) on the same vehicle are neither practical nor successful. added to that you would end up voiding your existing insurance cover.

  • Ranu July 15, 2011, 4:06 pm

    Its the worst car money can buy. I have owned this car for a year and half now and believe me, this car is in the workshop every month for some fault or the other. I am regretting my purchase decision. My most recent incident was of leakage. My car turned into a swimmimg pool overnigt. It was due to see manufacturing defect in the car. The manufacturing defect was temporarily fixed and the car was returned to me without even drying the floor carpet. In one sentence, the car is pathetic and the service at workshop is even worse. One word of warning to anyone who is considering buying a Linea, don’t waste your money. All who already own it, all the best and be prepared for the frustration.

    • Kartik Subramaniam July 21, 2011, 9:52 am

      troubled to hear your tale. recommend you let this issue be heard by Fiat’s top brass (product manager, or higher ups). i agree some of the Fiat -Tata workshops are pathetic & ill equipped to handle anything other than an Indica. both thier level of service, temprement to handle customers, all need an improvement.
      i have gone through a similar situation with the Linea few months back when every few weeks the car would run into some trouble. however take heart, & dont give up until you make the higher ups take notice of your problem. one more practical tip, try locating a company owned workshop (tata’s workshop, rather than deal/franchisee workshop), the skill levels & decision making (especially for part replacements required if any) are much faster & better. good luck & hope this helps you in any way possible. look forward to hearing from you if there was any improvement in the situation.

  • rakesh January 31, 2011, 4:51 pm

    have anyone tried linea t-jet?
    want review on t-jet.

    • Mohan January 31, 2011, 7:37 pm

      Sorry, I haven’t. Hope to review that soon :)

  • kamlesh pandya January 27, 2011, 4:51 pm

    good car , recently i visited rajasthan from ahmedabad gujarat , car gave milage of 20 km/ltr . diesel . i m having linea diesel emotion pack mopdel, i have used 8000 kms so far i m hapy with performance , milage ,pick up of car . on highway linea rule the road. it gives so smooth soundless drive with excellent milage.

  • vikas December 17, 2010, 3:36 pm

    great thing about linea is that its performance, mileage and gear shift improves after first servicing and how you handle her

  • james December 17, 2010, 2:08 pm


    I am planning to buy a Linea Dynamic petrol model , our road condition is too bad , i have a doubt whether i can drive it b’use of low ground clearence, if anybody have a Linea petrol model plz give me the feedback

    • vikas February 1, 2011, 1:59 pm

      just dont worry about road clearance, ensure your tyres psi is maintained at optimal level

    • Vijay Ahire June 6, 2011, 11:04 pm

      Even I am planning to buy the same But got stuck becasue of its low ground clerance. But I heard if you change the tyre size you will get a groung clerance of 172cm.
      But your KM reading will not be proper

  • nenu October 20, 2010, 2:14 am

    fiat linea

    good pick up after 70 km
    great mileage on highways @20 km/ litre. i got 21 km/litre in 300 km stretch at 50kmph avg speed.
    stable at 120 km speeds
    not much noise
    smooth ride
    good breaks
    stunning looks, people will envy you.

    less pick up in 1,2 gears
    ground clearance is low,bottom hits speed breakers if one is careless in driving.
    a/c is not that good
    delicate body

  • anushka October 14, 2010, 10:03 pm


    I have a fiat linea emotion pack diesel.. i have done 10000 kms,, every thing is good i.e. performance, milage…. but one thing that hurts me is that the road clearence 160mm which hits almost every road hump….. my clarification is that weather it affects the chassie of the vechicle… or nothing will happen to the body line of the vechicle……….

    • Vijay Ahire June 6, 2011, 11:08 pm

      Change your tyre size with big radius that will solve your problem, and you will get a hight of 172 cm

  • jaycee October 14, 2010, 5:45 pm

    I have a linea emotion pack diesel. The car Has done 10000 kms with no problems. The performance , milage, every thing is good . But one thing that hurts me is its low ground clearence it almost scratches with every road humps with 4 ppl . Does it effect the chassie of the vechical or is there no problem with it kindly any one reply me

    • Kartik October 14, 2010, 8:30 pm

      am equally curious to know what kind of serious problems could be encountered due to the frequent scratching the underbody of linea faces due to low clearance. last time my car went for the service the engineer cautioned that damage caused due to severe impact to underbody (caused when you accedentaly hit a bump/pit at high speeds) would not be covered under warranty & the loss could be substantial. appreciate if anyone could elaborate on the problems that could arise in the above case. regards

  • Ankur Saxena October 9, 2010, 4:16 pm

    I wanna lke to purchase FIAT LINEA petrol version, but i am confused whether to buy it or not, as per negative comments of various people, regarding after sale service of the car, mileage, performance etc etc.
    Though i was shocked to see the car, grt grt luking, no camparison.

