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There are a number of reasons to share this photo today! I clicked this photo just a few moments ago, this is to mark the beginning of a Telugu/Kannada new year day called Ugadi. Tree in this photo is in front of our house having a new bunch of flowers budding out to signify the [ More... ]

Most of the regional language news websites in India have very poor compliance with UTF-8 encoding. The list includes Telugu sites like Eenadu and Sakshi, Kannada sites like Prajavani and Kannadaprabha, etc., Atleast those are the sites which I frequenty access for regional news. However, these sites do provide their own ttf (True Type Font) [ More... ]

For all the music and lyric lovers, here I am posting the both from telugu hit movie "Happy Days". This is one of my favorite song from that movie. Enjoy reading the lyrics while listening to the song :) Are re Are re nee kosam digirana... nenevaro marichana... neevalle kadilana... nevalle kadilena.... naakosam nenennaina... na [ More... ]

Jalsa movie - Chalore Chalore song lyrics in both English and Telugu for you all today! చలోరే చలోరే చల్... చలోరే చలోరే చల్... చలోరే చలోరే చల్ చల్... ||2|| కౌన్ యాహా హై ఆస్లీ... కౌన్ యాహా నక్లి కౌన్ యాహా హై సంజన్... కౌన్ యాహా జంగ్లీ చలోరే చలోరే చల్... చలోరే చలోరే చల్... చలోరే చలోరే చల్ చల్... ||2|| కమ్ ఆన్ వేక్ [ More... ]

Today, I am posting the Jalsa movie lyrics in telugu and english. Many have asked me for the lyrics of this movie and here it comes to you all... :) I will be posting the lyrics of other songs too in the similar way when i find more time.. till then enjoy reading the lyrics [ More... ]

One more ‘Vaana’ movie song lyrics is here for you all :). Happy Sankranti to one and all. Ranjit and Chitra are the playback singers for this. As always, here is the english version. sirimalle vaanaa... sirimalle vaanaa.. paduthondi lona.. kanipinchande kanTiki.. vadagalla vaana.. vurimindi veenaa.. vini pincha de janTa ki... thadise tharunaana.. godugai ne [ More... ]