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Improve wordpress performance

Sometime back Google changed the way it indexes pages with the introduction of Caffeine. With that Google also made an announcement that they will be using site speed to determine web search ranking for a given site. So, it is important to make sure that your blog or site performance is better than before to go [ More... ]


Google has been an epitome of web search as well as a synonym used by many for searching on internet. Has Google changed its motive from "Don't be Evil" to 'Be EVIL' off late? Well, that is precisely how it is looking in my view. Let me explain in detail why I feel so. A friend of [ More... ]

Google has become a synonym for 'web search'. Undoubtedly, Google does provide an exhaustive search results for any term you may want to look up for. While doing a search on google to do my first ever 'ScreenCast', I was looking for 'how to create screencast on mac'. The funny search assist queries popped on [ More... ]

It has been a little over 3 months since I joined indiblogger. As the name suggests, it is a community of indian bloggers. Being part of such an enthusiast blogging community, it was suggested to meet up and socialize to know fellow bloggers. Such events are no strange to indiblogger, these meets have been conducted [ More... ]


I have been using Google's friend connect feature for a long time on my blog. Though I have 66 followers for my blog through friend connect as on date, the kind of traffic generated to my blog through this is miserable! In the last 12 months, my site had over 1,96,600 visitors from various sources [ More... ]

Many of you have been asking me about how to manage so many feeds from various blogs and other sites. If you are finding it difficult to follow your favorite bloggers, here is an easy and effective way to make it easier. Use ReadAir, which is a desktop application available for both Mac and Windows [ More... ]