    May somebody tell me will it be worth to buy it or not.

    Plz be clear in ur answer..


  • Kartik September 20, 2010, 2:35 pm

    Ownership experience on Fiat Linea (E) Diesel.
    i am pained to write that after doing just around 3,000Kms, the car is showing signs of being unreliable. in the last 2 months i have twice faced onroad breakdowns (the first being an electrical fault) & the recent one being more serious – clutch systems failure. request Linea owners to share if they have ever heard/experienced such clutch failure problem in the car. i have already taken up this issue with Fiat & trust this should be part of warranty coverage… i would be greatful if you could share your views, suggestion & also possible contacts (higherups in Fiat, whom i could escalate this case to). With competition gearing up in the C/D segments FIAT must surely do much better to improve its product quality and after sales service. such on-road failure is a disgrace to an Italian beauty whom i loved so much. its a heartbreaking to see your loved car being towed away from the middle of the road.

    • arindam September 20, 2010, 3:17 pm

      @ kartik,
      Am extremely sorry to hear on the issues you are facing with your linea diesel. Today I completed 8000 kms on my linea petrol emotion pack. The car is 9 months old and so far has not posed any problems at all. My experience has been extremely satisfying. This is not to say that what happened with you is acceptabe, but to give a realistic feedback. Your case is disappointing and you have evry right to take this up with seniors at FIAT

      • kartik September 20, 2010, 4:35 pm

        @ Arindam, tks for your advise. hoping & i still believe FIAT would be reponsible & take appropriate action immediately. afterall it is distressing to see your hard earned money fetch you this, rather then the promised ‘Admiration’.

    • Sudarsanam September 12, 2011, 4:30 pm

      I am owning Fiat Linea Diesel for the past 9 months. First service was done at TATA Concord Motors at ECR, Chennai. Had nightmares of issues. 1. No enough car park area. 2. No one will hear you atleast for 60 mins. 3. The advisors will not do their work even after telling them what to do. 4. Did not deliver in the same scratch free condition, even the door which was repainted due to damage by cattle, the door had scratches all over. Many . . . but . . . . the real problems came after that . . . the owner name and address details were wrongly updated in the DATABASE (CRM) . . . Leave alone . . . . the problems started after I gave my car for service at TAFEREACH, 43 Greams Road, Chennai. The car did 14100 KM at the time of service. . . . . . . .gives clutch problem . . Torque / RPM was improper, Wobbling . . .and . . . got the car stuck in the middle of the road Clutch system failure. . . I had to see my car on a Flat bed Toer to the TAFE REACH. . . Now I hope the Clutch system will be replaced . . It is a self driven car . . . and could not bear the brunt of breakdown due to clutch system failure. .immediately after the service. I could not believe this could happen. I agree FIAT service is being rendered at the mercy of TAFE or TATA or anyother third party. Advisors lack (basic) knowledge and leave alone quality of service. I do not know how to get the clutch system fixed, because it is failed during waranty. Now the drama begins . .
      Keep you posted . . . I will not bear the cost of the Clutch / gear box because it is not normal wear and tear, and I have driven Santro for 1 lakh KM without any Gear box issues. Is it normal to get this problem ? Gear Box why it should breakdown even before 14500 KM? Can anyone suggest how to get this fixed or solution? The authorized service center does not offer logical Root Cause of Gear Box failure .
      What is your advise ? Thanks in advance.

  • Rohit pareek September 5, 2010, 4:14 pm

    Hi All,
    i am suffering with my linea emotiom petrol because its not giving me good average from 5 months and not good pick up also.thats why i telling you u never buy linea

  • vikas July 26, 2010, 7:25 pm

    i suggest, have a look at hiphop black. its mind blowing…

  • srikanth July 24, 2010, 7:26 am

    heiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys i wanna get fiat line emotion pack(diesel) bt i was in dilemma opting colour !!!
    can u pls tell me in which colour fiat linea looks sexy n stylish ???

    • Arindam July 25, 2010, 10:57 pm

      Dear Srikant

      I had opted for Flamingo Red when I purchased my Linea Emotion Pack last year. You would also note that this is the most popular color among the ones you see on the road. However, I have lately developed a strong liking for White Lineas. They look elegant and very rich. I would strongly recommend you go for white. Am planning to get mine repainted to White when my car turns 1 year in November this year.

    • jay February 10, 2011, 9:28 am

      hi frnd u can choose tuskun red colr it looks impressive

  • Lokeshkumar July 16, 2010, 2:20 pm

    Maruti Sx4 is a muscular sedan, even bigger than many costly cars. The ground clearance is amazing. Sx4 has enormous boot space and comfortable seating arrangement for 5 big adults. Also, Sx4 has tall seat for easy road view, which is very important for traffic.

  • Shweta Arora July 16, 2010, 12:37 pm

    A very dissatisfied client of Linea… here are my inputs of the Car and the Service quality:-
    – A/c Functioning is pathetic and Delhi heat seems to be excuse from the showroom
    – Pick up of the car in the first 3 gears… seems like u have a truck on hand pulling weights
    – The Emotion Petrol Version is what I own and have already logged in 6000 kms… no improvement on milage … giving me b/w 10.5 to 11.2 km/L with A/C in city driving
    – The Rama Motors okhla services sucks.. you send the car in for one thing and they spoil the other … the owner’s excuse … “We are use to servicing and managing Indica clients i.e.: the taxi driver clan” Poor attitude to top it all

  • sandeep21 July 15, 2010, 12:24 am

    if u r owning a suzuki u shud not go for fiat ,….

  • jayant July 9, 2010, 9:34 pm

    please sugest me I will buy linea or dzire or verna or manza in DIESEL engines I want to buy car in 1 week …………

  • vikas June 28, 2010, 5:31 pm

    can i put reverse sensors in my linea emotion pack,without some wire cutting ?

  • Rachit Sood June 27, 2010, 6:59 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I have some issues regarding Fiat Linea from past 1 week i am searching for linea performance i also found very good positive result about this car as i want to drive a car in hills(Himachal Pradesh) and my monthly drive is approx.1500-2000Km. Please suggest me is it worth to buy Fiat linea. i am thinking to purchase diesel version Emotion Pk.

  • vikas June 15, 2010, 9:39 pm

    hi, i have bought a linea emotion pack petrol and its amazing , just wanted to know what is the exact mileage….

    • steve June 23, 2010, 1:59 pm

      the mileage for the petrol version is around 11-14kmpl

  • Arindam Dasgupta June 9, 2010, 8:08 pm

    Amol- I would not recommend if you dont have a FIAT dealership/workshop in your city. Even for a small issue you might need to travel 140 miles which may not be always possible. My Linea is about 7 months old and its a brilliant car no doubt. But i ll feel shaky if someone were to tell me that FIAT service will not be available. As an alternative you can look at Indigo Manza from TATA. I am recommending this because this will meet most of the features that Linea offers. Dzire doesnt appeal to me at all.

  • amol June 9, 2010, 5:11 pm

    in my city der is no service for fiat. i hv service for maruti. is it advisable 2 me 2 buy linea and gt service at 140 miles?? or Dzire will be best

  • Arindam Dasgupta May 27, 2010, 11:37 am

    I have just completed 5000 kms on my Linea Emotion PL (Petrol) that I purchased in November 2009. In Mumbai city areas its giving me a mileage of about 10km/l with AC on all the time. This shoots up to 11 if you are on and off on your AC. A trip to Navi Mumbai and back gives a mileage of around 13km/l with AC on and on highways it is 15km/l with AC on. No issues in the car so far. The build quality of the car is extremely good. Its a little sluggish when rising on flyovers but smoothens out on achieving higher acceleration. The speaker quality could have been better.

  • huma May 26, 2010, 4:34 pm

    hi i own a linea petrol active variant. got the delivery on 5th may,things went on smoothly and v liked our car very much and felt the admiring glances around. but the euphoria was extremely short lived as the car failed to get a registration no at the RtO board because of the tampered chasis no. v cross checked it with all other lineas around. tata motors had sold us a brand new car with overwritten and probably changed chasuis no and did not even point it out to us. now they are not owning the responsiblilty of owning the tampering but it is very obviouds for anyone to see. can anyone advise on this.. please.

  • shri May 21, 2010, 8:24 pm

    Have Linea Emotion pack, diesel version and using since 26th May 2009
    16000 km done, first service done in April, service interval is 15000 km or 1 year which ever is early.

    Cost / km
    Diesel @ Rs 36/L @ 18km/L comes to Rs. 2 / km
    Petrol @ Rs 48/L @ 14km/L comes to Rs.3.4/km
    Dzire has service interval of 10000 km, linea has of 15000 km

    Diesel engine is 1248cc and same for both for linea and dzire (diesel versions)
    Turbo effect is more in diesel then in petrol

    Hence these days, we have petrol engines with greater displacement, diesel engine for dzire (diesel version) or linea (diesel version) is 1248cc only.

    Linea gives 86BHP power while all other cars with same engine (Diesel-Indica Vista, swift,ritz,Punto,palio) give only 74 BHP

    Compare car dimensions and weight (Dzire, Verna, Honda and Linea), it will give an idea how sturdy linea is. It is heaviest amongst (by more then 150kg) all above models, lets see related maintenance, till date nothing wrong!

    I travel in Goa and between Goa – Pune, reached max speeds of 170km in my linea and AC is good, never required cooling setting below 23 degree
    Blue and Me and other features in linea are too good.
    You have air bags and driver seat height adjustment besides stearing adjustment, good lights and rear AC, a keyless entry and boot opening with remote…

    Innova banged my car in 4th week, i did not even feel inside, rear bumper was all deshaped, spent only 1000/- to repair the same damaged bumper.
    Scooter banged on side in Pune, no repairs required.
    First 15000 km service has cost me only Rs.3200/- (DIESEL car).

    Test drive and experience for yourself.

    • Gaurav A August 3, 2010, 2:00 pm

      Hi Sir,
      Please let me know the milega eof Deisel car.

  • siddharth May 20, 2010, 2:46 pm

    hey guys i have booked swift dzire vdi n planning to change it to linea bt i m confused should i buy swift dzire or linea petrol or deisel. my running is not much it is near abt 1000 p.m please tell me d milage n performance of both d variants of lenia

    • Vaibhav May 20, 2010, 3:13 pm

      Hi Siddharth,
      I own a Swift Dzire Zxi (the petrol version) myself, and I’m very satisfied with it. Its a very good and affordable car, I must say. However, I have no experience with diesel vehicles whatsoever. But I heard the reviews that diesel is just as good as the petrol one, if not better.

      There, however, is a small shortcoming with petrol (at least) version. “Pickup is quite hampered when driving with AC on”, which is a very annoying thing. Especially while driving in the city. Apart from that, the car is smooth and cozy and leaves a very nice driving experience. Suspensions are excellent (but should not be overloaded. I did it once, and repenting it. Will not do it ever again).

      *I would suggest you to test drive your car rigorously for effect of Air Conditioning on pickup, and then only go for the buy*.

      Also, plz note that if your reading is not going to exceed 1000km/month, then you should think about buying a petrol version instead, since the initial cost of vehicle is about Rs. 1,00,000/- greater in diesel variant. Hence, you will have to wait around 3 years before expenses on the two are equal. i.e., If your running is ~1000 km/month, then you end up spending more till three years in buying a diesel variant. It depends on what happens to your per month travel, and how long you wish to keep the same car.

      All the best for whichever car you choose to buy! : )

  • Vijaylakshmi Raichand May 19, 2010, 8:55 am

    Almost bought the Fiat Linea Diesel Emotion Pack version. However, when the car arrived for inspection, and I tried to reverse it in order to take a short drive, I found the rear view to be really restricted. I wonder if anyone else found this to be a problem? Would appreciate comments as I have to make up my mind fast!

    • Anjith K Sidharth May 19, 2010, 1:11 pm

      For Vijaylakshmi….

      wat u said is true.. which car hav u been driving before? i too had tat problem when i started to use cars with boot.. but its not tat difficult to get aquainted with.. i think with the new age cars wit boot..all hav this same problem.. just make sure tat u use all the THREE rear view mirrors.. just try it out in some cars wit boot and make your decision.. also 1 important thing… NEVER HURRY WHILE DECIDING ON A CAR.. i think its a big investment.. so careful wit tat.. cya madame.. take care..

  • Anjith K. Sidharth April 30, 2010, 11:47 pm

    Friends.. m using a 1.3 multijet linea for 1 year.. like above said.. it has some initial pickup problems.. but i wont care bout it as it is returning great milage.. with tat car and 5 average sized people on board.. with an average speed of 65km/h and a road bit busy and a bit hilly area.. it returned a cool 19km/ltr as shown by the onboard computer.. but m counting only 17km/ltr( keeping in mind if there is any error in the milage shown).. but still it is an impressive mileage.. i believe if u r cruising on a highway at 90km/hr.. u can get above 20km/ltr.. Then bout the initial pick up.. it dont bother me tat much.. coz i hav been driving diesel cars more.. also m a fan of FIAT.. Maybe tats y m saying more of the good things.. once u get used to the gear shift and power bands.. i think u can make use of the power it delivers at around 3k rpm.. and pretty well outrun most of the cars in city also.. one more thing i lie bout it is.. due to its good low end torque.. there is little gear shift needed in city.. one more thing.. each person has different tastes.. so always hav a test drive.. 1 more important thing.. i almost left this car after i test drove it due to the initial pickup.. but tat showroom guy surprised me showing its power.. and also as it is a FIAT.. i bought it.. and now. m happy..

    • preeti Bansal September 13, 2010, 4:16 pm

      We are planning to buy a car(Honda city/Linea diesel).
      Can u pls let me know about
      1)performance of your car
      2)after sales service

      or we should go for V/W vento.
      We are from mumbai.My husband’s run is around 1200 km/month.
      Pls suggest.

  • Ishika Mahajan April 29, 2010, 1:21 pm

    This article is terrific and up to date. I totally agree with the writer regarding all this stuff of Fiat Linea . The information provided in here is very fruitful and i would like to add on one more technology which i found during searching for last two hours on GPS in india.

  • Pradyumna April 29, 2010, 9:43 am

    I read your reviews and test drove the linea. a real beauty of the car it is and was unable to keepmyself from purchasing one. I had purchased emotion pack Diesel From Pandit Auto Pune the top end model of linea on 5 th of Apr.10 and found the a/c was not working. Pandit people imediately attended my complaint and my car was replaced and a new car was delivered to me on 13th Apr10. The car has clocked 3000 kms till today and sending it for first servicing. I had a very good ie 17.8 kms/ltr average( not just depending on the software clock in linea but tank full to tank full runing) never drove without A/C or never turned off the eng. on signals. BUT
    I may be said fan of fiat but never had experianced such a negligence in past.

  • Sasi April 27, 2010, 1:45 pm

    SX4 is a fantastic car. It is a car for the highway. I like it;it’s looks very cute . Mileage is around 11.8 to 13.5 in City driving with AC always on. Overall an awesome fun to drive car. SUV like driver view. it is a car for real driving enthusiasts.

    • kris June 10, 2010, 4:14 pm

      once i was a big fan of SX4 as i TD linea diesel i remain stunned from its turbo boost performance it has a amazing road grip as it has a weight of 1290kg also GC is not so high so in high speeds also it has very good grip whereas when i TD SX4 on highways it started giving u jerks specially in rear seats passengers. Due to high center of gravity the overall ride quality is very stiff.I can say that drive quality of Linea is just like Ford Fiesta which is known to be a drivers car.I also TD fiesta 1.6s.I have decided to book Linea diesel next week.Amazing ride quality and turbo boost.

  • shravan April 13, 2010, 1:44 pm

    SX4 is not known for its fuel efficiency. It is a roomy, comfortable and heavy car with 205 mm wide tyres. I own a SX4 ZXI for nearly two years and love driving it around. It gives me 9.5 kms/l in the city and around 13.5 on the highway.

  • Ketu Odich January 9, 2010, 8:14 pm

    Luxury In New Elegant Automotive (LINEA) – Go for fully loaded Emotion Pack

    Sylish Sedan, Rich Interiors, Superb Features, Technologically Advanced & Value for Money

    Less Head Room (Not a big matter of concern) & bit low ground clearance

    On 25th December, I took ownership of this italian model. Fortune Cars, Navi Mumbai was my dealer and I’m very happy to have them with me. Delivery of the car along with all documents, Lord Ganpathi idol and sweetbox made me humbled. The Linea key chain is too good. I thank Mr. Salim for giving me the best offer and handling the complete deal the way I wanted.


    You run this darling and yes ‘Admiration is Guranteed’, people are stucked!!! A kid came to me and said, ‘noone has such a car in our society of 1500 flats’, what do you say to this!!! Fiat has proved, they were and are really good in designing. People stop looking at Honda City, SX4 and the similar sedans in this class, they admire this gem of a piece. The look and feel of this italian lady is really outstanding. The moment somebody looks at it, they feel the value is above 10 lacs, but it is not!! I took her to a car accessories shop, shopkeeper couldn’t mention anything except the perfume to this emotion pack. These are compliments!!!!!!

    Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

    The technologically advanced features including Microsoft Blue & Me are too good. Comfort in this vehicle is beyond your imagination. You feel soft and cozy being seated. Except less headroom (from the roof), you have everything you can think off better leg room, confort for driver and 1st passenger. The boot space is like kid’s bedroom (500 litres), wow!!!!

    Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

    My need was for my family and not taking it daily to the office. Keeping the day-to-day running in back of our mind, we decided to go for petrol version. Seeting inside, you don’t know if the car is on or off and so it has been fitted with double cranking prevention system. You find reviews for Linea mentioned with less power comments, I have a argument here, I hope we have this as sedan and not a racing car. This car can take you and your family very smoothly and easily up hills also, the power required to run this cuty in a bit aggressive mode is available.

    Driving is a leisure with Linea. A very smooth and silent gearbox, you feel like running the car on sea. I will be watching the fuel economy space, as of now I can claim 9-10 with new engine. It should improve after few hundreds of kms.

    Ride Quality & Handling

    I have never experienced such a comfort and quality of ride. As I mentioned above, you feel like drivind this on ocean. The power steering handles this sedan very well. The moment you reach 4th gear and above, it runs on your finger tips!!!!

    Final Words

    Luxury In New Elegant Automotive (LINEA) – Go for fully loaded Emotion Pack. I love my choice, thnx a ton to everyone involved in design, making and assembling of this car. I’m thankful to Fortune Cars, Navi Mumbai also (Sales peron Mr. Salim) for handling the complete deal so nicely.

    Areas of improvement

    Option of going for 16″ and 17″ Alloy wheels (as available in Italy and Brasil)
    Emotion pack should have GPS in built (India too has good database now like mapmyindia.com)

    • Mohan January 9, 2010, 10:08 pm

      Thanks for your owner review Ketul. Appreciate you sharing this info on my blog :)

    • Jaikishan April 27, 2010, 3:38 pm

      A real owner’s review and every bit of it is 100% true. As you mentioned, truly ‘Luxury In New Elegant Automotive’. Good review.

  • Jaikishan January 4, 2010, 4:56 pm

    Fiat Linea, what a car? My car is over 6 months and still admiration guaranteed where ever I take her. Now that it’s almost a year since its launch, still people come and peep inside the car and often stop and ask me about the car. Mainly they ask ‘Kithna mileage miltha hai?’. I reply back 24.3 kmpl on highways and city I dont know, never checked. Then you see some dropped jaws…hi, hi…
    I m really happy with Linea and awsome ,control, mileage, comfort, braking,driveability, and above all lot of onlookers – admiration guaranteed. I have not felt a liking to anyother cars after i have owned this beauty. Well of course Benz Audi and BMW are my favourites, but only I can watch it cannot afford though…

    • anshul makkar July 11, 2011, 10:36 am

      Are mileage figures of around 24 kmpl and 19-20 kmpl real. I am also planning to buy Linea diesel and worried about the mileage

  • V K Durgaprasad January 4, 2010, 4:00 pm

    HI Friends, 2 months ago i purchased Linea Emotion, i feel like BMW 320d it’s very good sedan car. Last week my top speed was 160kph but still very good grip,, so milage 14 average High way 17 per ltr

    • Sandeep June 16, 2010, 4:47 pm

      @ Durgaprasad

      Is it a petrol version?

      • Arjun October 2, 2011, 3:50 pm

        Durgaprasad, please confirm if it’s a petrol or diesel version???

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